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No1 Brand to Buy Breathalyzer in China 2022

2022/04/19 By hqt
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Stationary alcohol testers for special cases

In most cases, a stationary buy breathalyzer is not necessary for everyday use. However, there are some exceptions where the purchase can make sense. First and foremost, dry alcoholics should be mentioned here, for whom even the smallest amounts of alcohol in the blood can be a cause for concern.

What you can expect from our breathalyzer?

With this digital breathalyzer you can quickly and easily check how much alcohol you have in your blood.

Play it safe - even if it's just for dinner with friends and a glass or two of wine or beer! The alcohol tester shows in a short time whether you can still move your vehicle or whether you should leave it.

The device is small, light, handy and should not be missing at any party or when visiting a restaurant etc.!

Simply switch on the alcohol tester, blow into the breath inhaler for approx. 3-5 seconds and the test result is already available to you.

Easy to use
Fast measurement results
LCD display

 Those affected must be careful not to ingest alcohol through certain foods and drinks, such as sparkling wine or gin. A stationary breathalyzer can be of great help if you can't always see a doctor for a quick check.

Blood tests for professional purposes

A blood test for alcohol is almost exclusively of interest in a professional environment. Anyone who has their own practice, for example, could depend on the very precise results. To carry out such blood tests, you need trained personnel, and there are also considerable amounts of consumables.

 So the running costs are very high and the results are not immediately available. Blood tests are therefore not an alternative to simple alcohol tests. Rather, they are the method of choice when values ​​have to be very precise.

Pay attention to the essentials

Fortunately, the technology inside buy breathalyzer is largely considered mature. For this reason, it is possible to make a good purchase decision even without an accurate breathalyzer test. It is important to pay attention to the essential points.

On the one hand, this includes the precision that most manufacturers specify. In addition, things like operation and size play a role. If you want to buy a breathalyzer, first ask yourself what you want to use it for and how often. For one-time use, a single-use device is unquestionably sufficient.

If you want to use a buy breathalyzer r several times, look specifically for digital measuring devices. Well-known brand name such as Szeek is a good indication of quality. They are a recommended starting point if you cannot find detailed test reports online or elsewhere.

How much do breathalyzers cost?

You can get simple blood alcohol testers for just a few euros, while you can pay several hundred euros for high-quality alcohol testers. Here's what features you can expect in each price range.

Want to have a breathalyzer on hand just in case? Then a disposable breathalyzer is a good choice. You can find one for around 3 to 8 euros. The results may not be nearly as accurate as a blood test. However, it is sufficient if you want short-term information as to whether you are still fit to drive.

Disposable buy breathalyzer comes with some advantages of their own. This includes, for example, the high level of hygiene. You only unpack the devices before use and therefore contain almost no germs.

Digital alcohol testers for 40 to 100 Dollars

With frequent use, a digital breathalyzer is quickly cheaper and more environmentally friendly than the constant use of disposable tests. Simple devices with good precision are available for around 40 to 100 Dollars. In this price range, additional functions are rather rare.

However, would you like to check the alcohol level in your blood from time to time? Devices from this price range are already completely sufficient.

High-quality alcohol testers from the upper class

With a buy breathalyzer for 100 to 200 dollars you get a large number of functions. Among other things, you can save your results and track them over a longer period of time.

This allows you to determine with certainty whether your alcohol consumption is increasing, decreasing or staying the same over time. This can be a great help to improve your own health or to be able to better assess your own behavior.

Professional alcohol testers for over 200 dollars

In the professional field, the precision of simple alcohol testers is not sufficient. Very precise values ​​are required here, which also use by courts. As a rule, blood tests use here, which are only carried out by specially trained personnel?

The costs can easily amount to several hundred euros per test. It is only recommended to carry it out if you are dependent on very precise results for certain reasons.

What is the bottom line for breathalyzers?

Moreover, buy breathalyzer gives you certainty about how much alcohol is in your blood. This allows you to make a qualified assessment of your fitness to drive. It can also help you keep track of your alcohol consumption. In order for this to work, you need to be able to rely on a few things with a breathalyzer. Here is a practical overview of what you need to consider when making a purchase:

  • Disposable breathalyzers are sufficient for infrequent use
  • Digital alcohol testers achieve a significantly higher level of precision
  • In general, the higher the accuracy, the higher the costs
  • In addition to precision, make sure that operation is as easy as possible
  • Breathalyzers can significantly increase the safety of everyone involved on the road

Do you already know which buy breathalyzer is the best for your purposes? Here you will find a selection of recommended devices that can provide you with reliable results in a short time. Use it to make sure in every situation whether you are still fit to drive or whether you should switch to public transport.

Useful accessories

First and foremost, useful accessories serve you to meet the criterion of hygiene. Interchangeable mouthpieces are therefore usually included in the scope of delivery. You can easily attach the mouthpieces in just a few simple steps.

 A transport bag with a carrying strap promises to protect the tester. This means that the device cannot break down so quickly, for example during a party.

What effect does drinking alcohol have on the consumer?

If you drink alcohol, it is wise not to drive, motorbike or cycle around the area. Unfortunately, too many drivers still think they are perfectly fit to drive after drinking large amounts of alcohol. But just because you think you can handle enough doesn't mean you're right. Always Keep remember to buy breathalyzer to avoid all these situations.

Even small amounts of alcohol are sufficient to achieve the legally stipulated alcohol levels in the blood. How quickly the alcohol gets into the blood depends not only on the amount of alcohol consumed, but also on various factors such as your weight, height, gender and how you are feeling on the day.


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