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What is Ketone Breath Meter? Best Applications

2022/01/13 By hqt
What is Ketone Breath Meter

What is Ketone Breath Meter? The breathalyzer is a device well known by most drivers. As you may have heard, this device is breathed on by individuals approached by traffic agents. It is through it that the alcohol levels are identified.

Specification Table for Ketone Breath Meter

Brand NameEEK
Model NameKT001
Power Supply2 AA Batteries
Item NameKetone Breath Meter / Ketone Tester Meter
Sensor TypeSemiconductor

Knowing What is Ketone Breath Meter? is essential to understanding how the law prohibiting the combination of drinking and driving is established. Through this article, we will remove the main doubts related to the device. So, if you want to know more about the topic, follow the text to the end!

What is Ketone Breath Meter

First, what is a breathalyzer?

Popularly known, the breathalyzer is common in traffic stops to detect the presence of alcoholic beverages in the individual's body. As it measures the concentration of ethyl alcohol in the body, the device is technically called an “ethylometer”.

The device's display, through chemical reactions, shows the amount of alcohol ingested by the approached driver. What is Ketone Breath Meter? The test allows drunk drivers to be identified, punished and removed from the road to avoid traffic accidents.

How long does it take for alcohol to leave the body?

There is no exact time because each organism is unique, with different deadlines for the absorption of the drink. According to the Federal Highway Police, alcohol intake is easy to detect by breathalyzer up to 12 hours after consumption.

What is Ketone Breath Meter? However, there are studies that say that 90% of alcohol ingested is absorbed within the first hour. But you must be aware, the higher the alcohol content, the longer your body will take to absorb the substance. Therefore, the best option will always be to drink and not to drive.

Threshold breathalyzer: what is the percentage?

Article 276 of the Traffic Code (CTB) establishes penalties for any amount of alcohol per liter of blood or alveolar air of the driver. The paragraph further states that the tolerance percentages. 

The organ predicts a positive result when it is equal to or greater than 0.05 milligram of alcohol per liter of alveolar air. This measurement is established according to a margin of error of 0.04 mg/L related to the measurement of the device.

Does zero alcohol beer appear on the breathalyzer?

The consumption of non-alcoholic beer does not appear on the breathalyzer as long as the intake is moderate. According to law, beers with up to 0.5% of alcohol content can be “non-alcoholic” even though they contain the substance.

Therefore, drivers must be careful when drinking large amounts of this type of drink because the accumulation of low alcohol content is easy to detect on the breathalyzer. What is Ketone Breath Meter? So, when buying a drink before driving, keep an eye on the percentage shown on the can.

What is Ketone Breath Meter 2022

Drugs that interfere with the test

Some medications can interfere with the test result, such as homeopathic remedies, as they contain a certain percentage of alcohol. In these cases, as the concentration of the substance is very low, the driver can do a retest after 15 minutes.

In situations where it is necessary to know exactly whether alcohol is present in the human body or not, and in what quantities, you need a special device - a breathalyzer. What is Ketone Breath Meter? It allows you to understand the level of alcohol intoxication in actual numerical terms. 

However, there are different devices on the principle of operation and application, which manufacturers calculate for different number of measurements per day.

Therefore, there are breathalyzers:

  • personal use - calculated up to 2 measurements per day;
  • semi-professional - up to 5 measurements per day;
  • professional - from 10, 20, 40, 100, 200 and with an unlimited number of tests per day;
  • special, designed for special use.

Naturally, these performance opportunities will differ in cost. But we will not dwell on the question of price, but on how modern breathalyzers of popular models work.

What is Ketone Breath Meter?

If you take modern meters of alcohol in the human body, they work on the principle of determining the concentration of alcohol vapors in the air exhaled by man.

What is Ketone Breath Meter? The detection process itself performs by the following popular types of sensors:

  • semiconductor;
  • electrochemical.

We will dwell on how exactly these sensors work. It is worth mentioning at once that semiconductor types of sensors are common in personal and rarely in semi-professional breathalyzers. Electrochemical in professional devices due to reliability and good performance.

The principle of operation of the breathalyzer

How exactly does an electrochemical breathalyzer sensor work? What is Ketone Breath Meter? Such a sensor comes with an anode and a catalyst that is sensitive to alcohol (ethanol). 

As soon as alcohol vapors get on the catalyst, a chemical reaction begins with the release of free electrons. Furthermore, this changes the conductivity, and hence the total resistance.

The better the conductivity, the more ethanol enters the catalyst. This will indicate a greater state of intoxication. The level of conductivity of electricity in the sensor measures by the controller of the device, and gives the corresponding result in the form understandable to us.

Feature of this type of sensors is:

  • long service life, about 7 years;
  • high accuracy;
  • Moreover, high productivity;
  • Similarly, the need to verify and adjust its work - once a year.

This allows them to complete professional breathalyzers.

The principle of operation of the semiconductor sensor

Breathalyzers running on semiconductor sensors differ greatly in many parameters, the main of which is the accuracy of measurements. If at the first test accuracy will be standard, then the error will increase further.

What is Ketone Breath Meter? The semiconductor principle of operation is based on the sensitivity of the sensor crystal to alcohol vapors. As soon as ethanol molecules get on the crystal, it changes its conductivity. By changing the resistance, the controller of the device will be able to determine the level of intoxication of the person.

The disadvantage of this type of sensors is not the selectivity of the environment. Molecules of methanol, hydrogen sulfide and other organic compounds will also change their conductivity. Plus the crystal will lose a lot of accuracy if you take many measurements in a row. This led to its use in personal breathalyzers.


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