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5 Things to Know about Alcohol Breathalyzer Test

2022/03/02 By hqt
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Alcohol breathalyzer is one of the best devices to test alcohol level. In recent years, the fight against drunk driving has actually been intensified. Even if the results have not always been reassuring, the sanctions hardened and the rules tightened.

If you don't stay up to date and informed, the risk of making a mistake remains high. It is also for those who actually in good faith were surprised with alcohol content higher than the permitted limit.

But, really, what is alcohol breathalyzer?

The breathalyzer is that instrument, for personal use or used by the police. This allows measuring the ethanol that concentrates in the blood, forming an aqueous solution with it. We can analyze externally by means of an electronic sensor. Similarly, this measures how much alcohol is emitted from the nose or mouth.

The electronic breathalyzer, the most used for personal use, consists of a machine, a mouthpiece and a display. Just blow from the mouthpiece on the sensor that transmits the measurement to the display, and highlights the measured value.

The problem with the sensors is their reliability: only alcohol breathalyzer is completely reliable and in fact has legal value.

So, when you buy a breathalyzer, consider the margin of error with respect to the calibration point (calibration). If a breathalyzer has a tolerance ± 10% at 0.50 it may have an error of 20% at 1.00. The percentage of error increases with the increase of alcohol in the blood.

Using the Alcohol Breathalyzer

First, you have to wait at least 10/15 min. After the last sip, to avoid measuring only the alcohol in the mouth and not what's in the blood. And if you have drunk hard alcohol in industrial quantities, you should wait 20 min. or more time.

Also, if the breathalyzer reads 2.50, know that this value certainly indicates the amount of alcohol the meter finds in the mouth. The sensor on your breathalyzer exhausts and need replacement.

To avoid penalties, license withdrawal or, worse, more or less serious accidents, you should provide yourself with the most accurate alcohol breathalyzer. You can find here at our website. Here we give you a selection:

Fuel Cell Alcohol Tester

  1. EK912 Fuel Cell Sensor Professional
  2. EK916 Fuel Cell Sensor Professional
  3. EK918 Manufacturer OEM ODM Portable

Mems Alcohol Tester

  1. Breath Alcohol Tester EK913
  2. LCD Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer EK921
  3. Tester Breathalyzer with CE EK923

Semiconductor Alcohol Tester

  1. AD8000
  2. AT7100 High Accuracy Breath Alcohol
  3. AT7700 Newest Car Drivers Use Digital

Pretest of the breathalyzer

The pretest (or precursor) is a device that the police can make you use even without letting you get out of the car. Attention, it has no probative value, but in some cases it could lead you straight to the test of the actual breathalyzer. Even if you don't see the briefcase in sight, know that they may ask you to blow.

Alcohol Breathalyzer 2022

 This pretest has 3 lights (green, yellow and red)

  • Green: means that you have no traces of alcohol
  • yellow: lights up if the alcohol level is between 0.01 and 0.49 g / l
  • red: lights up if it detects more than 0.5 g / l

Obviously if you are on the green you are safe, while if the red light comes on you will be subjected to the actual test. This is the only one to have evidential value. In the case of yellow it will be the discretion of the patrol that has ordered you to stop whether or not to take alcohol breathalyzer. The precursor has no legal value, so they will not be able to sanction you based on this clue alone.

Can we fool alcohol breathalyzer?

Let's be honest and clear the field of all the urban legends that run around. There is no method to cheat the alcohol breathalyzer test. You can act before being stopped by a patrol (for example by doing a rather long and sustained run) but know that miracles they cannot be done under any circumstances.

 I am not a doctor, but it seems that drinking a lot of water or milk or Red Bull, despite some claiming to the contrary, seems to be perfectly useless.

Can I repeat the breathalyzer test?

The most concrete lifeline, if you are only slightly over the limit, is to ask to repeat the test. The agents oblige to give a second chance, and must wait at least 10 minutes between one tip and the other. This is to avoid incriminating people who have drunk little, but immediately before being stopped for a check.

In that case the value reported by the machine is not consistent with the real psychophysical conditions of a person. It does not come with the alcohol level in the blood.

Does the portable breathalyzer really work?

It seems so. Obviously it has no probative value, but for the number of tips for which the do-it-yourself alcohol test has been guaranteed it seems to be safe. We have already talked about the validity of some models of portable alcohol breathalyzer in the past.

 Months later we can reiterate that rather than risk driving drunk it is better to make this limited investment.

Mandatory precursor in public places

Public places open until after midnight now obligatorily equip with a breathalyzer. These are:

  • pubs
  •  bars
  •  discos,
  •  Restaurants
  •  Pizzerias
  •  farmhouses and even hotels and pensions.

Often you don't notice them (also because the law does not oblige you to show them) but know that if you have to "tip" with a reasonable amount, public establishments are specially equipped!


The alcohol level is influenced by several variables, which obviously it is impossible to take into account in a general summary such as the one in question. Take into account, among other things, your current health conditions, which can also greatly vary the result of the alcohol test!


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