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How does Ketone Breath Meter Works? 7 Useful Ways

2022/01/13 By hqt
How to Use Ketone Breath Meter 2022

To understand the degree of alcoholic intoxication of a person in digital terms is possible only with the help of a special device called a breath meter or breath meter. How does Ketone Breath Meter Works?

Today, there are various devices of such functionality, differing in principle of operation and in specialization, but all of them are able to show the level of alcohol in the human body with fairly high accuracy.

What is ketone breath meter?

How does Ketone Breath Meter Works? Ketone Breath Meter allows the professional to perform the alcohol test quickly and accurately. The measuring technology of this small, easy-to-use breathalyzer has been proven around the world

Let's see what kind of breath meters are, and what is the principle of operation of the breath meter? 

How does Ketone Breath Meter Works?

Breath meter is a portable or stationary device that allows you to determine in numerical terms the level of alcohol intoxication of a person. For the first time, breath meters were common in the early 30s of the last century in the United States, and by 1939 they were widely common by the police. 

At that time, simple breath meters could only show the presence of alcohol in the body, there was no question of a digital expression of the level of intoxication.

In the modern sense, breath meters appeared only several decades later. To improve the accuracy of the results, the first "breathing mouthpiece" developed by the German company Dräger in 1953.

How does Ketone Breath Meter Works

Where is the breathalyzer common?

How does Ketone Breath Meter Works? A breathalyzer is a device that determines the degree of intoxication. It's no secret that even a small amount of alcohol can cause lethargy, an increased desire to sleep, and negatively affect attentiveness. 

It is obvious that a drunk person in a car is a danger to himself and the people around him. That is why special attention is good to pay to this issue, and violations of the rules are severely prosecuted by law.

Most often, a breathalyzer is good for transport police officers to determine the sobriety of motorists on the road, but the device is widely common in other areas.

  1. Transport organizations check their drivers before entering the route.
  2. Drivers of school buses and other municipal institutions are subjected to similar checks.
  3. Moreover, the device is common when legal disputes arise.
  4. Employees of public and private companies who work with harmful and hazardous substances, as well as complex mechanisms or work in extreme conditions are subject to periodic checks.
  5. Furthermore, a breathalyzer is also important to control problem children and adolescents.

The areas listed above are far from the only places where the device is common. How does Ketone Breath Meter Works? Similarly, a breathalyzer can also be useful to the most ordinary driver. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for the next morning after a holiday to leave by car.

 Therefore, at the same time, there can be no confidence that there is no alcohol in the blood without a check.

Modern breath meters are of different types and specializations:

  • For personal (personal) use;
  • Moreover, for professional and official use;
  • Similarly, special breath meters.

In this case, different types of sensors based on different principles of operation can be common as a sensitive sensor.

How does a breath meter work?

How does Ketone Breath Meter Works? and what is the structure of the breath meter? Alcometer consists of:

  • Systems for receiving air exhaled by a person (mouthpiece, testing chamber, anti-deception system);
  • In addition, sensitive analyzer sensor;
  • The controller of the device, which is responsible for processing the data coming from the sensor and transmitting the result to the monitor;
  • Auxiliary device systems, such as built-in printer, communication with a computer, etc. (not present on all models).

Here you need to dwell on the sensors of the breath meter in more detail. There are three types of sensors in total:

  1. Semiconductor
  2. Electrochemical
  3. Furthermore, photometric

Sensors Have Excellent Accuracy, Good Performance

Semiconductor sensors are cheaper and respond quickly (2-5 seconds), but have worse accuracy and require mandatory calibration. A feature of such sensors is the deterioration of measurement accuracy over time. How does Ketone Breath Meter Works? Semiconductor sensors are common in personal and some semi-professional breath meters.

Electrochemical sensors are expensive, but due to their qualities they justify it. Alcometers with such sensors can work for a long time without loss of measurement accuracy. The electrochemical sensor should check once a year, at least once every six months. The use of such sensors is professional breath meters of a portable or stationary type.

Photometric sensors have excellent accuracy, good performance, do not require calibration and verification, but are too dependent on external conditions and are expensive. How does Ketone Breath Meter Works? For the photometric sensor to work stably, the temperature and humidity conditions must be observed. 

Such a sensor can only be common in stationary alcometers operating in rooms with a constant temperature. The rarest type of sensors due to severe restrictions on operating conditions.

How to Use Ketone Breath Meter 2022

The principle of operation of the breath meter

The principle of operation of the breath meter depends on the sensor installed on it. A semiconductor sensor is a plate, the conductivity of which changes when ethanol vapor enters it. It is the conductivity value that records as the level of alcoholic intoxication.

 How does Ketone Breath Meter Works? This type of sensor has a low selectivity to alcohol vapors and other chemical elements (hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, etc.). 

Generally, it also reduces the accuracy of measurements over time.

The electrochemical sensor of the breath meter is an electrode pair with a catalyst deposited on the anode, which selectively reacts to ethanol vapors. When ethyl alcohol vapor enters the chamber, the level of conductivity between the electrodes will closely match the level of intoxication of a person. 

How does Ketone Breath Meter Works? The device will register the conductivity value and display the result in numerical terms on the screen.

Due to the extremely low prevalence of breath meters with photometric sensors, it makes no sense to describe their principle of operation.


The choice of a breath meter should be based on the purpose of its use, as well as the number of daily measurements. For myself, it makes no sense to buy an expensive device with an electrochemical sensor. An ordinary and quite reliable personal breath meter based on a semiconductor principle of operation is enough.

How does Ketone Breath Meter Works? If a large number of measurements per day is required, as well as the official use of the measurement results. Then you need to buy a professional breath meter with an electrochemical sensor. Such a device must have a verified sensor and must be entered in the state register. 


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