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KT005 Mems Sensor Ketone Breath Meter built in 1000 mah Li ion Battery

The goal of eating a keto diet is to be in a state of ketosis. But how do you know once you’re in that state? How do you know when you’re fat-adapted?

Here are 3 easy ways to know if you are in ketosis!

1. Weight loss
Weight loss is a by-product of getting healthy. It’s also a wonderful side-effect of ketosis! While in ketosis, you burn fat because you’ve moved past burning glucose. You’ll notice you are losing up to 3-5 lbs per week when in ketosis.

2. Those nagging sugar and carb cravings are gone. Ketosis resets our metabolism as well as your palette. You’ll start craving more healthy fats and proteins and will cut out that sugar and carb addiction.

3. Testing Ketones
You can test your ketone levels by urine, breath or blood.
Ketone breath meter is a great tool when following the keto diet.
It can monitor the amount of ketones in your body by breathe, and check if you are in a state of ketosis.
tracking breath acetone is a better measure of what the body is actually using for fuel. Ketone breath meter saves yourself from finger pricks or messy urine strips.

Specification Table

Brand Name EEK
Model Number KT005 Keto Meter
Item Name Ketone Breath Meter
Material Plastic
Instrument Classification Class I
Sensor Type Mems
Size 180mm*75mm*55mm (with paper box)
Weight 145g (with paper box)
Color Black, White
Warm-up Time 30S
Memory Time 64 Times
Detection Range 0.0-99 PPM
Certificate CE, RoHS, FCC
Power Supply 1000mAh Li ion Battery


KT005 Breath Ketone Meter
KT005 Breath Ketone Meter
KT005 Breath Ketone Meter
KT005 Breath Ketone Meter
KT005 Breath Ketone Meter


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Mems Sensor Ketone Breath Meter - szeek KT005

Being in a state of ketosis is the goal of the keto diet. But how can you know whether you've reached that point? How can you tell whether you've become fat-adapted?
Here are three simple ways to tell if you're in ketosis.

1. Loss of weight

Weight loss is an unintended consequence of improving one's health. It's also a fantastic ketosis side effect! You burn fat while in ketosis because you've stopped burning glucose. When you're in ketosis, you'll find that you're shedding 3-5 pounds every week.

2. Sugar and carb cravings are no longer an issue.

Ketosis resets both our metabolism and our taste buds. You'll begin to crave more healthy fats and proteins, and you'll be able to break free from your sugar and carb addiction.

3. Ketones Analysis

Ketone levels can be measured in urine, breath, or blood.
When it comes to the keto diet, a ketone breath meter is an invaluable tool.
It can verify if you're in ketosis and measure the number of ketones in your body by breathing.
Tracking acetone in the breath provides a better indicator of what the body is truly burning for energy. You can avoid finger pricks and untidy urine strips by using a ketone breath meter.

Mems Sensor Ketone Breath Meter - szeek KT005 is a plastic breathalyzer that uses a MEMS sensor. It's a small, portable device. It has a 30-second warmup time. This Ketone breath meter has a detection range of 0.0-99 PPM. It is a rechargeable device with a 1000mah UL-certified Li-ion battery that takes 2 hours to charge. This item has ISO9001, CE, FCC, RoHS, and UL certifications. Its dimensions are 180mm x 75mm x 55mm, and it weighs approximately 145 grams.

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