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EK 90 Portable MIni Alcohol Meter-3

Wholesale Manufacturer OEM ODM Portable mini Alcohol Meter Tester Breathalyzer Alcohol Tester LCD Digital Breath Alcohol Tester


EK912 Fuel Cell Sensor Professional Alcoholtester-2

EK912 Fuel Cell Sensor Professional Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer Detector Digital Breath Alcohol Tester


KT001 Breath Ketone Meter-2

KT001 Wholesale Manufacturer Breath Ketone Meter for People on Keto Diet


KT005 Breath Ketone Meter

KT005 Mems Sensor Ketone Breath Meter built in 1000 mah Li ion Battery


KT002 Breath Ketone Meter-1

KT002 Manufacturer OEM ODM Ketones Testing Breath Ketone Meter


Portable Mini LCD Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer EK921

Portable mini LCD Alcohol Tester EK921


AT7700 Car Drivers Use Digital Alcohol Tester

AT7700 Newest Car Drivers Use Digital Alcohol Tester Breath Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer


MEMS Sensor Alcohol Tester Digital Breathalyzer AT7000 main

MEMS Sensor Alcohol Tester Digital Breathalyzer AT7000


KT003 Breath Ketone Meter

KT003 Wholesale OEM ODM High Accuracy Breath Ketone Meter


KT004 Breath Ketone Meter

KT004 OEM ODM EEK Ketone Breath Analyzer Ketone Breath Meter


AD8000-A Wholesale Manufacturer OEM ODM Alcohol Tester-1

AD8000-A Wholesale Manufacturer OEM ODM Alcohol Tester


Wholesale Manufacturer OEM ODM MEMS Sensor Breathalyzer Alcohol Tester

Wholesale Manufacturer OEM ODM MEMS Sensor Breathalyzer Alcohol Tester


About Us

Since 2004,SZEEK has focused on manufacturing highly accurate breathalyzers within a 6,000 square meter production area and with over 100 experienced employees. We are one of the top manufacturer of breathalyzers in China.

We had FDA approval in 2017, gained IS09001 in 2019, and have more than 20 design patents & 50 relative certificates in our hands, including CE, ROHS, FCC, etc.

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Why Choose Us?

Since 2004, SZEEK has focused on manufacturing highly accurate breathalyzers for over 17 years. We are one of the top manufacturers of breathalyzers in China.
We had FDA approval in 2017, gained ISO9001 in 2019.
5 to 10 new molds are developed every year.
We use top-quality sensors from home and abroad, which enable us to produce products that are very precise.
We are also the first and only manufacturer of breath ketone meters in China.
We built our own injection molding and PCBA workshop and introduced advanced production equipment and technology from abroad.
Our QC team does professional pre-production, in-production, and post-production inspection based on customers' requirements.



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    Why Choose Our Best Ketone Breath Meter and Quick Alcohol Tester?

    Since 2004, SZEEK has produced dependable and correct breathalyzers. We are a chief participant withinside the breathalyzer marketplace in China. The breath meter for ketones and the breath alcohol checks are our number one offerings.

    Importance of Ketone Breath Meter for Personal Breathalyzer

    Dietary subject is a not unusualplace manner wherein people in recent times are adopting more healthy lifestyles. Today, weight problems is the maximum urgent fitness issue. The quantity of energy someone consumes has a right away dating to their weight. A person's weight will continue to be consistent if his or her caloric consumption is identical to the variety of energy utilized by the frame every day. Gaining weight happens whilst someone takes in extra energy than their frame makes use of up. Does it rely whether or not someone receives their energy from fats, protein, or carbohydrates? In many cases, the famous ketogenic (keto) food plan has been proven to be beneficial. A high-fats, low-carbohydrate food plan is the muse of the ketogenic food plan. Reduced carbohydrate consumption reasons the liver to create ketones. Tiny gas molecules known as ketones are synthesized with the aid of using the liver. When you keep on with the ketogenic food plan, your metabolism shifts gears to apply fats for strength as opposed to carbs.

    What is a Ketogenic Diet?

    The fashion for the ketogenic food plan indicates no symptoms and symptoms of slowing down. The ketogenic food plan is famous for its a hit remedy of intractable epileptic seizures in children, and there's a few proof that it could additionally assist lessen the threat of growing Type 2 diabetes. Proponents of the high-fats ketogenic food plan declare that it now no longer most effective aids weight loss, fats burning however additionally improves intellectual clarity. A urine take a look at or a blood pattern may be taken to look how efficaciously keto dieters are preserving ketosis of their our bodies. However, those aren't clean obligations for the standard keto dieter to pass. According to research on this area, human beings at the Ketogenic food plan secrete acetone ranges thru their esophagus, making it easy to check whether or not or now no longer their our bodies are withinside the kingdom of ketosis. Ketone and alcohol breathalyzer Manufacturers of breathalyzers now offer a tool with sensors module able to detecting acetone.

    Our High Quality Breathalyzers, Personal Breathalyzers, Ketone Breath Meter and Alcohol Tester

    Szeek is the main Ketone and alcohol breathalyzer Manufacturer of breathalyzers; provide a brief and clean take a look at that most effective calls for the consumer to respire commonly inside and outside of the tool. A tiny tube about the dimensions of a pen, the Keto breath-measuring stick detects acetone at the breath withinside the identical way that alcohol breathalyzers do.

    We provide the maximum famous Breath Ketone meter Breathalyzer in addition to the present day New Tech Mems sensor Module Breath Ketone meter for correct ketone take a look at, and correct quantity of alcohol tester. We have Certificates of conformity from the European Union, the Rest of the European Union, and the Federal Communications Commission in each version that measures breath level.

    Szeek additionally gives OEM and ODM offerings. We're additionally running on a breath ketone meter that makes use of Bluetooth to permit for clean sync with cellular gadgets for handy weight loss plan control at the cross.

    Advantages of Ketone, Acetone, and Alcohol Breathalyzer

    Each of our gear is a portable, battery-operated breath ketone analyzer. Users of the keto breathalyzer tool are informed to respire inside and outside slowly for approximately 10 seconds. Based on the quantity of acetone vapors detected at the breath, the display presentations a "Keto Level," which may be everywhere from zero to ninety nine PPM.

    Manufacturers of breathalyzers make it easy and low-priced for regulation enforcement to decide if an man or woman has been drinking. In this regard, we offer a number of Breathalyzer alcohol trying out gadgets.


    Commercial Alcohol Testing Device

    Going to paintings or running a automobile even as below the have an effect on of alcohol is a critical crime in maximum elements of the world. Problems and mishaps because of alcohol intake are not confined to the roadways. These days, breathalyzers may be determined in lots of exceptional settings, along with hospitals, schools, and businesses.

    They have numerous ability makes use of and may be determined in a number of settings, along with correctional facilities, factories, probation offices, universities, and studies labs. When you drink alcohol, it travels down into your belly and small intestine. You take some bites, after which your blood contains it to each organ to your frame, along with your mind and lungs. The air you breathe out is what you release.

    If you need to recognize how tons alcohol is to your system, a breath alcohol trying out can assist. The tool makes use of this fee so as to make an knowledgeable bet as to how tons alcohol is now found in your blood. That's how tons alcohol is presently to your blood, referred as "Blood Alcohol Content Bac or BAC".

    We provide present day innovation at affordable rates. Our breathalyzers for trying out alcohol content material are available 3 varieties: a completely specific gas-mobileular sensor module version, a extensively relevant semiconductor sensor version, and a present day mems sensor version.

    Our offerings are higher than the ones of our competition due to the fact we will laser-engrave the brand of any enterprise or authorities company onto our breath ketone meter and alcohol tester breathalyzers. We additionally have emblem label stickers and professional style designers who could make your style thoughts come to life. In short, we will do any form of molding you need. Your enterprise's call and emblem may be imprinted on the colour box, the internal box, and the outer cartons.

    Why people go for our Ketone Breath Meter and Quick Alcohol Tester?

    Our breathalyzers, along with the breath ketone meter and the alcohol trying out, are the perfect and maximum clean to apply. If you are in a pinch and do not have time to prevent and pee on a stick, that is your high-quality option. Just with the aid of using blowing into the breathalyzer, you can get effects in a rely of seconds.

    One important disadvantage of the use of a blood meter is that it calls for a finger prick to take a reading. If you are now no longer keen on gore, this could be a deal breaker. Further, this system calls for a sterile setting. The majority of breath meters are small sufficient to hold round on your pocket, making it smooth to screen your breath ketones each time you sense the need.

    Applications and usage

    Our breathalyzers may be used over a extensive variety of alcohol concentrations, however the preliminary buy charge and any ongoing renovation expenses will mount up. The value of a blood ketone meter can variety from $50 to $one hundred for the starter kit, with in addition checks costing round $1 in step with strip. You can believe how quick the value provides up in case you need to test your ketones more than one instances every day.

    Today's breath ketone analyzers are to be had at no greater value. However, they're one-time investments with doubtlessly extremely good value financial savings in the end due to the fact they may be used indefinitely after buy.

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