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KT003 Wholesale OEM ODM High Accuracy Breath Ketone Meter

Each method of ketone testing measures something different:

*blood tests measure β-hydroxybutyrate levels
*breath tests measure acetone levels
*urine tests measure acetoacetate levels

β-hydroxybutyrate, acetoacetate and acetone are all ketones produced during fat metabolism. If you are burning fat, you are making ketones, so all three can be a gauge of ketosis.

❤❤Testing ketones in breath, saves you from finger pricks or messy urine strips. Therefore, we developed the breath ketone meter, a great ketone testing tool for people on keto diet or weight loss.

Specification Table

Product Name Ketone Breath Meter
Item No. KT003
Material Breakdown ABS
Sensor Semiconductor
Dimension 6.1*2.8in
Power Supplky 2*1.5V AAA Batteries (Not Included)
Color Black, White
Warm-up Time 20S
Response Time 5S
Detection Range 0.0-99 PPM
Certificate FDA, CE, RoHS, FCC
Testing Records 32-time Records


KT003 Breath Ketone Meter
KT003 Breath Ketone Meter
KT003 Breath Ketone Meter
KT003 Breath Ketone Meter
KT003 Breath Ketone Meter


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Wholesale High Accuracy Breath Ketone Meter - szeek KT003

Each ketone testing method assesses something different: hydroxybutyrate levels are measured in blood testing and Acetone levels are measured through breath testing. Acetoacetate levels are measured in urine testing. Ketones produced during fat metabolism include -hydroxybutyrate, acetoacetate, and acetone. Because you make ketones as you burn fat, all three can be used to determine if you're in ketosis.

You can test ketones in your breath using Wholesale High Accuracy Breath Ketone Meter - szeek KT003 instead of using finger pricks or dirty urine strips. As a result, we created the breath ketone meter, an excellent ketone testing tool for anyone on the keto diet or trying to lose weight.
It's a small, portable device. It has a 20-second warmup time. This Ketone breath meter has a detection range of 0.0-99 PPM. It is a device with 2 x AAA batteries. This item has ISO9001, CE, FCC, RoHS, and UL certifications. Its dimensions are 180mm x 75mm x 55mm, and it weighs approximately 145 grams.

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