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What is Breathalyzer Price? Ultimate Guide 2022

2022/04/19 By hqt
What is Breathalyzer Price? Ultimate Guide 2022
Breathalyzer Price

How much does a breathalyzer cost?

The breathalyzer price may vary based on its accuracy. The 'entry level' models do not cost more than $ 30 or $ 40, while the professional ones even go up to $ 200. Clearly if you have to use the breathalyzer for sporadic tests when you go out in the evening.

You are not better off opting for a professional product instead of opting for a less expensive product.

The cheapest breathalyzer s are single-use chemical ones that cost no more than $ 5 or more depending on the number of tubes in the package.

What is the best breathalyzer price?

You can buy the electronic breathalyzer from Szeek. Here, you can buy 3 best types of breathalyzer. Alternatively, you can decide to buy online, taking advantage of the different offers on the market and choosing from many models produced by various companies. This way you can save money and find the right device for your needs.

Guide to buying a breathalyzer

After reading our reviews and comparing the offers, you may still have some doubts about how to know a good breathalyzer price. In this section of the page we will try to distinguish the main features to take into account when buying a device of this type, in order to help you find the right one for your needs.

In general, the breathalyzers sold online use for basic use, that is to measure the alcohol content in the body after drinking. The usefulness of these devices is to allow you to know if you can drive or not. It is in order to avoid any risk and possible fines by the Police.

It must always be borne in mind that with a BAC higher than 0.50% you risk very high fines. The withdrawal of your driving license and in some cases even prison.

Breathalyzer price: accuracy can vary by model

The key feature to look for in a good breathalyzer, accuracy can vary by model. In general, mid-range products intended for personal use present with a good degree of accuracy thanks to which you can easily determine the percentage of alcohol in your body.

However, expect some discrepancies, especially when using the breathalyzer after leaving it in a very hot or cold place for several hours. The sensors of these devices are in fact very sensitive to temperatures.

Moreover, the breathalyzer price can give different results depending on the time passed since the last glass. However, the important thing is that, if the test result exceeds 0.50%, you don't drive.

Electronic breathalyzers: in the professional field

If you want a performing product you will have to spend a considerable amount. In fact, the breathalyzers with 99.1% accuracy use only in the professional field, such as in rehabilitation clinics and laboratories.

Some models allow you to change the alcoholic measurement unit. You can calculate the exact limit according to different regulations of the European countries. Whichever breathalyzer price you choose it is important that it has an acoustic signal to warn you if the limit of 0.50% exceed.

Electronic breathalyzers: an intuitive design

Breathalyzer Price 2022

Most electronic breathalyzers have a very intuitive design. They involve the use of a mouthpiece in which to blow and an internal sensor capable of detecting the alcohol level. The result will then be shown on the display. So, you can immediately check it without having to do any additional calculations.

The measures of these models are very compact. Therefore, breathalyzer price is ideal for carrying in a bag, backpack or even in your pocket without taking up space.

A digital model that you can use for a long period of time

If you want to save as much as possible, you can opt for a disposable product. Although these only recommend if you usually have a shot every now and then. If, on the other hand, you go out every weekend and you usually have a couple of beers.

It is important that the spare mouthpieces include in the package. This allows you to keep the breathalyzer price clean and to let other people use it. There are also personal electronic breathalyzers on the market that have a slot to blow instead of the mouthpiece.

As for the durability of the breathalyzer, this depends on the integrated sensor which can run out after a certain number of tests. Some higher priced models have interchangeable sensors and therefore are very long-lived, while the cheaper ones can last for a year or more depending on how they use.

Rechargeable battery via a mini-USB cable

A good part of the breathalyzer s sold on the market run on AA or AAA batteries, usually included in the package, while others have a rechargeable battery via a mini-USB cable.

Since the batteries tend to discharge quickly after several tests, if you have to make intensive use of the breathalyzer price. We recommend that you aim for a model with a rechargeable battery.

These are the most suitable especially if you travel a lot. You can easily recharge them via any USB port on your laptop or using a smartphone charger. Oddly, some professional models work with batteries, so this feature does not necessarily affect the price of the product.

How the breathalyzer works?

Everyone happens to drink alcohol with friends or relatives and then drive. For this reason we must have the responsibility. It is to understand whether or not it is appropriate to sit behind the wheel. The penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol are very severe and the alcohol limit is very low.

For this reason, it is important to always have a good breathalyzer price guide at hand, similar to the one used by the police. You can decide whether to drive or not.

The amount in the blood

The breathalyzer is able to calculate the ethanol contained in the blood through the exhaled air. It is partially eliminated through it. This rate expresses in grams per liter (g / l) and the amount absorbed can vary from individual to individual.

In fact, there are people with an organism able to dispose of alcohol faster than others. If you drink a beer with friends, the breathalyzer price could report different results for each individual test.

Various factors such as age, gender, physical structure and whether you drank on an empty stomach or with a full stomach affect the results. The disposal of alcohol by our body is however very slow, we are talking about 0.10 g / l per hour.

The maximum limit allowed by the Highway Code is 0.5 g / l, while for novice drivers and professional drivers the rate is zero.


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