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EK 90 Portable MIni Alcohol Meter-3

Wholesale Manufacturer OEM ODM Portable mini Alcohol Meter Tester Breathalyzer Alcohol Tester LCD Digital Breath Alcohol Tester


EK912 Fuel Cell Sensor Professional Alcoholtester-2

EK912 Fuel Cell Sensor Professional Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer Detector Digital Breath Alcohol Tester


KT001 Breath Ketone Meter-2

KT001 Wholesale Manufacturer Breath Ketone Meter for People on Keto Diet


KT005 Breath Ketone Meter

KT005 Mems Sensor Ketone Breath Meter built in 1000 mah Li ion Battery


KT002 Breath Ketone Meter-1

KT002 Manufacturer OEM ODM Ketones Testing Breath Ketone Meter


Portable Mini LCD Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer EK921

Portable mini LCD Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer EK921


AT7700 Car Drivers Use Digital Alcohol Tester

AT7700 Newest Car Drivers Use Digital Alcohol Tester Breath Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer


MEMS Sensor Alcohol Tester Digital Breathalyzer AT7000 main

MEMS Sensor Alcohol Tester Digital Breathalyzer AT7000


KT003 Breath Ketone Meter

KT003 Wholesale OEM ODM High Accuracy Breath Ketone Meter


KT004 Breath Ketone Meter

KT004 OEM ODM EEK Ketone Breath Analyzer Ketone Breath Meter


AD8000-A Wholesale Manufacturer OEM ODM Alcohol Tester-1

AD8000-A Wholesale Manufacturer OEM ODM Alcohol Tester


Wholesale Manufacturer OEM ODM MEMS Sensor Breathalyzer Alcohol Tester

Wholesale Manufacturer OEM ODM MEMS Sensor Breathalyzer Alcohol Tester


About Us

Since 2004,SZEEK has focused on manufacturing highly accurate breathalyzers within a 6,000 square meter production area and with over 100 experienced employees. We are one of the top manufacturer of breathalyzers in China.

We had FDA approval in 2017, gained IS09001 in 2019, and have more than 20 design patents & 50 relative certificates in our hands, including CE, ROHS, FCC, etc.

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Why Choose Us?

Since 2004, SZEEK has focused on manufacturing highly accurate breathalyzers for over 17 years. We are one of the top manufacturers of breathalyzers in China.
We had FDA approval in 2017, gained ISO9001 in 2019.
5 to 10 new molds are developed every year.
We use top-quality sensors from home and abroad, which enable us to produce products that are very precise.
We are also the first and only manufacturer of breath ketone meters in China.
We built our own injection molding and PCBA workshop and introduced advanced production equipment and technology from abroad.
Our QC team does professional pre-production, in-production, and post-production inspection based on customers' requirements.



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    Best Breath Ketone Meter & Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer Manufacturer

    SZEEK has been manufacturing high quality accurate breathalyzers since 2004. We are one of China's leading breathalyzer manufacturers. Our main products are ketone breath meter and alcohol testers.


    Nowadays people are adapting healthy lifestyle by controlling their diets. Obesity is the main problem nowadays. As a matter of fact, the number of calories consumed has a direct impact on a person's weight. If someone eats the same number of calories that his/her body burns over time, his/her weight will stay the same. When one consumes more calories than his/her body burns, he/she gain weight. But what about the source of calories: does it make a difference if they come from fat, protein, or carbohydrate? The ketogenic (keto) diet is a well-known diet that has proven to be effective for many people. The keto diet is based on a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet. The body produces ketones when people eat fewer carbs. The liver produces ketone molecules, which are tiny fuel molecules. When you follow the keto diet, your body adjusts its fuel source to rely mostly on fat.


    Keto diets are becoming increasingly popular. Going on keto diet may help to reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, and the diet is well-known for treating difficult-to-treat epileptic seizures in youngsters. Many keto fans claim that the high-fat diet helps them lose weight while also clearing their heads.


    One of the methods, to determine that how well body of keto dieters are staying in ketosis is urine test or finger prick for blood. But these are difficult tests for an ordinary keto dieter. Research in this field revealed that Keto dieters permeates acetone form their gullet which can be easily used to detect body is in ketosis or not. Breath Ketone meter & Alcohol tester Breathalyzer manufacturers provide a new breathalyzer tool which uses sensors that can sense acetone.


    Breath Ketone meter & Alcohol tester Breathalyzer manufacturers provide a simple breathe-in-breathe-out test to detect a person's metabolic condition. The Keto breath-measuring stick is a small portable tube about the size of a pen that measures acetone on the breath in the same way that alcohol breathalyzers do.


    As leading Breath Ketone meter Breathalyzer manufacturers, we provide two different types Breath Ketone Meters that are New Tech Mems sensor breath ketone meter and most universal Semiconductor sensor breath ketone meter. All the models are available with CE, RoHs and FCC. OEM & ODM services are also available. We also working on developing Bluetooth-based breath ketone meter by which breath ketone meter can be connected with cell phones and diet plans can be maintained by mobile applications.


    However, because the Breath Ketone meter Breathalyzer can provide keto dieters with immediate feedback, it has sparked widespread interest. Breath Ketone meter Breathalyzer manufacturers are delivering keto testing breathalyzers at a rapid pace.


    Our devices are a handheld Breath Ketone meter stick that runs on batteries. To perform a keto breath test, keto users take a long, slow breath in and exhale for roughly 10 seconds into the keto breathalyzer instrument. The screen then displays a "Keto Level," which ranges from 0  to 99 PPM, based on the amount of acetone vapors detected on the breath.


    In most countries, going to work or driving while inebriated is a significant offense. Alcohol may cause issues and accidents in various aspects of life, not just on the road. Nowadays breathalyzers are becoming more common in workplaces, educational institutions, and among healthcare professionals. They can also be employed in several different situations, such as prisons, production units, probation offices, research centers and universities etc.


    Alcohol tester Breathalyzer manufacturers providing smart devices for police and authorities to test a person for alcohol easily, efficiently and cost effectively. We provide a wide range of Alcohol tester Breathalyzer devices for this purpose.


    Alcohol enters your stomach and small intestine when you consume it. It is absorbed into your bloodstream, which then transports it throughout your body, including to your brain and lungs. When you breathe, you exhale it.


    A breath alcohol tester determines how much alcohol is present in the air you exhale. This measurement is used by the gadget to estimate the amount of alcohol in your blood. Your BAC, or blood alcohol content, is that amount. We provide advanced technology at cheap prices. Our Alcohol tester Breathalyzer is of three different types: High accurate Fuel cell sensor breathalyzer, Most universal Semiconductor sensor breathalyzer, and New Tech Mems sensor Breathalyzer.


    Unlike other breath ketone meter & Alcohol tester breathalyzer manufacturers, our services include the customized logos of any organization or department laser printed on products. Moreover, brand label stickers are also available, and we are staffed with in-house specialized designers, your style concepts will be turned into reality. Any molding demand can be fulfilled. As far as packaging is concerned the color box, inner box, and outer cartons can also be customized with your company logo.


    Our breath ketone meter & Alcohol tester breathalyzers are the most simple and convenient to use. When you can't pee on a stick or you're on the go, this is the solution. You may receive accurate findings in seconds by simply blowing air into the breathalyzer. The most significant disadvantage of a blood meter is that you must prick your finger for each measurement. It can be a deal-breaker if you don't like blood. Furthermore, this procedure necessitates a very clean environment. Most breath meters are tiny enough to fit in your pocket, allowing you to test your breath ketones at any time.


    With the range of our breathalyzers, you must consider the whole cost, which includes the meter's cost as well as any additional fees for continued use. If you opt for a blood ketone meter, you should expect to pay between $50 and $100 for the initial kit and roughly a dollar per strip for further tests. And if you want to test your ketones twice or three times a day, you can see how quickly the overall expense adds up. There is no additional expense with breath ketone analyzers now. However, you only have to buy them once and they can be used indefinitely which can be very cost-effective in long term.


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