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Szeek alcohol tester EK917: Best Alcohol Meter Manufacturer

2021/12/30 By hqt
Alcohol Meter Manufacturer

What is alcohol meter?

Alcohol meter manufacturer is also known as instrument/device to measure alcohol concentration in wine and beer.

Alcohol Meter Manufacturer

And is a necessary tool of traffic police in checking the concentration of alcohol in the breath of vehicle drivers.

Szeek alcohol tester EK917

Continuing to score points in the eyes of users is the EK917 alcohol meter, which works based on the analysis of exhaled air.

It takes measurement with or without mouthpiece. With a low price, it is very suitable for personal use and provides reliable accuracy.

The EK917 alcohol meter manufacturer uses a semiconductor-type alcohol sensor, allowing a fairly sensitive alcohol test, giving quick and accurate results.

The accuracy of the machine is ±0.01% at 0.05% BAC. When alcohol is detected, the machine will sound 3 pips, information will appear on the LCD screen.

EK917 is easy to use and saves battery

In particular, the device has a self-monitoring feature of battery usage. The battery is 1.5V AA which is easy to replace and universal. The EK917 automatically shuts down after 5 minutes of inactivity, saving battery life.

Advantages of alcohol meter

  • Compact size, lightweight with 2 colors to choose from, black and silver
  • Pretty cheap price
  • Sensitive, fast and accurate results
  • Take measurements with or without mouthpiece
  • Use common batteries, easy to find, easy to change. The machine automatically monitors the battery level, helping to save energy
  • Simple and easy to use. Suitable for individuals and organizations

Alcohol testers are very popular in the beverage industry, fruit processing, beer, and in traffic around the world.

Recently, in USA, contrary to the previously bleak atmosphere, the alcohol meter market has become hotter and has become a big focus.

Alcohol meter is an indispensable equipment of the current traffic police

2. Structure and working principle of alcohol meter


The structure of the machine is quite simple, including:

  • chamber contains liquid with a certain boiling point
  • vessel to condense steam, in order to maintain the initial temperature of the liquid to be tested
  • Standard thermometer 0.02 degrees Celsius, between 95 and 115 degrees Celsius
  • The heat source is the dune temple
  • The outlet is used to remove the cleaning or test liquid from the tank.

Measured cylinder

  • A dedicated alcohol meter set is quite full of accompanying tools
  • A dedicated alcohol meter set is quite full of accompanying tools

Working principle

In chemistry, alcohol has the formula C2H5OH. In the alcohol meter, there is chromium(VI) oxide CrO3. When these two substances meet, they will create a blue-black compound, because CrO3 is reduced to Cr2O3.

Based on this, the traffic police will use a alcohol meter manufacturer to analyze the alcohol in the driver's breath.

If the driver of the car breathes with alcohol vapor, the color in the concentration meter will turn blue-black. And based on color variation analysis, the meter will tell the police how heavy or light the drinker is.

3. Is the alcohol meter accurate?

Perhaps this is the question and concern of many people? Or do some people wonder if it is possible to bypass the alcohol meter?

First of all, according to our understanding, there are currently 3 methods of determining blood alcohol concentration, including:

Blow into an alcohol meter based on color change in a chemical reaction involving alcohol.

Which techniques we use to test alcohol?

Infrared technique is used to measure the spectrum of the breath. The percentage of alcohol present in the breath will give different colors.

Applying the fuel cell principle, the device will detect whether or not acetic acid, electrons and protons are present in the breath from the chemical reaction. It is to conclude the amount of alcohol in the blood.

Thus, with 3 methods of determining the blood concentration in the blood through the breath, it will give us the necessary information.

How to operate alcohol meter?

Moreover, the method of measuring the alcohol concentration in the breath is more feasible than the way. It is to find the concentration of alcohol in the blood by taking blood or urine for alcohol meter manufacturer testing.

Alcohol Meter Manufacturer 2022

When you drink alcohol, beer, they will go to the stomach, intestines and blood to be absorbed. Alcohol has the property of not breaking down when absorbed and chemically altered in the blood.

When blood passes through the lungs, part of the alcohol penetrates the membrane of the air sac, it is volatile. It will be mixed into the air of the air sac. Therefore, it is possible to determine the gong present in the breath of the drinker.

And using an alcohol meter will give us accurate and fast results.

If you have used alcohol, you should not drive a vehicle in traffic

With high accuracy, the error of breath alcohol concentration meter is very little, is there any way we can deal with this machine?

People whisper to each other that it is possible to deceive the alcohol meter manufacturer by ways such as:

  • holding a coin in the mouth after drinking
  •  eat a lot of food with an unpleasant smell such as garlic, onions,...; brush teeth, rinse mouth thoroughly before leaving
  •  or when holding the meter, instead of exhaling, you should inhale, ...

In fact, these ways are hard to beat the modern, modern alcohol meter.

The best way is to limit the use of beer and alcohol while driving or let non-drinkers drive or use public transport services such as taxis, Grad, Uber, etc.

4. Some Notes when buying an alcohol meter

To be able to buy a good and genuine machine, we will suggest you how to check the genuine machine, such as:

  1. The machine box has information about the machine name, specifications, origin, origin
  2. There are user manuals, warranty stamps, full accessories and tools included
  3. The machine has inspection certificates such as stamps, inspection marks, and certificates of inspection.

The standard error allowed is 0.02mg/L or 0.004% of the original test BAC; 0.032mg/L or 0.006% BAC periodically tested.


In short, the excitement of the alcohol meter manufacturer market is extremely exciting. It has been and is gradually becoming a product that receives a lot of attention from individuals and organizations.

However, to ensure the safety of themselves and everyone around, road users should limit drinking alcohol or drink, they should not drive.


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