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Types of Breathalyzer Manufacturers and how it works?

2021/12/15 By hqt
Breathalyzer Manufacturers

What are breathalyzers and what are they used for?

Breathalyzer Manufacturers

A breathalyzer manufacturer is a technically complex device to determine how much alcohol is in the body, based on the analysis of exhaled air.

A breathalyzer is popular among traffic police and the medical field to determine the degree of intoxication. Recently, breathalyzers have also become very popular among drivers. It is worthwhile to understand their main characteristics in more detail.

The breathalyzer is useful for drivers who sometimes drink alcohol. It is worth putting it in the glove compartment, and after the holiday, make sure that you can go. You can monitor employees, children, household staff, since the breathalyzer can objectively and impartially assess the degree of sobriety.

You need to carry out pre-trip control

If you need to carry out pre-trip control, it is easy thanks to the presence of a breathalyzer. There are a huge number of options for using the breathalyzer, and everything will directly depend on the direction of its own activity.

So, you need to determine what exactly the breathalyzer manufacturer is needed for, and how often it is common. Then you can make your choice more specifically.

Breathalyzers are compared following characteristics:

  1. Accuracy. This indicator is the most important when buying a breathalyzer, so you should pay special attention to it.
  2. Also, Sensor type. The sensor is the most important and, in fact, the main element in any breathalyzer.
  3. Moreover, Load on the sensor. This characteristic has a direct impact on the performance and overall reliability of the breathalyzer.
  4. Furthermore, the load may vary throughout the day.
  5. In addition, Units and range of measurements. From 0 to 5 ppm is quite enough, and, by the way, 5 ppm is considered the lethal concentration of alcohol in the blood.
  6. Moreover, Contact. Models equipped with a mouthpiece give more accurate results.
  7. Also, Price. There is a certain dependence of the functionality of the breathalyzer on its cost.
  8. Furthermore, Other characteristics. They affect the usability of the breathalyzer, although they are not compulsory.

It is worth noting that the accuracy of devices common in forensic and medical examinations is much higher than that of breathalyzer manufacturer for home use, moreover, there is more alcohol in the blood than in the exhaled air.

Breathalyzer. Types and how it works. Sensors and what is ppm

A breathalyzer is an electronic measuring device common to determine the concentration of alcohol in the air exhaled by a person. This indicator is directly related to the practical blood alcohol content.

The Principle Operation of the Breathalyzer

To perform the analysis, the breathalyzer reads air from the lower part of the lungs that has previously been in contact with the alveolar vesicles. Capillaries are located in them. In this part of the lungs, the blood is saturated with oxygen, so it is not closed by the walls of the capillaries. 

Due to this, in the presence of alcohol in the blood, its vapors evaporate unhindered, remaining in the respiratory tract. The more alcohol in the blood, the higher the concentration of its vapors in the lungs

breathalyzer allows you to determine the degree of intoxication

The breathalyzer allows you to determine the degree of intoxication of a person without the need to take biological fluids. It is completely painless, safe, and hygienic. Most breathalyzers have removable mouthpieces.

Breathalyzer Manufacturers 2021

After examining one person, the common mouthpiece is removed and replaced with another for the next test.

The sequence of steps for performing an alcohol test is very simple. After turning on the device, it is necessary to blow strongly into it, blowing out all the air from the lungs. After a few moments or seconds, depending on the internal filling of the breathalyzer manufacturer, the device will display the actual blood alcohol content. 

What is ppm in breathalyzer?

An indicator of 1 ppm indicates that a liter of human blood contains 1 ml of pure alcohol. It is worth noting that in the circulatory system of a person who does not even drink alcohol, there is always a small concentration of alcohol. 

It can come from kefir, kvass, medications, bananas, oranges, chocolates, and even sausage sandwiches. Such a low alcohol content does not cause intoxication, but it is easy to detect by a breathalyzer.

Each country has a legal limit on the blood alcohol level at which a vehicle is allowed to drive. In Russia, the driver is not punished with an alcohol concentration of up to 0.16 ppm in exhaled air or up to 0.35 in blood.

How much amount of Alcohol is better?

Alcohol, if consumed in large quantities at one time. The share of alcohol 5-6 ppm is careful fatal. Direct strong intoxication of a person occurs already with an alcohol content of 2.5 ppm. Hard liquor such as vodka or cognac in a 0.5-liter bottle has approximately 0.2 liters of pure alcohol. 

With the use of such an amount by one person with normal health and an average physique, the concentration of alcohol in the blood is 2.5 ppm. In this case, a lethal dose it 1.5 liters of strong alcohol.

Types of breathalyzer manufacturer

Since the invention of breathalyzer manufacturers in the early 1930s, it is better many times over. As a result, various devices easy to appear, differing from each other in purpose and performance.

They are:

  • Professional.
  • Also, Special.
  • However, Personal.


A professional-grade breathalyzer is the most productive device capable of carrying out about 150-300 checks per day. Such devices are common by traffic police officers. The margin of error for professional devices is only 0.01 ppm.

Professional breathalyzers are quite compact. Often it is equipping with a built-in printing device that allows you to immediately print out the measurement results. Such advanced models are common in large enterprises to control the sobriety of employees in responsible positions. Such breathalyzers are common to monitor taxi and bus drivers before going on a flight.


They are usually common in small businesses to monitor the sobriety of employees. Such devices make by good accuracy, while they may have approval certificates confirming the possibility of their use for medical purposes.


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