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Should Everyone to buy a personal Alcohol Breath Analyzer?

2022/03/02 By hqt

Regardless of whether it is an alcohol breath analyzer, the breath can quickly become fatal for an alcohol sinner if the breath that has enriched with alcohol has not yet completely expelled from the lungs.

But how exactly does such an alcohol test device work and what types of breathalyzer are there? What about the results that a blood alcohol tester determines? Is this evidence that can use in court? The following guide will answer these and other questions.

Alcohol Breath Analyzer

Types of alcohol breath analyzer

The main determining device in the breathalyzer, which involves in detecting the concentration of alcohol in a person's breath, is the sensor. It is he who captures the alcohol molecules and evaluates their amount in order to obtain an expression in ppm.

According to the type of built-in sensor, there are the following types of breathalyzers:

  • Semiconductor
  • Electrochemical
  • Infrared

How Semiconductor breathalyzer work?

These devices represent by a small group, since they do not differ in high accuracy. Their design provides for a special porous crystal that absorbs alcohol molecules. The alcohol absorbed into it changes the conductivity. 

As a result, the electric current passed through the sensor passes with a different resistance. It comes on the magnitude of the conductivity deviation. The electronic part of the alcohol breath analyzer expresses a digital indicator of the actual content of alcohol in the blood of the person being tested.

Main disadvantage of such sensors is a significant error

Their semiconductor crystal is able to absorb ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other substances, mistaking them for alcohol molecules. The device can show the blood alcohol content of a completely sober person. These are rather slow sensors in operation, which are also very dependent on the ambient temperature.

An electrochemical cell: release of free electrons

These are the most common alcohol breath analyzer for determining the concentration of alcohol in a person's breath. At the heart of such a device is an electrochemical cell. It equips with an anode and a catalyst that reacts to ethanol. As soon as alcohol enters the cell catalyst, a redox reaction begins, accompanied by the release of free electrons. 

The electronic part of the device reads the changes in the electrochemical cell and translates them into an indicator of alcohol content.

The hardware part of a sensor can last about 7 years

The fact is that its catalyst, which is present in the reaction with alcohol, does not consume. Such alcohol breath analyzer, upon verification, only check and their settings adjust, while the sensor itself does not change.

The indicators of these devices can really call accurate, since they only react to alcohol, while the presence of ammonia vapors or other substances in the breath will not lead to an error. Electrochemical breathalyzers require a calibration interval at least every year. 

Works on principle of absorption of infrared radiation

Such devices are built on the principle of absorption of infrared radiation by alcohol vapor. In fact, these are spectrophotometers capable of responding to certain absorption waves. The alcohol breath analyzer gives a very accurate result, while they cannot deceive by vapors of other substances. Infrared sensors work stably, but depend on the ambient temperature, so they mainly use in laboratories and medical examination points.

Infrared breathalyzers are stationary. Their main drawback is the need to preheat the device, which takes up to 20 minutes, after which the procedure for measuring the concentration of alcohol in the breath takes about 10 minutes more.

Areas of application of the alcohol breath analyzer

Even if this is certainly the area of ​​application with the greatest broad effect in public, the alcohol content also uses to measure the alcohol content in other areas of life and work. Doctors, social services, authorities, companies and clubs also use the opportunity to prove alcohol with a measuring device.

The catering sector is also increasingly discovering the benefits of the alcohol dispenser. In this way, guests can check before starting their journey whether they still allow to get behind the wheel at all. Some private individuals also have a blood alcohol test device in order not to run the risk of committing an administrative offense or a criminal offence.

Alcohol Breath Analyzer 2022

How the alcohol breath analyzer works?

There are different alcohol testers, which not only contain different mechanisms of action, but also deliver unequally precise results.

Basically, these alcohol testers are to distinguish:

  • Alcohol testing device using a test tube
  • Mobile blood alcohol test device
  • Stationary alcohol meter

The classic breath analyzer: the blowpipe

There are different forms of alcohol meter with different safe results.

This measuring device has used to measure the alcohol content of beer, wine, schnapps or other alcoholic beverages since 1953. The ethanol contained in the breath, the chemical name for alcohol, reacts to the chemicals in the blowpipe.

A positive result is indicated by a discoloration

The length of the discoloration of alcohol breath analyzer allows conclusions to be drawn about the alcohol content. The limit value marks by a marker so that if it exceeds, it can be read on the alcohol dispenser.

The downside here is that this form is one-time use, while with digital devices only the mouthpieces need to change. The blowpipe is therefore more likely to buy by private individuals who, unlike the police, do not use the alcohol tester professionally.

Precise values ​​through mobile electrochemical test devices

The mobile test devices can contain two measuring devices: a semiconductor or an electrochemical sensor. The alcohol breath analyzer provides more precise results and is therefore primarily used, for example, to detect and sanction alcohol during the probationary period.

Here, the breathing air or breath alcohol fed into a reaction chamber by the tester, in which there are measuring and counter electrodes as well as a certain amount of electrolyte. The ethanol releases its electrons there, which then attract by an electrode current generated between the measuring counter- electrodes.

The flow of electrons increases with the alcohol content, which in turn can be read in the form of a per mille value on the alcohol dispenser.

Should I buy a personal breathalyzer?

All alcohol breath analyzer are very thin measuring devices that require no special maintenance.  In most cases, the acquisition of such a device is quiet useful. If you are looking for alcohol breathalyzer in bulk, you can order us directly. We shall quote best prices.


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