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KT001 Wholesale Manufacturer Breath Ketone Meter for People on Keto Diet

Ketones for your blood…

ketones for your breath…

ketones for your urine…

When you are in ketosis, ketones are everywhere. It is important to determine the level of ketones in your body before it harms you. The ketone level can be test using a ketone breath testing device knowns as "breath ketone meter".

Testing ketones in breath, saves you from finger pricks or messy urine strips. Therefore, we have brought an advanced breath ketone meter, a exquisite ketone sorting out tool for people on keto weight loss program or weightloss.

Get 100% accurate tests before ketone level becomes dangerous for your health.

Specification Table

Brand Name EEK
Model Name KT001
Power Supply 2 AA Batteries
Item Name Ketone Breath Meter / Ketone Tester and Meter
Material ABS
Sensor Type Semiconductor
Size 160mm*100mm*40mm(with paper box)
Weight 125g (with paper box)
Color Black, White
Warm-up Time 20S
Response Time 5S
Detection Range 0.0-99 PPM
Certificate CE, RoHS, FCC
Mouthpieces 10pcs


KT001 Breath Ketone Meter-2
KT001 Breath Ketone Meter-4
KT001 Breath Ketone Meter-6
KT001 Breath Ketone Meter-5
KT001 Breath Ketone Meter-1
KT001 Breath Ketone Meter-3


KT002 Breath Ketone Meter-1

KT002 Manufacturer OEM ODM Ketones Testing Breath Ketone Meter


KT003 Breath Ketone Meter

KT003 Wholesale OEM ODM High Accuracy Breath Ketone Meter


KT004 Breath Ketone Meter

KT004 OEM ODM EEK Ketone Breath Analyzer Ketone Breath Meter


KT005 Breath Ketone Meter

KT005 Mems Sensor Ketone Breath Meter built in 1000 mah Li ion Battery


Breath Ketone Meter for People on Keto Diet - szeek KT001

Ketosis is a metabolic situation that starts when you take 50gm of carbohydrates for 3-4 days. Once Ketosis is triggered, your body uses "body fats" to make carbohydrates for energy.

It happens when you limit your carbohydrate consumption to the factor wherein your frame's glucose or sugar (the number one cell to supply energy) is reduced.

Ketogenic diets best for weight loss. A ketogenic weight loss program let you shed pounds at the same time as additionally decreasing your hazard of disease. In fact, proof indicates that the ketogenic weight loss program is similarly as a hit as a low-fats weight loss program for weight loss.

Furthermore, due to the fact the weight loss program is so pleasurable, you could shed pounds with out calculating energy or preserving tune of what you eat. Ketones, blood sugar levels, and insulin sensitivity can also additionally all play a role.

A urine strip or a blood prick test approaches are considered to check a keto dieter's frame is properly-staying in ketosis. However, for the regular keto dieter, those are tough tests. So, breath ketone meters makes it easy by breath-in breath-out tests.

Introducing: Breath Ketone Meter for People on Keto Diet - szeek KT001 is a small transportable tube approximately the scale of a pen that analyses acetone at the breath withinside the equal manner that alcohol breathalyzers do.

The ketogenic weight loss program restricts carbs, inflicting the frame to apply fats for fuel, a situation referred to as ketosis. Acetone (ketones withinside the breath) is exhaled while fats is converted into ketone energy. B-hydroxybutyrate is examined the use of blood meters, while acetone diffuses withinside the lungs and may be decided through searching at exhaled breath.

What is the best way to check for ketones?

Do you continue to use urine ketone checking out strips or blood ketone checking out strips to display your ketone levels? Do you desire to save you filthy urine strips and unsightly finger pricks? Why do not you test with the breath ketone meter? It's dependable, clean to apply, accurate and pleasant.

Breath Ketone Meter is a compact, light-weight tool. It takes 20 seconds to heat up. The detection variety of this Ketone breath meter is 0.0-ninety nine PPM. It is a tool with 2 x AAA batteries. This object is licensed to ISO9001, CE, FCC, RoHS, and UL. It has dimensions of 180mm x 75mm x 55mm and weighs approximately one hundred forty five grammes.

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