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How to properly test cheap breathalyzer?

2022/04/19 By hqt
Wholesale Breathalyzer Alcohol

The majority of cheap breathalyzer that can test is energy efficient. Most devices only require a few AA or AAA batteries. If you want to protect the environment, make sure that the device you choose does not need more than three batteries.

 In this way, the follow-up costs for the device are kept low. As for the LED displays, some devices offer gimmicks like indicators that light up in red, blue, or black depending on your choice.

The precise measuring range

Children can be life-threatening even at a level as low as 0.5 per mile. In contrast, adults are partially able to survive up to 5 per thousand. In principle, however, every driver should understand that alcohol and other drugs at the wheel are an absolute no-go and that violations also result in a high fine.

At the latest when the alcohol tester shows a value of 0.2 per mile or more after the test has been completed, every responsible person should leave the car. Because even at this relatively low alcohol level, attention and concentration decrease, the ability to react slows down and visual performance decreases.

Most cheap breathalyzer that you can test yourself is able to actually detect up to 5 per thousand. But usually a person with such alcohol levels is no longer conscious and in real danger of death - it is then no longer possible to use an alcohol tester independently.

The breathalyzer accessories

When deciding to buy a breathalyzer, everyone should make sure that the device in question comes with additional mouthpieces that can replace. The best cheap breathalyzer should always allow a test to be carried out under the most hygienic conditions possible.

The more people use only one mouthpiece, the higher the germ load. The test devices are also often sold in a bag that can be used after purchase to store the spare mouthpieces. A real bonus is also a carrying strap.

Because an intoxicated person is may no longer be able to hold the cheap breathalyzer properly during the test. The loop then ensures that nothing falls to the ground, even at a wild party, and that no new apparatus has to be bought the next day.

Care and cleaning

Mouthpieces that have been use once can then dispose of in the residual waste. However, if the alcohol tester only uses by one person, it is quite possible to wash the mouth attachment separately under warm running water after the test carries out and then to use it up to four more times.

If several people want to use one device, each tester should have their own mouthpiece for health and hygiene reasons. The attachment permanently installs in some test devices. In these cases, it is advisable to clean it regularly with disinfectants.

How to Properly Test a Breathalyzer: Key Questions and Answers

Is the police cheap breathalyzer different from over-the-counter devices?

The law enforcers' testers have a particularly fine measuring mechanism and deliver results. It shows only minimal deviations between breath alcohol and the actual blood alcohol concentration.

 But the alcohol testers available for private use can also withstand a test and boast a very high level of accuracy. In general, however, a handy measuring device is not permit as evidence in criminal proceedings. A blood test must always carries out for this purpose.

How reliable are test devices that can be bought online?

The most important factor in purchasing a device online is the error. It has measuring alcohol levels. The information provided by the manufacturer and the reviews from other buyers help. Your alcohol tester comparison winner should only show minor deviations. Values ​​of around 0.05 per thousand are ideal and enable realistic results.

In this case, a cheap breathalyzer bought from Szeek is a wise option. However, none of these devices can make an absolutely correct statement about the blood alcohol level of a test person. A minimal deviation can never avoid.

Are disposable breathalyzers useful?

Today's disposable cheap breathalyzer is quite accurate in determining alcohol content and is primarily sold to motorists. Especially people, who only drink alcohol in rare cases, such as at a company Christmas party or a wedding, are willing to buy such a breathalyzer.

 If necessary, it can quickly test whether there is more alcohol in the blood than estimate. The price is the strong argument for this variant.

 Where the reusable hand-held measuring devices come with a comparably expensive purchase price, the disposable testers are already available for one to two euros. The low acquisition costs mean that many drivers use disposable cheap breathalyzer more quickly.

 The reliability of disposable models is questionable

In the long run, however, the permanently usable electronic devices are more to recommend. Tests have shown that the tubes often indicate a blood alcohol level of 0.5, even if police alcohol tests record a higher or lower value in the same cases. As a result, the one-way tests are more suitable for demonstrating general alcohol consumption than for giving an exact indication of the blood alcohol level.

In addition, environmentalists report that this type of cheap breathalyzer test contains the carcinogen potassium dichromate. Every driver should therefore ensure that the tubes are not kept within the reach of children. Otherwise there is a risk that children will come into contact with the hazardous substance when playing with the disposable testers.

Where can breathalyzers are bought?

In addition to the online shops, it is also possible to purchase alcohol testers in the pharmacy. In many cases, however, only the one-way version is available at these locations. The same applies to test devices from the local discount store.

The largest range of reusable cheap breathalyzer can undoubtedly be found on the Internet. Various online portals offer a wide range of long-term measuring devices for sale. However, you should not necessarily make it dependent on the price whether the breathalyzers you bought online are suitable for you in the practical test. The price differences are sometimes significant.


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