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EK916: Best Alcohol Test Manufacturer China

2021/12/15 By hqt
Best Alcohol Test Manufacturer

What is an Alcohol tester?

Best Alcohol Test Manufacturer

Alcohol test manufacturer can guarantee you the best and accurate results. After taking alcoholic beverages, the air exhaled by a person contains ethyl alcohol vapors, the concentration of which depends on the individual characteristics of the organism and the amount of drinks drunk.

 The rating of the best breathalyzers includes devices with different principles for determining. This is the degree of intoxication; the quantitative result is easy to display on the liquid crystal display. Furthermore, the equipment is common for self-monitoring.

Moreover, it is also common for law enforcement or medical officials to determine the degree of intoxication of a person.

Purpose of the Alcohol test manufacturer

The equipment for testing the alcohol content in the human body is getting into pieces into categories:

  • for domestic use (for example, for self-control);
  • Also, for the professional sphere (common by police officers or in laboratory conditions);

Personal Alcohol test manufacturer

Alcohol test manufacturer are common to check the alcohol level on your own. The equipment has an easy design and low measurement accuracy. And the interval between checks is 5-10 minutes.

The data is getting by personal breathalyzers that do not have a certificate indicating the measurement. And the accuracy is not reliable and is by the court as evidence.

Professional - medical, for traffic police

Professional equipment is designed for testing 200-300 people throughout the day, information is displayed on the screen or printed on a printer. Furthermore, the peripheral device connects wirelessly (RF or optical). Breathalyzer models are registered in the database of the Ministry of Health and the registers of the State Standard. 

Each alcohol test manufacturer undergoes periodic verification of the measurement accuracy with the issuance of an act, the results obtained accept by the court as an evidence base.

Difference between breathalyzer and breathalyzer

Breathalyzer means equipment for individual use. Moreover, the device is compact in size and low in price, the sensor is easy to design to carry out 3-5 tests throughout the day with an interval between checks up to 2-4 hours. 

The device does not have certificates and documents confirming the accuracy of measurements, the results are references and are not careful by the court.

The breathalyzer differs from the breathalyzer in its easy to increase the accuracy of determining the results, which does not depend on external factors.

Alcohol test manufacturer is secret as professional and has the appropriate documents. Also, the Test results are common in legal proceedings.

Types of Alcohol test manufacturer and their features

Best Alcohol Test Manufacturer 2021

To determine the concentration of ethanol in the air, several types of sensors are common:

  • based on a semiconductor porous mass with an additional coating;
  • Also, with infrared or photographic sensing element;
  • Moreover, with electrochemical measuring principle;
  • Furthermore, with a laser emitter.

Semiconductor Alcohol test manufacturer

The sensing element is built because of a semiconductor film with a porous structure through which the exhaled airflow passes. Also, the Ethyl alcohol molecules capture by the material, which leads to a change in the coefficient of conductivity of the electric current. 

Moreover, the deviation of the parameters is fixed by the controller; the information displays on the screen or displayed by LED indicators.

Semiconductor testers have a reduced cost, but the sensor material absorbs foreign impurities present in the air (for example, ammonia vapors or hydrogen sulfide molecules corresponding to the particle size of ethyl alcohol).

How does alcohol tester work?

The alcohol test manufacturer detects the presence of alcohol vapors in the gas stream using a photometric or infrared sensor. With the passage of air with ethanol, partial absorption of infrared radiation occurs. To improve the measurement accuracy, the absorption coefficient analyze in 2 frequency ranges. 

The equipment is characterized by increased measurement stability and reacts only to ethyl alcohol (additional impurities do not affect the measurement accuracy).

The disadvantage of an infrared tester is the dependence of the results on the ambient temperature. To ensure the specified accuracy, manufacturers develop requirements for operating conditions, breathalyzers install in mobile or stationary laboratory complexes. 

Before starting work, the equipment warms up for 15-20 minutes, it takes 7-10 minutes to get the measurement result.

Electrochemical Alcohol test manufacturer

To determine the alcohol content in the air, a sensor with a pair of electrodes (cathode and anode) coat with a platinum layer is common. The anode additionally contains a drug that enters a reversible redox reaction when ethanol particles deposit on the surface. 

The resulting electrons move to the cathode, the potential difference record by an electronic controller. Moreover, alcohol test manufacturer calculates and displays information on the screen.

EK916 Sensor Accuracy is High  

EK916 considers high accuracy in determining the concentration of alcohol, which does not decrease with repeated purging and is common in professional test devices. The interval between routine checks is 1 year, the electrodes design for a service life of up to 7 years.

 Also, the advantage of electrochemical testers is the increased speed of reaction, the information on the screen appears in 1-2 seconds after purging.

Laser Alcohol test manufacturer

Laser testers belong to the category of stationary equipment installed in walk-through factories. Also, the measurement is easy to carry out by a non-contact method, the information with the employee's pass number, which makes it possible to determine the identity of the drunk employee online. 

However, the person must attach the pass to the reader, exhale, and then walk into the territory. 

Types of breathalyzers by type of air intake

A breathalyzer is easy to divide into categories according to the method of air supply to the sensor:

  • without a mouthpiece;
  • Also, with a special nozzle with a check valve;
  • Moreover, with a mechanism for forced sampling;
  • Furthermore, universal type.


A person needs to blow into the canal without contact. The airstream flows around the sensor element, which begins to determine the ethanol content. The accuracy of the alcohol test manufacturer depends on the force of exhalation. It is the angle of installation of the tester body, and external weather factors.


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