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Alcohol Tester EK910: Top Breath Tester Manufacturer

2021/12/15 By hqt
Top Breath Tester Manufacturer

Introduction to Alcohol Tester EK910

Top Breath Tester Manufacturer

Breath tester manufacturers have developed a very authentic tester: Alcohol Tester EK910.  This is one of the best alcohol testers available in the market.

The modification with a replaceable mouthpiece allows directing the airflow to the sensitive element. Furthermore, it increases the accuracy of determining the concentration of alcohol vapors. Similarly, it does not depend on climatic conditions.

 Breath tester with forced sampling mode

In medical institutions, testers are common with the support of forced intake of exhaled air. The air intake is brought to the respiratory organs of the test person, and then the button for the intake of the air sample is pressed.  Hence, after the express analysis, the screen displays the percentage of ethanol.

Universal breath tester manufacturer

There are universal modifications that can work with a mouthpiece without an additional attachment. Also, the devices are classified as personal and are common for self-diagnosis. 

There are professional models that allow you to take a sample through a mouthpiece or by screening (using a plastic funnel installed at a distance of 15-20 mm from a person's mouth).

Online virtual breathalyzer

Virtual breath tester manufacturer allows you to determine the decomposition time of alcohol in the average body. A person enters data into the program: gender, weight, and amount of alcoholic drinks drunk (indicating the type of snack). 

Generally, the program calculates and displays the time after which ethyl alcohol disappears in the exhaled air. .

Breathalyzer selection criteria

  • device body material;
  • Also, dimensions of the casing and weight of the breathalyzer;
  • Moreover, declared accuracy;
  • Furthermore, the ability to record the results into memory;
  • In addition, sensor recovery time (affects the frequency of use);
  • Also, price;
  • Moreover, frequency of maintenance.

Alcohol Tester EK910 Manufacturing material

To produce the body of the breath tester manufacturer, impact-resistant plastic is common with rubber dampers to prevent shock transmission to electronic components. Also, regardless of the material of the case, do not drop the breathalyzer on hard surfaces, shock overloads negatively affect the accuracy of calculating the results.

Dimensions (edit)

The dimensions of pocket testers depend on the way air is supplied to the sensing element. For example, modifications without a connector for installing a mouthpiece are sized to correspond to control panels for car alarms. However, Equipment with a mouthpiece is the same size as a mobile phone (length in the range of 70-120 mm).

Professional devices come with a keyboard and a printer has the largest dimensions and weight.

Accuracy of measurements

The standards allow the following error:

  • up to 20% - for semiconductor sensors;
  • up to 10% - for electrochemical sensors;
  • less than 5% - for professional breath tester manufacturer (with an alcohol concentration of up to 1 ppm).

Breathalyzer displays information on the screen in ppm (corresponds to the ratio of the number of grams of ethyl alcohol dissolved in 1 liter of blood), other units of measurement allows. For example, BrAC (Breath Alcohol Concentration) corresponds to milligrams of ethanol vapor dissolved in 1000 ml of air exhaled by a person.

Simultaneously, there is a BAC unit, indicating the number of grams of alcohol in 100 ml of blood.

Built-in memory

The testers with a memory for storing the results of several measurements (indicating the testing time). For example, professional model memory accepts by the judiciary. At the same time, the equipment has a certificate and come with protection against the correction of stored data (fiscal memory).

Alcohol Tester EK910Application frequency

The frequency of use depends on the type of sensor and the capacity of the built-in power supply. Similarly, personal testers design to take a sample no more than 1 time per hour.

 Professional equipment allows you to do up to 500 breath tester manufacturer per day (with the information stored in memory and with a printout of the results on a printer connected to the breathalyzer).

Price category

By price, testers are usually divided into several categories:

  1. Low-cost equipment based on a semiconductor sensor, the mouthpiece removes from the design to reduce the cost. The price is in the range of 400-1500 rubles, suitable for periodic use in everyday life, is not included in the registers, and does not have verification certificates.
  2. Testers of the middle price range, which will cost the buyer from 3 to 7 thousand rubles. The semiconductor or electrochemical principle is common to measure the concentration of ethanol vapors.

Service maintenance of Alcohol Tester EK910

During operation, the sensing unit becomes dirty, which negatively affects the results of testing air samples. Low-cost devices need service after 300-500 checks. Professional breath tester manufacturers can work for up to a year, and then it is important to carry out verification with a new certificate of conformity. 

Top Breath Tester Manufacturer 2021

Verification carries out on a special calibrator, characterized by increased accuracy in calculating the number of ethanol vapors in the air.

Some testers provide a self-diagnosis function, the device warns the user about the need for calibration.

Alcohol Tester EK910 Operating tips

Independent check of the level of alcohol

  1. Install the mouthpiece into the seat. If the check carries out on the road at the request of the traffic police inspector, then the driver must independently print the package with the mouthpiece, and then insert the element into the response socket of the breathalyzer. 
  2. During the examination, 2 attesting witnesses require, verification without attesting witnesses with a video recording of the process allows.
  3. Switch on the device and check the readings of the battery charge indicator.
  4. Wait for the beep indicating readiness for work.
  5. Breathe out into the mouthpiece tip (air supply time indicates in the manufacturer's instructions).
  6. Wait for the information to display on the display (some devices give an additional signal by a buzzer or notify about the readiness of the result by a voice informant).
  7. Turn off the device by reading breath tester manufacturer instructions. You can do this by pressing the button or wait until the power turns off automatically.


Equipment of a professional level comes with a decent price. To determine the stage of intoxication, an electrochemical sensor is best; the air takes through a replaceable mouthpiece. The devices come with memory and with external peripheral devices.


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