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The Home Breathalyzer Test: Pros & Cons

2022/05/23 By hqt
Home Breathalyzer Test
Home Breathalyzer Test

Breathalyzer - the basic device

The most important work for drivers is the home breathalyzer test. This device is well known to almost every car owner. It comes in various forms. However, it is always good to use for the same purpose - checking sobriety based on the analysis of exhaled air. It is good to use by, among others police. But you can also buy your own, for self-control.

How does sensor in the breathalyzer work?

This sensor is the brain of the machine. It is the measuring unit and is responsible for diagnosing the alcohol concentration in the exhaled air. Currently, home breathalyzer test is good to use that gives an accurate reading. The control does not take into account. For example, nicotine smoke, which falsified the test effect in older semiconductor models?

Such units use the process of ethanol oxidation, which occurs as a result of contact with appropriate chemical compounds on the electrode. The ethyl substance is converted into acetic acid, which in turn stimulates the release of electrons. An electric current produces and its amount is equal to the alcohol concentration.

Microprocessor analyzes and compares the information

The information about the course of the reaction is then sent to the microprocessor, which is previously calibrated, i.e. an action aimed at programming the so-called the comparison system, introducing model data into it.

The processor of home breathalyzer test analyzes and compares the information sent by the sensor with the pattern. And then converts it into the result given in the appropriate unit in electronic form. The breathalyzer indicates whether the driver consumes or not and can drive.

Car lock - result confirming alcohol in the air

A positive test result, i.e. confirmation that the driver is drunk, activates the alcohol interlock. The breathalyzer integrates with the ignition. In the event that the test indicates that the driver is under the influence, the engine starting system shall be shut off.

The vehicle will not start until the driver is sober after the next test. The application tracks every movement on the device, including mechanical activities. Therefore, it is not possible to circumvent the implementation of the control.

Regular use of a home breathalyzer test

It may not seem obvious, but the breathalyzer designs for regular use, e.g. once every two weeks. It is worth measuring it from time to time, even if we are sober and have no reason to check sobriety. In this way, we prevent excessive drying of the sensor and extend its life, thanks to the water vapor contained in the breath.

Patience and no rush

Do not test with a personal breathalyzer immediately after consuming alcohol or using an alcohol rinse. Alcohol residues may remain in the mouth, which not only falsifies the result, but also exposes the home breathalyzer test to unnecessary stress. Before measuring sobriety with a personal breathalyzer, we suggest you wait at least 15 minutes.

At the same time, it is worth bearing in mind that the concentration of alcohol in the blood may increase for up to 90 minutes after stopping drinking. For this reason, when we test ourselves 20 minutes after consuming alcohol, we are not sure if we are fit for driving. Even if the breathalyzer is accurate and the result below the acceptable standard, it may turn out that in the next 20 minutes we will exceed the acceptable blood alcohol limit.

The home breathalyzer test is not a toy

Home Breathalyzer Test 2022

If we care about the proper operation of the breathalyzer, it should not be good to use in competitions at "who blows more" events. This can be very burdensome for the sensor and not only disrupt it, but even damage it permanently. A good quality breathalyzer can detect such behavior and block the possibility of testing for some time.


Using chewing gum or smoking tobacco immediately prior to the breathalyzer test may alter the result. Especially if it is a model based on a semiconductor sensor!

Blowing long enough

Too weak or too short blowing in the home breathalyzer test will cause false readings. For the most accurate result possible, blow in 1.2 l of air. A good-quality device will have a built-in air flow meter that will determine if we have given the right amount for analysis.

Calibration of a personal breathalyzer

Even the best breathalyzer without regular calibration will show incorrect results sooner than later. The intervals specified by the manufacturer must strictly adhere to. An automatic reminder in the device can be a nice addition, which will let you know before the calibration expires that you should start thinking about recalibrating the breathalyzer.

Who should buy a car-mounted breathalyzer?

Home breathalyzer test is a device for people who happen to drink an alcoholic drink and need to drive a car. Thanks to this equipment, the risk of driving after consumption eliminates which can save you from causing a collision or accident and protect you from the consequences of criminal law.

The alcohol interlock can also be good to use by drivers who punish with taking their driving license and want to try to shorten the sanction period, i.e. regain their rights ahead of time. The law provides for this, but the vehicle must fit with Auto-Watch.

Can the breathalyzer be damaged by too much alcohol in the air?

While the concentration of alcohol in the exhaled air does not threaten the operation of a good-quality personal breathalyzer, testing the strength of the home breathalyzer test (for example while playing "who drank more" during or after a party) may permanently damage the device.

How often should a breathalyzer be good to use?

Although it may not be obvious, the breathalyzer should be good to use regularly, e.g. once every two weeks. It is worth measuring it from time to time, even if we are sober and have no reason to check sobriety. In this way, we prevent excessive drying of the sensor and extend its life, thanks to the water vapor contained in the breath.


A breathalyzer installs in devices such as the alcohol interlock. The cars mainly use electrochemical machines that present reliable results. The installation of such home breathalyzer test indicates whether you can get behind the wheel if you previously reached for the percentages.


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