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What is an alcohol testing machine: Where to buy it?

2021/12/30 By hqt
alcohol testing machine

Knowing how the alcohol testing machine works not only helps to remove this curiosity. It is also to understand how the infraction configures in cases where the driver is caught driving under the influence of alcohol.

So, understanding how this device works, in general, is very useful, especially during a possible inspection. Now, in case you have any doubts about the subject, the first step is to find out what the breathalyzer test is like.

Breathalyzer Test: Find Out All About This Accessory

Before coming into force, the Prohibition was already a big debate among drivers, especially about the device that performs the breathalyzer test. And, even though most know about its use, there are still people who are totally unaware of the subject.

alcohol testing machine

In fact, many drivers have wondered how the alcohol testing machine measures the level of alcohol in the body. And if you have interest in finding out more information about the breathalyzer test, be aware that this information can help in many situations.

Should drivers have alcohol testing machine?

Most drivers are not aware of what comes in cases where they caught driving alcohol in their bodies. And, even those who don't drink have chances of being fined by Prohibition. So, for these reasons, it is essential that you know how the breathalyzer test works.

It is noteworthy that if you drink alcohol today, it does not mean that you are not allowed to circulate on public roads for days. After all, our organism works to remove this substance from our body. And knowing exactly when this occurs is essential, especially to avoid problems with CTB. Finally, with so many reasons to discover its purpose, discover what the breathalyzer is:

What is the alcohol testing machine?

Even though it is popularly famous as the name alcohol testing machine, in fact this instrument is called breathalyzer. However, as its name suggests, this accessory is intended to measure the concentration of ethyl alcohol in the driver's body.

 In fact, in the CTB itself, it is possible to find some definitions for this device. Therefore, the breathalyzer is nothing more than a device. This measures the concentration of alcohol present in the person's body, through the air that is expelled by the driver who is undergoing the test.

Precisely because drivers have to breathe on the device, explains why it is popularly famous as a breathalyzer. So, to learn more about this device, in addition to how the measurement comes, see more information:

How does alcohol testing machine work?

First of all, it is important to clarify that, although the verification for the presence of alcohol also carries out through the exhausted air, it is not only through the breath that the substance will be identified.

 This is because the driver only needed to brush his teeth or drink water for the result to be different. Also, many drivers end up falling into myths about how it is possible to circumvent this identification. So, it is worth noting that none of the “cheat the alcohol testing machine” strategies work in practice.

Therefore, it is not worth testing any of these alternatives to interfere with the measurement of the breathalyzer test.

How much time alcohol testing machine take?

In addition, the alcohol absorption process takes about an hour. But of course this time can vary depending on the individual's body weight, gender and the amount of drink ingested.

Therefore, understanding how the alcohol testing machine actually works is not as easy as most people think. But it is essential to be aware of this to avoid stressful situations.

How is the presence of alcohol detected in the body?

In addition to showing positive or negative results about the presence of alcohol in people's bodies, the device also shows the amount present in milligrams.

According to experts, the breathalyzer test works as follows:

  • This device has a disposable mouthpiece, which changes after use
  • Into this mouthpiece, the individual should blow for a few seconds
  • All the air expells travels through the plastic tube until it finally arrives at the fuel cell

If there is the presence of alcohol in these particles that dispatches, when they come into contact with platinum, a chemical reaction generates.

The passage of electrons registers by an element that measures the electric current. This electron count measures the individual's blood alcohol level;

And the higher this level, the drunk the driver will be

In addition, according to IPEM, before someone sells alcohol testing machine, it undergoes a technical assessment. And, if it meets all the requirements comes by metrological legislation, it can be common for inspection. Therefore, it is essential that alcohol testing machine has legal certification.

alcohol testing machine 2022

What is the fine in cases of a positive breathalyzer?

If an alcohol testing machine result is positive, the value will be multiplied by ten. The reason for this to happen is due to the incidence of the multiplier factor, which aims to accentuate the rigor of punishment in cases of very serious infractions. And, even if only very serious infractions generate the multiplier factor, not all of this nature works in this way.

When the amount is multiplied by 10, the amount of the fine will be $2,934.70, aiming for the minimum fine amount to be $293.47. It is noteworthy that the value can be higher, if the driver is caught walking in these conditions more than once.

If you are experiencing this situation, you probably know that the amount, if you repeat the infraction, must be paid within 12 months. Therefore, according to article 165 of the CTB, the amount of the fine doubles.

How can szeek help me?

If you walking along the public roads of the drunken country, the amount of the fine imposed and all the consequences foreseen by it is difficult to avoid. However, with the help of experts such as szeek, you will be able to find help in these tricky situations.

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