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How does breathalyzer for car detect the alcohol from breath?

2021/12/30 By hqt
breathalyzer for car

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breathalyzer for car

The story of the breathalyzer for car really created a big "fever" in recent times. While many people are busy looking for tips on how to get rid of the alcohol content in their breath to avoid being fined.  

Not a few people have chosen to actively buy an alcohol meter to measure the alcohol content of their breath themselves. So let's find out how the alcohol meter works and how to use the most accurate breath alcohol meter!

How does a breathalyzer for car work?

Breath alcohol meter is a device that indicates the alcohol concentration in the breath of the user. Similarly, it helps us to determine whether the alcohol concentration in the breath is in violation of the regulations when participating in traffic or not.

Breathalyzer for car is the best way to handle any situation. We do not need to break the law as well as to be safe for yourself when participating in traffic.

What is the structure of breathalyzer for car?

Alcohol testers usually have a very simple structure. This includes 1 bellows (or blowing funnel) about 5 cm long and a body containing the breath analyzer and display. Some machines also have a mini printer device to print the results.

The breath alcohol meter uses breath-sensing technology. The new generation meters after testing will not have a residue of alcohol concentration of the previous tester, so it is always guaranteed for the test. The results are not biased.

How does breathalyzer for car detect the alcohol from breath?

The working principle of a breath alcohol meter is also very simple. It comes on a chemical reaction. The main ingredient of wine or alcoholic beverages is ethyl. It is a substance with very easy oxidation properties.

 While, breathalyzer for car often contain Chromium (VI) Oxide (CrO3) – a very strong oxidizing agent in the form of yellow-orange crystals. When blowing air into this device, if the breath contains alcohol vapor, they will react with CrO3 and turn into Cr2O3 with a blue-black color.

How does it notify the alcohol level?

Based on the color variation, the analyzer will notify the user of the alcohol level in the breath. This parameter displays right on the screen of the device. In case the breath has no alcohol concentration, the device will display the result “alcohol free”.

In general, based on this principle, the results of measuring the alcohol concentration in the breath of reputable meters are now quite accurate. With modern and high-end measuring devices it is very easy.

Design of breathalyzer

Not only that, the device often has a quite compact design, small weight, so it is very convenient and easy to carry. Moreover, the measurement time of the machine is quite fast, ranging from 5-30s. It does not take too much time, thereby helping you to participate in traffic safely and actively so as not to be fined due to the alcohol content in the vehicle.

How to use the most accurate alcohol meter?

How to use a breath alcohol meter is carried out according to the following basic steps:

Step 1: Start the machine

To start the device, first, you install the battery for the device (some devices also support a charging cord when needed). Then, hold down the power button or the Enter key on the body. The display shows the time to wait for the meter to start up. It will take a few seconds, when the meter beeps “pip” the meter is ready to measure the concentration.

Step 2: Insert the breathing tube into the machine

breathalyzer for car 2022

Depending on the design of breathalyzer for car, the position of the breathing tube may be different (it can be on the side of the machine or in front of the screen...). When installing should screw the hose tightly and securely to ensure that breath does not escape.

Step 3: Measure the alcohol concentration

Blow into the tip of the breathing tube long enough and wait for a few seconds for the machine to analyze the data and display the results on the screen. Results response time ranges from 5 to 30 seconds and is displayed in alphanumeric or written form depending on the device type.

Step 4: Print parameters and results (for some models that support printing results)

In case you want to print the measurement results, you continue to select the Enter key on the body. The “Print” option will appear on the screen. If you want to print, select Enter. The printer will proceed to print a notice showing the results of your recent measurement.

Note when using a breath alcohol meter

In order to effectively use the breath alcohol meter, and contribute to complying with traffic laws, you should note the following when using the device:

It is recommended to check the alcohol concentration in your breath before participating in traffic or after drinking alcohol for a few minutes to have the best treatment. If you have decided to drink alcohol, the safest way is still to use taxi or Grab services when leaving. However, if possible, we advise against drinking while driving.

In case you do not drink alcohol but only eat and drink foods containing alcohol such as fruit, soda, etc., to check the alcohol concentration, it is best to wait 15-30 minutes for the alcohol concentration to evaporate completely. You can measure again with the breathalyzer for car.

During use, you should pay attention to store the device in a dry place, do not leave the device in a humid environment. Ideally, you should store the device in the box when you buy it and keep it in a dry place.

Regularly check the battery and replace it on time. Ideally, for the machine to work correctly, you should check the machine once every 3 months.

Which is the best breathalyzer for car?

The last thing we want to advise you is to be careful when choosing to buy breath alcohol meters. You should always choose professional manufacturers like szeek. Here, we sell breathalyzer for car of reputable brands, quality assurance with competitive prices and thoughtful warranties.


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