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Take You To Understand Acetone

2021/11/01 By hqt

The ketogenic diet has been demonstrated to have a wide variety of benefits spanning multiple populations including the treatment of epilepsy, type-2 diabetes, neurological disorders, weight loss, endurance performance and even certain types of cancer treatments. The hallmark of a well-formulated ketogenic diet is a rise of ketone bodies which happens following a prolonged period of carbohydrate or caloric restriction (i.e, fasting). Ketone bodies are produced in the liver as an alternative fuel source to carbohydrates and measuring ketones is a way to determine the degree of ketosis someone is in.
Recently, researchers have identified breath acetone assessments as a practical and accurate method to determine level of ketosis

What is Breath Acetone?

When following a ketogenic diet, acetyl-CoA is produced in the liver from the breakdown of fat and is used to produce acetoacetate, one of three ketone bodies. From there, acetoacetate can be converted to the other two “ketone bodies”, b-hydroxybutyrate and acetone. While b-hydroxybutyrate is tested via blood meters, acetone actually diffuses into the lungs and can be measured by testing exhaled breath. Acetone is a byproduct of fat metabolism and is present in the breath of all humans but in different concentrations.

The three types of ketone testing & difference:

  1. Blood Ketone Test Meters: Measure ketone levels in the blood.
  2. Breath Ketone Meters: Measure the ketone by-product acetone on the breath.
  3. Ketone Urine Strips; measure acetoacetate in the urine.

Each method of ketone testing measures something different: Blood tests measure β-hydroxybutyrate levels,breath tests measure acetone levels and urine tests measure acetoacetate levels. β-hydroxybutyrate, acetoacetate and acetone are all ketones produced during fat metabolism. If you are burning fat, you are making ketones, so all three can be a gauge of ketosis. Because each method is different and no linear relationship exists between the different ketone measurements, direct comparisons between two methods is not possible.

Advantages of a Ketone breath meter above ketone blood and urine meters

  • No blood needed / No using a lancet = pain-free
  • No Ketone strips/ Ketosis strips needed = one time purchase
  • Breath measurements are ”real time” measurements of acetone
  • More convenient and easy to use than urine and blood tests,Measure anytime,You can easily measure when you are on the move


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