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Alcohol Breath Analyzer:  5 Main Benefits

2022/04/19 By hqt
Alcohol Breath Analyzer

How do I recognize good breathalyzers?

An alcohol breath analyzer provides certainty. Very few can estimate how much they have been influenced by a few drinks and whether they are still able to drive. With a breathalyzer you can be sure in a few seconds. You get a value that gives you an indication of whether you should get behind the wheel or in the taxi.

Alcohol Breath Analyzer

Good alcohol breath analyzer has the highest possible precision while being easy to use. The devices are available in different versions. You have the choice between disposable breathalyzers, display breathalyzers, stationary measuring devices and blood tests.

Each variant has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you find out about alcohol testers, it is best to keep the occasion in mind. Other devices recommend for one-off use on New Year's Eve or Father's Day than when support for alcoholics desires.

The breathalyzer’s Precision

The precision of an alcohol breath analyzer determines how much you can rely on the results displayed. With very high-quality devices, the deviations are less than 0.01 per thousand. In particular, cheaper disposable devices can produce significantly larger deviations.

For example, if a breathalyzer is to have probative value in court, it must be certified based on legal criteria. A lower level of precision is usually sufficient for pure self-information.

Breathalyzer Function

Ease of use is of particular importance for an alcohol breath analyzer. Since the devices often use under the influence of alcohol, even the smallest detail can falsify the results. For this reason, the application should ideally be completely self-explanatory. Good devices deliver a result immediately after blowing, without the need to press any buttons.

Breathalyzers Device Working

Like any portable device, alcohol breathes analyzer work with an integrated rechargeable battery. This should have as long a runtime as possible so that you can actually use a tester if the worst comes to the worst.

It is desirable if an alcohol tester can last a few weeks without a power outlet when use occasionally. In principle, a longer battery life is always an advantage.

Breathalyzers Accessories

Most breathalyzers include not only the device itself, but also suitable accessories. Primarily, mouthpieces are to be mentioned here, which are articles of daily use for reasons of hygiene. A comprehensive accessory package in the scope of delivery is a clear advantage.

 You then have to buy fewer accessories individually, which can result in a better price-performance ratio.

Height and weight

If an alcohol breath analyzer is too big or too heavy, very few will always have it with them. As a result, you may not have such a device with you when you actually need it.

It is therefore advisable to pay attention to the lowest possible weight and compact housing dimensions when buying. You can always carry a small and light breathalyzer with you and have it to hand at every opportunity.

Breathalyzer Cleaning

For reasons of hygiene, it is necessary to clean a breathalyzer regularly, preferably after each use. For this reason, it is very helpful if the devices are easy to clean. Breathalyzers with removable parts such as the mouthpiece are preferable.

This allows you to clean and disinfect all parts without much effort.

Alcohol Breath Analyzer 2022

 What are different breathalyzers and functions?

Modern alcohol breath analyzer often comes with some useful extra features. An example of this is a memory where you can record individual measurements and recall them later. It is important that these functions are sensibly integrated and can be operated with little effort. Also note that investing more in extras only makes sense if you actually intend to use them.

Do you only need a disposable breathalyzer or a high quality digital breathalyzer? Here you can find out the advantages and disadvantages of the different alcohol testers.

Disposable Breathalyzer

Disposable alcohol breath analyzer is very popular for occasional use. A big advantage of this type of device is the very low cost. As a rule, you can get such a breathalyzer for single-digit euro amounts. However, the precision usually leaves a lot to desire. You only get an approximate value from these variants, which you should not rely on too much. But it is sufficient for occasional use.


  • Attractively priced
  • Easy to use
  • Good for single use
  • Not high precision
  • Bad environmental record

Digital Breathalyzer

Digital hand-held measuring devices already achieve a significantly higher level of precision. They are used, among other things, for police traffic checks. If you calibrate such a alcohol breath analyzer properly, you can have good confidence in the results. The results are usually not admitted as evidence in court proceedings. However, you can find out with some degree of certainty whether you are still able to drive or should leave your car at home.


  • High precision
  • Interchangeable mouthpieces
  • Easy to use


  • Constant supply of tubes necessary

Stationary alcohol meters

Stationary alcohol breath analyzer uses a test method with 2 measurements to determine the alcohol content in the blood. In a first step, a measurement carries out using an electrochemical process, as with digital breathalyzers. 

In addition, the devices determine the values ​​​​of alcohol by infrared. This results in an even higher level of accuracy. The results are admissible as evidence in court if only an administrative offense is being dealt with.


  • Very high precision
  • Results can uses as evidence in the event of administrative offenses


  • Quite expensive in comparison
  • Complicated to use
  • Cannot use on the go

Blood tests

The blood test is still considered the safest way to determine the alcohol content. Such a test usually takes place in a clinic or in a police station. For home use, however, there are no easy ways to carry out such a test. For this reason, this alcohol breath analyzer is of little or no relevance to most users.


  • Extremely high precision
  • Reliable results, also approved for criminal proceedings


  • Not suitable for home
  • Complicated use
  • Expensive

Which breathalyzer is right for me?

AD8000-A is the best breathalyzer in the market

Do you already know for which situations you need the alcohol breath analyzer? Here you can find out which alcohol tester is suitable for occasional users or professional purposes.

Disposable alcohol breathe analyzer for occasional users

If you rarely drink alcohol, you do not need an expensive or time-consuming alcohol test. But you can probably also hardly estimate how much alcohol you have in your blood after a beer or two. In such cases, disposable alcohol breath analyzer is a good choice.

They are small, light, inexpensive and often already calibrated by the manufacturer. You can use it to find out quickly and easily how the alcohol level in your blood is. The fact that the testers end up in the garbage after just one use is negligible if they are used seldom.


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