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EK912: Best Alcohol Detector Manufacturers in 2021

2021/12/15 By hqt
Best Alcohol Detector Manufacturers

Introduction of Alcohol detector manufacturer

Best Alcohol Detector Manufacturers

The Alcohol detector manufacturer portable tester with a semiconductor measuring element is designed for blowing without using a mouthpiece. The product is designed to determine the concentration of alcohol in the air up to 2 ppm (scale step is 0.1 ppm). 

Replaceable AAA batteries locate inside the case, and a sound indication of events is provided. When the tester is idle, it automatically turns off, the power circuits of the built-in clock and alarm clock are constantly supported.

Advantages of Alcohol detector manufacturer:

  • low price;
  • Also, durable plastic case;
  • Moreover, replaceable batteries.

Flaws of Alcohol detector manufacturer:

  • it is impossible to turn off the clock and alarm;
  • Furthermore, low measurement accuracy;
  • Moreover, loud sound notification without the possibility of adjustment.

The best professional breathalyzers - description of models and cost

5 OEM alcohol detector

The professional device alcohol detector manufacturer, depict by increased reliability, is intended for use by traffic police officers. Visual and audible notifications are provided (measurement accuracy is 0.01 ppm). The electrochemical sensor is designed to determine the content of ethanol vapors in the air up to 5 ppm; the tester is easy to pair with a computer, smartphone, or printer.


  • built-in memory for 2000 results;
  • Also, the ability to print the results of the test;
  • Moreover, lengthy temperature range;
  • Furthermore, high measurement accuracy, the test results are careful by the judicial authorities.

EK912 Provides Great Accuracy

Equipment of personal typeEK912, with an electrochemical sensor, measures the concentration of alcohol vapors with an accuracy of 0.025 ppm. Information appears on a segment screen, additional LEDs are provided (for example, indicating the need to replace batteries).

The sensor design for 500 measurements, then the calibration of the sensitive elements is important. According to Alcohol detector manufacturer:


  • increased measurement accuracy;
  • the speed of warming up and displaying results;
  • upper measurement range - 4.4 ppm.

Flaws of Alcohol detector manufacturer:

Best Alcohol Detector Manufacturers 2021
  • the device comes for use only at positive air temperatures;
  • the service life of replaceable batteries is 15-20 tests;
  • difficulties in calibrating equipment

Alcohol detector manufacturer EK912

The tester comes with a color liquid crystal display; the sensor provides a measurement of alcohol concentration with an accuracy of 0.01 ppm. The sensing element designs for 1000 tests, then verification and calibration of the equipment is required. Alcohol detector manufacturer recommendsthese guidelines.

Advantages Alcohol detector manufacturer EK912:

  • replaceable batteries (AAA batteries or rechargeable batteries);
  • increased sensitivity (comparable to professional testers);
  • built-in protection against deception;
  • the possibility of using at negative air temperatures.

Flaws of Alcohol detector manufacturer EK912:

  • air intake time is 10 seconds;
  • before use, the device warms up for 3-5 minutes.

Alcohol detector manufacturer EK912

Replaceable AA batteries are common for the power supply; when idle, the tester automatically turns off. The microprocessor allows you to determine the time it takes to reduce the concentration of alcohol in the blood to an acceptable threshold.

Alcohol detector manufacturer EK912

  • built-in memory for 48 measurements (with the possibility of entering additional identification information);
  • Also, voice informant;
  • Moreover, increased measurement speed.


  • measurement accuracy is lower than that of professional equipment;
  • high price

1 EK 912 Alcohol detector manufacturer

The EK912 tester with a replaceable mouthpiece originally appeared by a Chinese manufacturer for use by the traffic police but then began to be sold to citizens. 

The built-in battery is for 8 hours of continuous operation (up to 20 tests), the semiconductor sensor allows you to determine the concentration of alcohol vapors in the range from 0 to 3 ppm.


  • high accuracy in determining the degree of intoxication (subject to manufacturer's requirements);
  • Also, protection against air inhalation is if;


  • long time for calculating the amount of vapor;
  • Also, after idle time, the sensor must preheat.

Answers to popular questions

  • what is the allowed blood-alcohol threshold for drivers
  • Also, how long it takes to remove excess ethanol from the body;
  • Moreover, what equipment is common by law enforcement officers to determine the level of intoxication;
  • Furthermore, is it possible to deceive the test device with medicines or food with a pungent odor;
  • Moreover, is a portable smartphone tester suitable for online determination of the amount of alcohol in the blood?

How many ppm of alcohol is acceptable for drivers in 2020

The legislation allows the ethanol content in blow-out air at a level of 0.16 mg / l (corresponding to 0.3 ppm). For example, if a man weighing 85 kg spent 70 ml of vodka with a snack, then the theoretical concentration will be 0.29 ppm, which allows by the rules. 

But it should be borne in mind that even small doses of alcohol reduce the reaction time and lead to collisions with other vehicles or collisions with people or other obstacles.

How long does it take for the breathalyzer to show alcohol?

The decay time of alcohol in the human body depends on individual characteristics. For example, if a man has a weight of 85 kg drank 1 liter of beer with a strength of 10%, then the concentration of alcohol in the blood will decrease to the level given through law in 106-120 minutes. 

The consumption of 200 ml of vodka with a snack leads to the preservation of ethanol vapors in the exhaled air for 3.5-4 hours.

For calibration, they must deliver to a specialized service center, where the device adjusts with a calibrator. This is a paid service; moreover, it carries out too often. Most individuals do not prepare for such concerns. If the device not periodically calibrate, the data obtains on it is very different from the actual blood alcohol content. There is no point in buying a breathalyzer from Alcohol detector manufacturer if there is no desire to take it for calibration.

Conclusion: Alcohol detector

Traffic police officers use professional devices of several modifications to test drivers. A copy of the document indicating the validity period and the serial number of the breathalyzer is available from the police officer. The passage of the procedures for obtaining a certificate and verification by regulatory enactments is important.


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