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How to choose best breathalyzer in 2022: Advantages

2022/03/02 By hqt
How to Choose a Proper Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer

General legislation provides for penalties for those who drive a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration equal to or greater than 0.50 per thousand, or 0.5 g / liter. To avoid running into penalties, you can ascertain your alcohol level yourself with the best breathalyzer.

 Driving a vehicle over the limit of 0.5 per thousand - and therefore in a state of intoxication - constitutes a crime according to the law. It is punished, in addition to the loss of 10 points of the license, with the severe penalties.

What is the best breathalyzer?

Therefore, driving while you are - at least according to the law - in a state of intoxication (i.e. with a blood alcohol level above the permitted limit) is very dangerous. Not only because you risk a severe penalty but because you are in serious danger the safety of others.

Play it safe with a breathalyzer. The tool allows you to effectively measure your blood alcohol level quickly and easily - just blow!

What is the function of breathalyzer?

Best breathalyzer is a versatile device that allows you to effectively measure a user's blood alcohol level through the exhaled valve area. In fact, if most of the alcohol metabolizes in the body, there is always a part of it that eliminates by urine, sweat and exhaled air.

The breathalyzer is based precisely on the fact that the ratio between the concentration of alcohol (ethanol) in the blood and the concentration in the exhaled air is relatively constant.

What is the structure of a breathalyzer?

The electronic type, on the other hand, consists of a mouthpiece in which to blow, a display and a machine that contains gas sensors capable of detecting the presence of alcohol.

Then there is the salivary breathalyzer, consisting of a swab with which saliva collect and a test strip. However, it is a little used tool because it is very approximate.

The accuracy of a breathalyzer depends on many factors such as the materials used on its sensor system, the life of the rechargeable battery and the number of times it needs to be recalibrated and replaced over time .

What are the positive aspects of using a breathalyzer?

First and foremost, it is a non-invasive method of checking the level of alcohol in the blood, unlike other invasive methods that involve taking a blood sample. The process is very simple and moderately effective.

Help law enforcement officials calculate BAC in traffic accidents by testing drunk drivers and preventing them from driving. Breathalyzers are mandatory for public establishments that serve alcoholic beverages and remain open after midnight.

And what are its downsides?

The best breathalyzer is not as accurate as blood or urine tests for alcohol. In fact, the alcohol present in the inhalation can also come from alcohol residues present in the mouth or esophagus or trachea which can affect the result.

Technology of best breathalyzer

Most alcohol breath analyzers use fuel cells and these are very accurate. It may be best to avoid specific semiconductor breathalyzers because these are sometimes de-gadgets and cannot be trusted.


Most breathalyzers need to be calibrated to stay accurate. However, obviously it is not possible to use the device while it is again at the manufacturers being calibrated and this can be annoying. You can get around this by choosing a device that has a removable cell.

Just order another one and replace the one you want to recalibrate. All units are ready for calibration and ready to use.

Viewing the results

Most devices have a four-digit digital reading. They usually have easy to read backlit LCD screens. It is important to choose a tool that gives quick results that clearly display. The best breathalyzers give a result in 10-15 seconds.

Device size

The whole point of these devices is that they are portable best breathalyzer. You need to be able to keep it in your pocket or purse so that you can carry it with you whenever you go out at night and spend the evening with friends. It helps if the mouthpiece bends and if the construction is sturdy.


It would be good to look for a device with multiple mouthpieces so that you can share the device with your friends without the risk of transmitting germs.

Smartphone compatibility of best breathalyzer

You might like the idea of ​​using your device with a smartphone. All you have to do is download an app and the results will show up on your phone. Often the last 10 readings are also record.

Time zero

breathalyzer in 2022

Many alcohol testers will give you an estimate of how long it will take for alcohol levels to return to zero. However, you should always try again to be sure.

What does it mean it's approved?

Search for devices approved within the requirements of the UNI EN 16280: 2013 standard. This standard establishes the requirements for basic safety and performance, the test methods and the requirements for marking, labeling, calibration and the instructions regarding operation.

Why buy best breathalyzer?

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious crime and in the rest of the world and is considered an irresponsible thing to do. When you drink a glass of wine and drive, you are putting your life and that of others at risk.

 Best breathalyzer is a very useful device to have with you, precisely to check the level of alcohol in your blood if you have drunk and to avoid, knowingly, driving if you are in a state of intoxication. Here are some of the main reasons responsible people buy them:

Save lives

People who drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs often cause fatal accidents.

Avoid fines

If you don't drive drunk you can avoid fines and the withdrawal of your driving license, in some cases even arrest.

It tells you when you are sober

You may still be over the limit the day after drinking a lot of alcohol. Best breathalyzer tells you exactly when it's safe to get back behind the wheel.


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