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How to Use the Best Portable Breathalyzer?

2022/05/24 By hqt
Best Portable Breathalyzer
Best Portable Breathalyzer

How to find the right product in our alcohol tester comparison 2022

Best portable breathalyzer is used to privately check the blood alcohol level that you currently have. In case of doubt, such a check has no legal weight - only the result of a blood test counts there.

There are different types of breathalyzers that can determine the ethanol content in your breath either with chemicals (as disposable blow tubes) or via sensors. You can then recognize the value based on discoloration or displays.

In Europe there is no obligation to carry a breathalyzer. In Europe, for example, things were different years ago - there tourists could also be fined if such a best portable breathalyzer was not present in the vehicle during a police check.

Many people face with a dilemma from time to time

At the party to which you drove by car because you didn't really want to drink anything, the wine was opened after all. Your buddies persuade you to have a beer while watching football in the evening, which then turned into three.

However, you still need the car for the way back. But are you still fit to drive? Your own assessment is usually not the best guide. Instead, a breathalyzer is cheap to be able to assess a little more well-founded whether you are still in a driving condition.

In our alcohol tester comparison 2022, we explain various categories and criteria in the purchase advice that will help you in your search for your personal alcohol tester test winner. These include the device or sensor type and the measuring range as well as the measuring accuracy.

The lungs provide information - How to use the best portable breathalyzer?

Europe, which brought us champagne and is the second largest wine producer in the world, is very strict about driving under the influence of alcohol.

After the most recent presidential elections in 2017, however, this obligation to carry was relaxed, and failure to do so will result in neither a penalty nor a fine.

When you consume alcohol (whether in the form of beverages or other foods), it doesn't just go into your blood. It also starts a process in the lungs that creates the best working conditions for the best portable breathalyzer. This is due to the gas exchange that happens in the alveoli.

Breathing air and alcohol leave the lungs on exhalation

Breathing air and alcohol produce ethanol, which leaves the lungs on exhalation. This enables the alcohol meter to determine the ethanol content in the breath. What then appears on the display of the breathalyzer is the blood alcohol content.

Even if there are different types of construction and technology, all alcohol esters have a mouthpiece that you have to blow into. This is how the breathing air gets into the best portable breathalyzer, which then calculates the alcohol concentration.

It is important to know that the measurement accuracy does not legally protect you in case of doubt. If the police stop you and take you to the station, the medical officer will take a blood sample and determine the alcohol content. If this deviates from the display of the alcohol calculator, it has a scientifically higher level of truth and is decisive.

Measure with a double standard – There are these types of testers

Best Portable Breathalyzer 2022

If you want to buy a best portable breathalyzer, you can choose between different types. We present the construction methods between which you can choose:

device typeDescription
Disposable testBlow tubes of various brands have been in use for many decades. These have a mix of chemicals inside that changes color when you blow your breath into them and they contain ethanol. Then both parties react with each other and the visual evidence emerges.A disadvantage is certainly that it is a disposable breathalyzer. This means ongoing costs if you often want to carry out an alcohol test on yourself. The manufacturers are happy.small and handyno costs for batteriescan only be used once
Standard test portable breathalyzerIn various best portable breathalyzer tests, models are discussed that can be used several times. Battery-operated, such a device uses sensors instead of chemicals to determine whether you are still in the blood alcohol range that would allow you to meet the police without a report.There are different types of sensors. An electrochemical sensor uses electrolytes to determine which components are in the oxygen, the ethanol value in the breathing air and then provides information on the LCD display. A semiconductor sensor absorbs oxygen molecules and changes its conductivity depending on which gases are still present. Cost points with these types of Alco-test are batteries and interchangeable mouthpieces.Reusablecreates less wastex additional costs for batteries and mouthpieces
In-built BreathalyzerA particularly effective way to avoid driving under the influence of alcohol is car inbuilt breathalyzer. This is a best portable breathalyzer installed in the car that first analyzes the driver's breath before allowing him to start the vehicle. So, it's a kind of immobilizer that can only be released if the alcohol in the breath does not penetrate a certain measuring range.However, such an alcohol tester is not exactly cheap and can easily exceed the limit of 1,000 euros. In the USA, for example, an alcolock is known as a court requirement for alcohol offenders who are forced to self-check with such an alcohol test.efficient protection against accidents and checks by immobilizer
x very expensive

Measurement accuracy: The best portable breathalyzer can already show very good performance in terms of precision in the measurement results. This is often ± 0.05 ‰. That's a good thing for a private check, but in case of doubt it doesn't matter if the police order a blood test. Not only is it legally binding, but at ± 0.03 ‰ it is also more accurate than the blood alcohol tester in free trade.

Major brands and manufacturers of portable breathalyzer

You can buy alcohol testers, for example, in electronics stores or in pharmacies. Otherwise, you can also order a wide range of breathalyzers online.

Below we have listed some popular brands and manufacturers of best portable breathalyzer for you.

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