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The best way to test ketones in blood,urine or breath

2021/11/12 By hqt
The best way to test ketones in blood,urine or breath

There are three different ways to test for ketones.

Each method of ketone testing measures something different: blood tests measure β-hydroxybutyrate levels, breath tests measure acetone levels and urine tests measure acetoacetate levels. β-hydroxybutyrate, acetoacetate and acetone are all ketones produced during fat metabolism. If you are burning fat, you are making ketones, so all three can be a gauge of ketosis.

Testing ketones in breath, saves you from finger pricks or messy urine strips. Therefore, we developed the breath ketone meter, a great ketone testing tool for people on keto diet or weight loss.

What’s Ketone Breath Meter?

Ketone breath meter is a great tool when following the keto diet.
It can monitor the amount of ketones in your body by breathe, and check if you are in a state of ketosis.
People who are on keto life have to monitor their ketones every single day, and tracking breath acetone is a better measure of what the body is actually using for fuel.

How does ketone breath meter work?

While on a ketogenic diet, the restriction of carbs leads to the body utilizing fats for fuel.
Acetoacetate can then be converted to the other two ketone bodies, acetone and BHB (b-hydroxybutyrate).
Breath ketones (Acetone) is spontaneously released when fat is metabolised into ketone energy.
B-hydroxybutyrate is measured by using blood meters, while acetone diffuses in the lungs and can, therefore, be measured by testing exhaled breath.
Ketone breath meter is a device which measures the amount of acetone in your breath. The more breath ketones, the more fat is metabolised into energy. Breath samples are non invasive and can be done many times throughout the day without extra costs.
This makes your ketogenic diet journey way more enjoyable.

How should you test for ketones?

That’s really up to you. All three methods can provide useful feedback. And kindly remind that each method is different and no linear relationship exists between the different ketone measurements, direct comparisons between three methods is not possible


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