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2022 Most Accurate Breathalyzer You can Buy from China

2022/04/19 By hqt
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Normally, most accurate breathalyzer is only known to people who have ever been stopped by the police and had to blow into the tube on suspicion.

Most Accurate Breathalyzer

But the market has now grown so much that it is not a problem for private individuals to buy an alcohol tester online and try it out in a practical test after it ships quickly. The handy device appears to be the ideal party accessory.

Blood alcohol tests booming at large folk festivals

 Young women in traditional costumes offer visitors the alcohol test for a fee. Each participant then receives a certificate with their personal blood alcohol level. But the self-test is also becoming increasingly popular in the private sphere.

After a party, many people face with the decision of whether they are still able to drive a car or whether they already have too much alcohol in their blood. Blow in the direction of the sensor and a few seconds later everyone at the party knows exactly how high their alcohol level is.

Would you rather use a most accurate breathalyzer than an online test where you can only calculate approximate values? What should you look out for when buying such a device and what should a comparison winner among the alcohol measuring devices bring along.

Breathalyzers: How a test can influence a purchase?

A most accurate breathalyzer, sometimes also call an Alco test, doesn't tell anyone how many alcoholic beverages they've had recently. But the device measures more or less precisely how strong the alcohol content is in the breath of the test subject. After consuming alcoholic food and drinks, gas exchange occurs between the breath and the alcohol.

 The substance ethanol forms, which in turn releases into the environment when you breathe out. The resulting odor is commonly known as alcohol plume.

 It is possible to record the substance with an alcohol tester so that the breath alcohol content measures using special sensors can be determined. However, this does not correspond one hundred percent to the blood alcohol value!

Most accurate breathalyzer testers are a real fun item

Most accurate breathalyzer available especially at parties such as birthdays, weddings and company celebrations - the operation of the devices proves to be very simple. A mouthpiece attach to the upper end of the breathalyzer, into which the test person blows.

The result appears briefly on the LED or LCD display, often in parts per thousand or percent. For party purposes, it is also an advantage that the device can quickly passes back and forth between several people thanks to interchangeable mouthpieces.

In order to enable a suitable practical test of the breathalyzer, we present the most important criteria below that the devices should ideally meet.

The different breathalyzer types

More than 60 years ago, most accurate breathalyzer was still use, in which a blowpipe discolored if alcohol consumes beforehand. Trying out such an outdated alcohol meter in a test no longer makes sense. There are far more reliable personal devices out there.

Today's alcohol tests are predominantly electronic in nature and show the measured value on a display. In order to give an overview of the different device types, we present the most common types below.

The First blowpipe

The Dragger Company was already in the breathalyzer business in 1953 and manufactured devices with blow tubes. When you blow, the ethanol comes into contact with the tube and the chemicals in it. If the alcohol result is positive, the tube will change color.

 This method has two disadvantages: Not only does the color reaction only give a rough indication of the strength of the alcohol content in the breath. Each individual tube can also only use once.

Also pay attention to the handiness in your most accurate breathalyzer test. A tester should be able to be stowed in the glove compartment.

The handheld meter

The police usually use breathalyzers of this type for traffic checks. The test person and the examiner can read the alcohol in the breath from the display after only a short time.

The hand-held measuring devices have sold correspondingly well because they are easy to carry and store away. Such handy alcohol testers are often among the winners in a test because they determine breath alcohol comparatively reliably.

This type of most accurate breathalyzer has high measurement accuracy and in most cases does not deviate more than 0.5% from the exact blood alcohol value

The stationary measuring device

It is possible to have an alcohol test for a dish carries out by a stationary alcohol measuring device. The results of these machines, also known as alcohol calculators, have conclusive status. In the event of a criminal offense, however, an additional blood test must still carries out.

Most Accurate Breathalyzer 2022

The very precise measurement of a stationary device measures the alcohol content in the breath both electronically and physically.

The alcohol ignition lock

This device, also known as the alcohol interlock, is an alcohol tester that integrates into a vehicle as a fix component. Before the vehicle in question can be successfully ignited, the driver must blow into the device.

 The driver can only start the motor vehicle if the alcohol level in the breath is not above the legal level. Otherwise an immobilizer activates. This intends to prevent drivers who are too drunk from endangering themselves and general road safety.

But this most accurate breathalyzer has to take a lot of criticism: For example, it is possible to let the sober passenger blow into the device and thus trick the lock.

Buying a Breathalyzer: The Criteria

Do you want to subject a breathalyzer to a practical test? Each tester should check for different criteria that a high-quality test device must meet. The sensor type, the technology, the measuring range and the accessories you have brought with you play a role.

Which one emerges from your test as the "best breathalyzer" usually only emerges when the application goals and practical handling evaluate.

The most accurate breathalyzer has modern sensor

Modern devices today often work with one of two common sensor types. The most accurate breathalyzer in your test will probably have an electrochemical sensor. This type of sensor reacts to the oxygen in the breathing air and generates a small but measurable current.

 As a result of this reaction, the electrolytes in the meter check for ethanol in the exhaled air that is blown into the device through the mouthpiece. In addition to ethanol, substances such as carbon monoxide, acetone and ammonia can also test.


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