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What is approximate Breathalyzer Cost in 2022?

2022/05/24 By hqt
Breathalyzer Cost
Breathalyzer Cost

Generally, the breathalyzer cost ranges from $80 to $170. An alcohol tester is also known as an alcohol tester. It measures the alcohol concentration in the breath of the test person to determine.

How does a breathalyzer work?

The alcohol tester measures the ethanol content in the breath and shows the value on the digital display. This value allows conclusions to be drawn about the alcohol concentration in the blood. At weddings, parties, company or club celebrations, breathalyzers are often good to use as fun devices.

In addition, the test person blows into the mouthpiece attached to the device. This directs the breathing air into the interior of the breathalyzer cost in order to take the measurement.

For reasons of hygiene, the breathalyzer mouthpiece should clean or replace after each use. Moreover, the mouthpieces of the alcohol tester can reorder as accessories from the manufacturer.

In this way, several people can use the alcohol tester. The LED display of the alcohol tester shows the alcohol value in percent or parts per thousand. Alcohol testers with a blood alcohol display also refer to as alcohol testers.

Which breathalyzer types are there?

There are different types of breathalyzers. In this table you can understand the main differences and advantages and disadvantages of each breathalyzer cost:

Breathalyzer Type:Advantages and disadvantages:
Alcohol Measurement Apps: Cell phone apps as blood alcohol calculators that serve more as an estimate or gimmickfunny as a party jokex-Measurement based on imprecise estimatesx-absolutely not meaningful
Handsets: Hand-held devices, as in this comparison, but also good to use by the police in the fieldprecise measurements possiblesmall, handy and easy to transportnot quite as conclusive as blood tests or stationary breathalyzers
Stationary devices: Larger standing devices good to use in police stationsextremely precisenot transportablenot suitable for private use

Areas of application of breathalyzer

Breathalyzer cost classifies as medical devices and are subject to primary European Union legislation. The main area of ​​application is the determination of breath alcohol during police traffic checks.

In addition, not only the police, but also private individuals’ interest in measuring their alcohol level after consuming alcoholic beverages to see whether they are still fit to drive.

High-quality alcohol testers for private use deliver very reliable values ​​with an average deviation of ± 0.05 ‰. Moreover, the devices good to use by the police also work very precisely, but in order to obtain values ​​that also have legal validity, a blood sample orders in case of doubt. This provides exact blood alcohol values ​​under laboratory conditions.

What types of breathalyzer cost are there?

Breathalyzer Cost 2022

The breath tube in the breathalyzer contains various chemicals that change color when they come into contact with the ethanol introduced through the breath and can thus prove alcohol consumption. The chemicals are a mixture of sulfuric acid and potassium dichromate.

These supplement by a non-reactive carrier substance made of silica gel. The ethanol oxidizes and the orange-red potassium dichromate reduce to green chromium (III) sulfate. However, the discoloration shows the alcohol content in the breath by means of a line.

Moreover, the breath tubes from the breathalyzer can only be good to use once, so they have to replace with each new breathalyzer cost, which causes high follow-up costs in the long run. Devices with blow tubes are therefore not very popular.

Handheld gauges are known from police checks

Hand-held measuring devices are from police checks. An LCD display shows the alcohol level of the person check in percent or parts per thousand. The alcohol content detects in the breath.

Moreover, a blood alcohol level can only verify by taking a blood sample under laboratory conditions. The measurement does not carry out by a chemical reaction with a color change, but by a change in potential between two electrodes. However, the higher the ethanol content, the greater the change in potential. Hand-held measuring devices are easy to use, small and handy, but still stable.

In addition, these are electronic devices that have proven themselves very well as alcohol testers in a product test in 2022 and only show deviations of ± 0.05 ‰ from comparable police reference devices.

Breathalyzer cost: stationary measuring devices

These alcohol testers are also known as alcohol calculators. They have a legal effect if an administrative offense proves by driving under the influence of alcohol. The measurements are conclusive. The measuring range is very high and the measuring accuracy is precise.

Moreover, these devices are a mixture of a hand-held measuring device and a blow tube, because they take measurements both electronically and chemically using blow tubes.

Disposable devices are commonly used by drivers

Disposable breathalyzer cost is commonly good to use by drivers who rarely drink alcohol but don't want to rely on their intuitive sense of their blood alcohol level after a party or wedding. These devices are available in pharmacies and can dispose of with the residual waste after one use.

In addition, since this target group only needs breathalyzers very rarely, they don't have to worry about the acquisition costs of the breathalyzers.

Electrochemical Sensor equips with electrolytes

Breathalyzers with this type of sensor analyze the incoming substance, the oxygen in the breathing air, on the basis of electrochemical oxidation. However, the sensor, equipped with electrolytes, measures the ethanol content that blows through the mouthpiece into the alcohol tester with the breath.

Moreover, Acetone, carbon monoxide and ammonia can also detect with this electrochemical method. These breathalyzers are good to use by police around the world. In addition, together with a blood test, they can be good to use as evidence that can be good to use in court.

Semiconductor sensor detect carbon monoxide

The oxygen molecules blow into the semiconductor breathalyzer cost with the breathing air. The ethanol introduced with the oxygen increases the conductivity of the oxygen molecules.

Moreover, these devices can also detect carbon monoxide, which produces by smoking, and acetone in diabetics. In a price range of €10 to €200, these models are the cheapest on the market.

However, since they are susceptible to factors that influence the measurement result, these measurement data cannot be good to use as evidence that can be good to use in court. In addition, a calibration must take place at the latest when the measurement results become inaccurate.

Otherwise, a time window of six months is sufficient. A battery discharge can have a negative effect on the measurement results, so always make sure that the batteries of breathalyzer cost fully charge.


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