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Breathalyzer for sale: Applications and Advantages 2022

2022/03/02 By hqt

The breathalyzer for sale is a device well known to most drivers. As you may have heard, this device breath by individuals approached by traffic agents. It is through it that blood alcohol levels identify.

How does the breathalyzer work?

Knowing how the breathalyzer works is essential to understanding how the law prohibiting the combination of drinking and driving establish. Through this article, we will answer the main questions related to the device. So, if you want to know more about the topic, follow the text until the end!

Their appearance associated with the rapid development of the automotive industry in the 20th century and the increase in the number of motorists on the roads of the United States and Europe. Which also led to a sharp increase in the number of accidents committed by drunk drivers. 

Breathalyzer for sale

History of breathalyzer for sale

Breathalyzers originally designed specifically for the police, who could use them to check people behind the wheel.

The first models of such devices began to develop back in the 30s of the last century, however, they could only determine the very fact of the presence of alcohol in human blood and therefore were not suitable for professional use. In addition, they were very large and expensive. The first fairly compact and accurate professional "breathing tube.

simple personal to complex professional breathalyzer

There are more than a hundred different models of breathalyzers on the modern market: from simple personal to complex professional ones. 

Today, such devices have not only become an indispensable tool for traffic police in all countries of the world, but also use in various enterprises to test employees for "sobriety". Also, breathalyzer for sale often use by car owners themselves for self-control, and some even use them for entertainment at parties and just out of banal human curiosity.

What is a breathalyzer?

The breathalyzer is applicable traffic checkpoints to detect the presence of alcoholic beverages in the individual's body. Because it measures the concentration of ethyl alcohol in the body, the device is technically called a “breathing meter”.

The display of the breathalyzer for sale, through chemical reactions, shows the amount of alcohol ingested by the approached driver. The test allows drunk drivers to identify, punish and remove from the roads to avoid traffic accidents.

How does the breathalyzer work in the presence of ethyl alcohol?

The breathalyzer works through chemical reactions based on the presence of ethyl alcohol. The most well-known devices use potassium diclo mate and fuel cell as reagents.

To perform the test, the individual must blow on the disposable tube connected to the device for a few seconds. The expelled air will react with the oxygen present in the device through a catalyst, releasing electrons from acetic acid and hydrogen ions.

The electrons in breathalyzer for sale then pass through a conducting wire, generating an electric current. Finally, a meter on the device calculates the rate and displays the concentration of alcohol in the body. The greater this electrical current, the higher the blood alcohol level.

What is the offense of refusing the breathalyzer?

The infraction of refusing the breathalyzer is a legal provision to punish those who oppose or hinder the inspection that verifies the consumption of alcoholic beverages while driving a vehicle.

It serves as support for another offense, driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. And there's a reason for that: let's face it, it would be very easy for anyone to say they don't want to take the test and, even after drinking, to go free and without being subject to inspection.

Putting aside the discussion of whether or not you can refuse the breathalyzer for sale, which I will address later, this infraction seeks traffic safety. However, it's not just the breathalyzer.

The driver will commit the same offense if he refuses:

  • Blood test;
  • Specialized laboratory examination (for other psychoactive substances, such as drugs);
  • Verification of signs that indicate a change in the driver's abilities; and
  • Any evidence in admitted law (video, audio, witness statements, etc.).

Breathalyzer for sale 2022 

What are the consequences of refusing the breathalyzer?

The infraction of refusal to take the breathalyzer for sale test provide for in art. 165-A of the Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB). It provides for a fine and suspension of the right to drive for your only infraction.

This is because the CTB is very strict against the association between alcohol and vehicle driving. In fact, he equaled the same penalty, so drunk driving and refusing breathalyzer punish equally.

The fine usually has a specific forecast: according to its severity

For infractions in general, the fine usually has a specific forecast, according to its severity. In the case of refusal to perform the breathalyzer for sale test, the foreseen fine is equivalent to very serious, and there is a caveat. It must multiply by 10! Yes, ten times!

Still speaking of the fine, this is for those who committed the infraction once. If caught a second time within 12 months, the value doubles, and almost 6 thousand reais charge to the driver who refuses the breathalyzer on the second occasion. If that were not enough, the CTB also provides for a suspension of the right to drive for a period of 12 months.

Unlike the fine, if committed, this period not double in the second, but the period of another 12 months will also apply. It is also worth remembering that, although it not a penalty provides for in art. 165-A of the Traffic Code, the legislation provides that, in order to stop being suspended. It is necessary to take a refresher course!

Refuse breathalyzer for sale has one of the heaviest fines in the CTB and an extended period of suspension of the right to drive.

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Can I refuse the breathalyzer?

Yes, you can. On the other hand, there are consequences, which are the ones I mentioned above.

“- But you just said you can.” - could you tell me. I will explain.

When a person stops in the inspection, he can suffer some varied consequences from the result of this approach. She can fine, her vehicle towed, she can arrest, or nothing happens and she can continue on her journey.

What will determine this? The result of the inspection

If you choose to take the breathalyzer for sale test and it comes back positive, all options may occur, depending on whether you are caught red-handed, but this will be dealt with later.

For now, it is enough to say that you can refuse the breathalyzer so as not to suffer greater penalties, due to distrust of the device… There are also cases of those who refused to take the test due to hygiene, especially during the pandemic.


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