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Alcohol Tester Manufacturer: The Best Inexpensive Models

2021/12/15 By hqt
Alcohol Tester Manufacturer
Alcohol Tester Manufacturer

The alcohol tester manufacturer provides a device that displays a number on the screen indicating the mass amount of alcohol dissolved in 1 liter of human blood. The unit is designated ppm (‰) and is equal to 0.001%, the parameter is adopted as a standard for laboratory research.

 For example, when a man weighing 85 kg drinks 1 bottle of beer, the number 0.12 - 0.16 ‰ is easy to display on the screen (the value depends on the characteristics of the human body). 

The best inexpensive alcohol tester models

The top 4 best budget breathalyzers include:

  • EK912
  • Also, EK916
  • Moreover, EK 918
  • Furthermore, EK 917 Alcohol Test manufacturer.

Ek912 alcohol tester manufacturer

The EK 912 tester is equipped with a housing that resembles a standard push-button mobile phone. Information is easy to display on the screen; a signal buzzer is provided. A replaceable mouthpiece is common to supply air; a semiconductor element is located inside the device.

 3 elements of the AAA standard are installed inside the casing; information about the charge level is transmitted to the display. There is a forced shutdown button, after 30-second inactivity, the tester turns off automatically.


  • additional buttons for configuration are provided;
  • Also, there is a sound signaling device.


  • when installing the mouthpiece, the tube may be damaged;
  • Also, the battery cover is jammed;
  • Moreover, errors in measuring the concentration of ethanol vapors in exhaled air.

EK 916 alcohol tester manufacturer

The EK 916 alcohol tester manufacturer is equipped with a small-sized plastic case and a connector for connecting to smartphones 4 and 4S from Apple. Power is supplied only after pairing the devices, after determining the level of alcohol in the blood, the information is easy to display on the screen. At the same time, the color of the display backlight changes (green, yellow, or red), prompting the person's ability to drive a car.


  • quick calculation of the result (5-7 seconds);
  • additional light indication;
  • small size and weight.


  • the device is only compatible with some models of Apple smartphones;
  • Also, a built-in power supply is not provided;
  • Moreover, there is no memory;
  • Furthermore no mouthpiece was provided.

Fuel Cell Alcohol Tester alcohol tester manufacturer

Inside there is a semiconductor-type sensor that allows you to measure the concentration of ethanol in exhalation with an accuracy of 5% (the upper measurement limit is 2 ppm).

A signal buzzer is provided, the display shows a battery charge level indicator.


  • ease of use;
  • Also, the set includes a set of mouthpieces;
  • Moreover good measurement accuracy (subject to the instructions).


  • the set does not include a power supply unit for charging batteries (a switching hole is provided in the case);
  • purchase of batteries is required (not included in the set).

EK 918 alcohol tester manufacturer

The Ek 918 alcohol tester manufacturer device with a semiconductor sensor is designed for air intake without using a mouthpiece. On the outside of the case, there are displays for displaying hours and measurement results. 

The owner can program the built-in alarm clock, the measuring part of the device is turned off by a timer, and the time indication is easy to display continuously. The display indicates the status of AAA batteries installed inside the case.


  • the device can operate at an air temperature in the range of -10 ° ... + 40 ° С;
  • Also, sound notification is provided;
  • Moreover, small dimensions, and weight make it possible to carry the device together with the car keys.


  • accelerated battery discharge due to the constantly working time indication;
  • low accuracy in calculating the degree of intoxication.

The best models of personal breathalyzers - an overview with prices

Alcohol Tester Manufacturer 2021

The Top 4 Home Use alcohol tester manufacturers include:

  1. EK 910
  2. Also, Private Mould Fuel cell
  3. Moreover, KT001
  4. Furthermore, KT002

EK 910

The EK 910 pocket breathalyzer comes with a leather case that protects the case and displays from damage. An oxide semiconductor sensor is common for measurement, and a replaceable mouthpiece is common for air intake. The recovery time of the sensor depends on the amount of alcohol vapor in the air sample under test.  Advantages:

  • compact size;
  • Also, a set of batteries is enough for 500 tests;
  • In addition, voice informant in Russian.


  • low reliability of the results;
  • Also, no LED indicators or display provided;
  • In addition, the interval between tests reaches 1 hour;
  • Moreover, high price.

Private Mould Fuel cell

Inside the case, there is a semiconductor measuring element that allows you to determine the concentration of alcohol vapors in the air up to 1.5 ppm (the scale step is 0.1 ppm). Information is easy to display on the screen and accompanied by a sound signal; installation of an LED flashlight is provided. 

When idle, the alcohol tester manufacturer automatically shuts down to conserve battery power (AAA cell format).


  • fast results (10-15 seconds);
  • Also, installation of a flashlight is provided;
  • Moreover, sound notification of readiness to start work.


  • low measurement reliability, the device is suitable for self-monitoring;
  • Also, quiet buzzer (volume control is not provided);
  • Moreover, the measurement result depends on the intensity of exhalation.

3 KT001 alcohol tester manufacturer

The KT001 breathalyzer is easy to equip with an original case with recesses for gripping the product by hand. Information is easy to display on the display with an LED backlight, the additional sound indication is provided. Inside the case there are 2 AAA batteries; when idle, the device automatically turns off.


  • good workmanship;
  • Also, information on the screen is visible in the dark;
  • Furthermore, the set includes a pack with 5 replacement tips.


  • high measurement error;
  • no batteries included.

2 KT002 alcohol tester manufacturer

The device allows you to determine the amount of ethanol in the range from 0 to 1.9 ppm (the step of the measurement scale is 0.1 ppm). The manufacturer has applied an audible notification and an automatic shutdown timer, there are no additional functions.


  • low price;
  • Also, AAA batteries are common for power supply.


  • dim display without LED backlight;
  • Also, low data accuracy.


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