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Best KT005 Mems Sensor Breathalyzer Manufacturer in China

2021/12/15 By hqt
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Types of Breathalyzer and how they work!

The main determining device in a breathalyzer manufacturer, which is involved in detecting the concentration of alcohol in a person's breath, is a sensor. It is he who catches alcohol molecules and estimates their number in order to get an expression in ppm.

According to the type of built-in sensor, there are the following types of breathalyzers:

  • Semiconductor.
  • Electrochemical.
  • Infrared.

Semiconductor breathalyzer

These devices are represented by a small group since they do not differ in high accuracy. Their design provides for a special porous crystal that absorbs alcohol molecules in itself. Alcohol absorbed into it changes the conductivity. 

Therefore, the electric current passed through the sensor passes with different resistance. Based on the magnitude of the conductivity deviation, the electronic part of the breathalyzer manufacturer expresses a digital indicator of the actual alcohol content in the blood of the tested person.

The main disadvantage of such sensors is a significant error. Their semiconductor crystal is capable of absorbing ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and other substances, mistaking them for alcohol molecules. The device can show the blood alcohol content of an absolutely sober person. These are rather slow sensors in operation, which are also very dependent on the ambient temperature.

Electrochemical breathalyzer manufacturer

These are the most common devices for determining the concentration of alcohol in a person's breath. At the heart of such a device is an electrochemical cell. It is equipped with an anode and an ethanol-reactive catalyst. 

As soon as alcohol gets on the catalyst of the cell, a redox reaction begins, accompanied by the release of free electrons. The electronic part of the device reads changes in the electrochemical cell and translates them into an indicator of alcohol content.

Breathalyzer manufacturer has accurate results

The hardware part of such a sensor can last for about 7 years. The fact is that its catalyst, which is present in the reaction with alcohol, does not consume. Such devices only check and adjust when they are put in for verification, while the sensor itself does not change.

The indicators of these devices provide an accurate result, since they only react to alcohol, while the presence of ammonia vapors or other substances in the breath will not lead to an error. Electrochemical breathalyzer manufacturer require a calibration interval at least every year. 

They work equally well in cold and hot weather, and they give out measurement results almost immediately.

Breathalyzer manufacturer Install Infrared

Such devices are built on the principle of absorption of infrared radiation by alcohol vapor. In essence, these are spectrophotometers capable of responding to specific absorption waves. These devices give very accurate results, while they cannot be fooled by the vapors of other substances.

Breathalyzer sensors work stably, but depend on the ambient temperature; therefore they are mainly common in laboratories and medical examination points.

Infrared breathalyzers are stationary. Their main drawback is the need to preheat the device, which takes up to 20 minutes, after which the procedure for measuring the concentration of alcohol in breathing takes about 10 minutes more.

Should you buy a personal breathalyzer

Breathalyzer manufacturer are very delicate measuring instruments that require special maintenance. Personal devices in the entry-level price range vary. In most cases, the purchase of such a device is impractical. Even the best professional breathalyzer requires calibration every year. Available individual devices need adjustment once every 2-3 months.

What is a breathalyzer manufacturer?

Special devices for measuring the concentration of alcohol in the body - breathalyzers - have become a necessary attribute of any driver's travel kit. In a short time, with enough accuracy, the tester will determine the presence of a minimum amount of alcohol based on the measurement of the chemical composition of the exhaled air.

How to choose a breathalyzer

When choosing a breathalyzer manufacturer, you need to determine the goals pursued by the purchase. If the device intends for multiple measurements at once (for example, at auto enterprises), it is worth purchasing complex special devices with disposable mouthpieces, adapted for long-term use.

 If the device is personal, the model is easy to buy without a mouthpiece, with a semiconductor or electrochemical sensor.

The sensor designs for a certain number of measurements of exhaled alcohol. Then the sensor needs replacement. The measurement error of personal breathalyzers is within 10–20%. But since this device exists only for personal self-control, it can be useful, especially for motorists.

Quantitative characteristics of the breathalyzer manufacturer

Naturally, a breathalyzer manufacturer with a mouthpiece accurate than without it. But here we must consider that a person or household appliance serves rather determine the quality characteristics, i.e. the presence of alcohol vapors. 

Quantitative characteristics, close to the true ones, can only provide by special certified devices, which are common by the traffic police. And this test is rather a screening test, the most accurate will be the determination of alcohol in the blood.

Devices for determining alcohol for household use can carry a small load - several measurements per day. For the high-quality operation of the device, a certain interval must observe. And do not force a personal alcohol tester to work intensively; it will start showing erroneous data.

How to use a breathalyzer?

Like any device, the tester requires adherence to the measurement method, deviation from which will mislead not only the user but also permanently disable the device.

It is imperative to observe the time interval after drinking alcohol. The device works on exhalation, and, therefore, must deal with alcohol that not only got into the stomach and absorbed into the blood but also delivered to the lungs. It is the alcohol exhaled from the lungs that are tested by the device.

Strict adherence to the methodology will allow you to accurately

By the way, the curve of alcohol absorption into the blood and the rate of its transfer to the alveoli of the lungs are individual and depend only on an individual. 

Breathalyzer manufacturers recommend average time of 20 minutes. In case of a positive result, it is necessary to repeat the check again after 20 minutes. 

Here it is interesting to determine whether the concentration of alcohol decreases or increases, which means further intoxication or a decrease in the latter. Strict adherence to the methodology will allow you to accurately


There are other additional interferences that glow when the alcohol tester determines the alcohol. These are mint candies, medicines. Smoking significantly affects the testimony of the alcohol tester. Do not neglect to refrain from background substances to avoid false positives.

There are many breathalyzer manufacturers on the Chinese market. After knowing the purpose of the device, it is not difficult to choose a model, considering personal preferences.


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