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Is An Alcohol-Level Breathalyzer Reliable? How Does It Work?

2023/01/12 By hqt
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How Does An Alcohol-Level Breathalyzer Work?

The Breathalyzer was invented in 1954 by Robert Frank Borkenstein and his associates at the University of Iowa. It was first used by the police to detect drunk drivers and then later by medical professionals to determine if an individual had consumed too much alcohol.

The alcohol-level breathalyzer is a device used to measure the amount of alcohol present in a person's breath. The purpose of this device is to estimate the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of an individual, or whether that person has consumed enough alcohol to be considered impaired.

A breathalyzer consists of a tube that connects to a gas analyzer which measures the concentration of alcohol vapor in a person's breath using a sensor. When the breathalyzer is first used, it is calibrated using specially prepared gas mixtures which are designed to have known alcohol concentrations.

The results are displayed on a digital screen so that the user can see how much alcohol is present in their body and make informed decisions about whether they should drive or not.

How does it detect the amount of alcohol in the breath?

How does it detect the amount of alcohol in the breath? Are such results reliable? Take a fuel cell alcohol-level breathalyzer as an example, the principle of detecting is to use the fuel cell. The fuel cell consists of an anode and a cathode, and there will be an electrolyte between them.

When ethanol is passed through this fuel cell, it reacts with oxygen and produces carbon dioxide and water vapor, which is then absorbed by the air. Then the breathalyzer will analyze the gas concentration of carbon dioxide in the air to determine whether there is any alcohol in it (Alcohol).

In short, this technology is based on measuring changes in the concentration of alcohol in human breath. The theory behind this is that when you drink alcoholic beverages, you exhale some amount of alcohol into the atmosphere through your lungs at different concentrations according to your blood alcohol content. This technology can accurately measure your blood alcohol content from your breath through a special device called a "breathalyzer" (Breath).

Is It Worth It To Make The Alcohol-Level Breathalyzer The Pre-Job Testing Tool?

It's a question that employers are asking themselves more and more: Is it worth it to make the alcohol-level breathalyzer the pre-job testing tool for employees?

The answer is yes, according to a recent study from the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD). The organization studied data from 2007 through 2011 and found that workplace alcohol policies were associated with fewer workplace injuries, lower absenteeism, and higher productivity.

According to the study, companies with alcohol policies had an average of 2.4 fewer injuries per 100 employees than those without policies. Over three years, this translates into nearly $1 million in savings for a company with 1,000 employees.

In addition, companies with alcohol policies had an average absenteeism rate of 4% compared to 5.9% among those without policies — another $500,000 difference over three years. And productivity at companies with alcohol policies was 26% higher than those without such policies.

For companies concerned about employee safety and productivity, it is necessary for employees in certain positions to undergo alcohol testing before work. The combination of a clouded mind and complex mechanical work can be a disaster. The alcohol-level breathalyzer is a more appropriate and worthwhile investment than a urine or blood test. Here are some reasons:

Lower Cost:

Urine and blood tests are more expensive than breathalyzers. They require sophisticated equipment that costs thousands of dollars, plus the cost of shipping samples to the lab for analysis. Breathalyzers are portable and can be used at the job site or in the office without any additional costs or hassle.

And many testing instruments can be used multiple times and even recharged. For example, the test record of SZEEK's EK916 alcohol-level breathalyzer is 123 times. It is a fuel cell test instrument with a built-in 1000mah lithium-ion battery, and you can extend its use value directly by charging it. Generally speaking, it can meet the detection needs of a medium or large factory.

Easier to Use:

Handheld breathalyzers are easier to use than other types of testing equipment. They’re small enough to fit in your pocket, so you can test the alcohol level in someone’s breath without having to go through the hassle or expense of transporting them somewhere else.

And it takes less time than a urine or blood test. Take EK916 as an example, you only need to wait for 5 seconds of warm-up time and 5 seconds of response time, and you can get accurate detection results quickly. This is a very quick inspection tool in large factories and does not take up too much time.

Accuracy Is Reliable:

Taking EK916 as an example, its test range is 0-1.90% BAC, 0-0.95mg/L, and 0-190mg/100mL. Its testing accuracy is ±0.01%BAC, ±0.1‰BAC, ±0.1g/L, ±0.05mg/L, ±10mg/100mL and ±0.1‰Prom. The test results are accurate, with an accuracy rate of more than 99%. The detection time is also fast and reliable.

Generally speaking, it can detect the alcohol content in the subject's body within 12-24 hours. Although it is not as good as the urine test, the former is obviously more suitable for the daily use of factories or enterprises. Because it is more convenient for the subject to take a breath test than collect urine, it can be used in various places.

Alcohol-Level Breathalyzer Escorts Your Safety:

Alcohol is not only a road killer but also one of the main reasons for the decline of work efficiency in factories or enterprises. For many people, a drink or two isn't considered dangerous. However, some wines take some time to have their effects. This means that there is a great potential threat.

If you are looking for a way to protect your employees from this danger, then an alcohol breathalyzer could be the solution for you. It is an effective and efficient tool that will allow you to keep your employees safe at work.

It will help you to perform the following tasks:

  • -Protect your employees from alcohol poisoning and other health problems.
  • -Prevent accidents due to drunkenness and help you prevent a lawsuit.
  • -Ensure that your company has a safe environment for its employees.


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