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 Alcohol Meter for Sale in China 2022: Szeek

2022/05/23 By hqt
Alcohol Meter for Sale
Alcohol Meter for Sale

What is a breathalyzer?

It is a small and portable device that measures the percentage of alcohol in the blood of the person doing the breathalyzer test. Alcohol meter for sale have a gas sensor that, when the affected person blows, reflects a result on the portable screen.

There are different types of breathalyzers

  • Vending breathalyzers: they are installed in public places so that any user can know the concentration of alcohol in their blood. They have a precision similar to that used in police controls. Depending on the environment in which they are located, they allow between 10,000 and 20,000 tests. Once fulfilled, the sensor must be recalibrated or replaced.
  • Personal Breathalyzers: These are small, lightweight devices for personal use. The user can carry alcohol meter for sale and control their alcohol concentration to be sure that it is within the permitted levels for driving.
  • Professional breathalyzer: this type is used in rehabilitation centers and police checkpoints. They are portable elements, relatively small, with a digital display and, for the most part, backlit for use in the dark.

Usually the test with breathalyzers is performed after a positive result with the breathalyzer. Its accuracy index is also very precise, with a minimum margin of error and, in addition, it issues a proof of the result.

How to use alcohol meter for sale to measure alcohol?

It is true that with both breathalyzer tests, those subjected to the test must blow through a disposable tube or mouthpiece to obtain the degree of alcohol concentration in the blood. The difference is:

Breathalyzer: the traffic agent approaches the vehicle with the instrument to carry out the test. There the driver blows through the mouthpiece that will then be thrown away and the result is immediate.

Although many drivers may think that they are able to judge on their own whether their psychophysical condition is adequate to drive a car, the mood can be misleading. And not only in terms of the degree of fatigue or concentration, but also - and perhaps above all - sobriety.

If you are not sure if all the alcohol has escaped from your body, and you do not want to buy a professional alcohol meter for sale, you can buy a disposable alcohol test. How does this method work and, above all, is it reliable?

Why just one-time alcohol test?

Popular online alcohol calculators can be simply not very accurate. And most of all, we can never be sure what rules the algorithm follows. A good solution is to visit the police station, where we can measure the alcohol content in the exhaled air for free.

Unfortunately, we will not always have such a facility at hand. In turn, high-quality electrochemical breathalyzers cost at least several hundred zlotys. We do not always want (and need) to spend such a significant amount.

Moreover, the alcohol meter for sale is very cheap, universal and intuitive to use. After use, it must be discarded as it cannot be reused. We can buy it at a pharmacy, at most gas stations and in many supermarkets. When purchasing, be sure to pay attention to approvals. If the product does not have them, the test result may mislead you. The entire measurement for the driver becomes worthless.

What is the characteristic of a disposable breathalyzer and how does it work?

First of all, the one-time alcohol test is very small. We can easily put it in a spare pocket to use it when the need arises. The alcohol meter for sale consists of two elements - a balloon and a glass tube filled with colorless crystals. Moreover, a chemical blend containing iodine compounds is a chemical reagent that changes color depending on the test result.

How does a one-off solution work? First of all, it does not require calibration like traditional breathalyzers. We can take the measurement just 20 minutes after consuming alcohol. To properly test for alcohol, follow these steps:

  • unscrew the nuts on both ends of the glass tube with the reagent,
  • the blue end of the tube should place in the balloon,
  • Inhale air through the opening for about 10 seconds. Try to do it evenly, but vigorously enough to provide enough material.

Moreover, we should try to avoid contact with the chemical mixture throughout the duration of the test and after its completion.

Alcohol meter for sale equip with software: provide the exact result

Alcohol Meter for Sale 2022

You have ever dealt with a traditional approved breathalyzer. You may feel disappointed after testing with a disposable version. Devices equip with software and precise electronics provide the exact result of the alcohol concentration in the blood with accuracy to the first or second decimal place (depending on the model and manufacturer).

 In the case of individual tests, the alcohol content informs by the changing color of the mixture:

  • white (unchanged) means zero alcohol content,
  • the pink color is a concentration of 0.2 permille,
  • red color is a concentration of 0.5 permille or more.

Thus, we will not know the exact alcohol concentration, but we will find out if we can safely drive behind the wheel. It assumes that an accurate disposable alcohol meter for sale reads the concentration with an accuracy of 0.1 permille (this is an acceptable level, but not very good). Moreover, tests should not store in the sun or in rooms with high humidity, as this may distort the test results.

Are disposable breathalyzers effective?

Tests conducted by specialized laboratories have shown that the effectiveness of disposable and reusable breathalyzers is similar. Still, many drivers cannot convince themselves of the cheaper solution.

If you regularly measure the alcohol concentration in the exhaled air, it will certainly be a more profitable option to buy a more expensive mouthpiece- free alcohol meter for sale used by the police.

This is a solution for many years. However, if you occasionally consume alcohol, such an investment may simply not pay off, and for your own safety and the safety of passengers. You only need to inform about whether or not alcohol is present, but not necessarily in what concentration.


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