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Breathe alcohol tester manufacturer: EK916 Breathalyzer

2021/12/30 By hqt
Breathe alcohol tester manufacturer

Breathalyzer test: understand the minimum and maximum limits

Breath alcohol tester manufacturer understand the minimum and maximum limits accepted by law.

1. Understand Prohibition and the Breathalyzer Test

2. How the test works

3. What is the minimum and maximum limit for the breathalyzer test?

4. Know what happens if you refuse to take the test

5. What if the breathalyzer test limit is exceeded?

Drinking and driving was never a good idea, was it? That's why, in 2008, the breath alcohol tester manufacturer law appeared.

Breathe alcohol tester manufacturer

The  Law No. 11,705 , June 2008, also known as Prohibition , established the breathalyzer test as an attempt by the traffic authorities decrease accidents caused by drinking and driving double.

In these 13 years of implementation of the Law, the results have been quite positive. Data from the Ministry of Health reveal that the number of deaths from traffic injuries involving alcohol drops every year.

What do you must know about breath alcohol tester?

However, the challenge of raising awareness among the entire population about safer traffic is rising. This includes avoiding drinking alcohol — still remains.

Do you want to understand what is the minimum and maximum limit accepted by the breath alcohol tester manufacturer? So, check out this article we've prepared for you!

Understand Prohibition and the Breathalyzer Test

The Dry Law establishes zero tolerance for alcohol consumption and driving in the country. Since it appeared, the standard has gone through several changes.

In 2012, for example, Law No. 12,760 came into effect, which instituted the multiplication by ten for the value of the very serious fine.

The last modification was in 2016, with the publication of Law No. 13,281, including article 165-A to the CTB.

This last modification establishes punishments for drivers who refuse to take the breathalyzer test, which is one of the most controversial measures around the Prohibition.

How the breath alcohol tester manufacturer test works?

The breathalyzer equipment has chemical reactions in its devices that identify the presence of ethyl alcohol in the body.

The most popular breathalyzers use potassium dichromate and fuel cell as reagents.

The operation of the device must incorporate with local authorities.

In practical terms, to perform the breath alcohol tester manufacturer, the driver must blow the disposable tube connected to the device for a few seconds.

The expelled air will react with the oxygen present in the device, which starts to release acetic acid electrons and hydrogen ions. Afterwards, the electrons pass through a conducting wire, which generate an electrical current.

In the last step, a meter on the breath alcohol tester manufacturer calculates the rate and shows the concentration of alcohol in the driver's body. Similarly, the greater this electrical current, the higher the blood alcohol level will be.

What is the minimum and maximum limit for the breathalyzer test?

USA is one of the strictest countries in the world when it comes to alcohol and driving. Similarly, it establishes a limit closes to zero alcohol in the body.

The discounted margin of error is 0.04mg/L of alveolar air.

Therefore, for the measurement to be in the same measure as the margin of error, it will be considered the same as zero, not configuring an infringement.

According to the table, for the result of 0.01 mg/L to display on the device screen, the result must be 0.05 mg/L.

However, if the result of the breathalyzer test is between 0.05 mg/L to 0.33 mg/L, the driver will be administratively summoned with a very serious infraction, subject to a fine and adds 7 points in his medical record.

What is the amount of fine in alcohol detection?

The amount of the fine for very serious infractions is $293.47. It can still be multiplied by 10, reaching $2,934.70.

Know what happens if you refuse to take the test

Breathe alcohol tester manufacturer 2022

The Federal Constitution rules that no citizen is obliged to produce evidence against him.

Therefore, the driver may refuse to blow the breathalyzer. In this case, you will be subject to the same penalties applied in case of proven drunkenness.

The rule is provided for in article 165-A of the Traffic Code.

However, there are other ways to prove drunkenness. For this, the traffic authorities can see changes in the psychomotor capacity.

Some of the signs of drinking the drink are:

  • Somnolence
  • alcohol odor on breath
  • difficulty with balance and lack of memory
  • Red eyes
  • aggressiveness.

However, for drunkenness to be verified, the traffic authority needs to consider more than one of these signs.

What if the breath alcohol tester limit is exceeded?

If the amount of alcohol is greater than what is allowed by law, there are situations that can constitute a traffic crime.

Therefore, as determined by the law, the measurement of the breath alcohol tester manufacturer must be equal to or greater than 0.34 mg/L.

In this case, the driver suffers imprisonment from six months to three years, in addition to a fine and suspension of the driver's license.

So that you keep in mind the limit established by the breathalyzer test, keep an eye out for these indicators:

  • Up to 0.04 mg/L = released conductor;
  • Between 0.05 mg/L to 0.33 mg/L = very serious infringement;
  • Equal to or greater than 0.34 mg/L = traffic crime.

As we have seen, the breathalyzer test is a way to inhibit the consumption of alcohol by drivers, with the aim of protecting lives in traffic.

What impact you can face if alcohol detected?

If drunkenness is found, the driver may have the right to suspended driving, add 7 points in his medical record and pay a fine of $293.47, which can be multiplied by 10, reaching $2,934.70.

Thus, much more than raising funds for the state and distributing points on drivers' licenses, the breathalyzer test has proven to be an efficient measure to preserve life in traffic.


However, you should always purchase alcohol meter from reliable breath alcohol tester manufacturer. The best way to prevent yourself and your family from the danger of traffic accidents or heavy fines is that you must be knowledgeable and obey the law. If you drink alcohol, you must definitely not drive.


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