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If There Are Portable Mini LCD Alcohol Testers In Factories

2023/01/12 By hqt
Portable Mini LCD Alcohol Tester

Drunk Accidents Frequently Occur In Factories:

The most common type of drunk accident occurs in factories. In fact, the number of deaths from accidents in the workplace has increased by 40% since 1999.

The reason for this is that many people who work in factories have been drinking before starting their shift and then continue to drink during the day. The combination of alcohol and heavy machinery can be deadly.

  • -Drunk workers often do not pay attention to safety during work which even leads to the worker's injury or death.
  • -Drunk workers often cause accidents in dangerous places, such as high-voltage equipment, fire extinguishing, and other places.
  • -Drunk workers often do not obey instructions from their leaders; they even ignore safety regulations to do things that endanger their own lives and those of others.
  • -Drunk workers often get into fights with each other, which causes serious injuries or even death.

Therefore, it has to be said that the factory may be the place where alcohol testing is most needed. So what kind of alcohol tester does the factory need?

1. Accurate:

Alcohol testing equipment needs to detect the alcohol content of workers' breath to determine whether they are fit to continue today's work.

2. Quick:

The alcohol tester must be fast enough to test the breath of hundreds of workers in a day.

3. Portable:

The alcohol tester must be small and light enough for factory workers to carry around, so it can be used wherever and whenever necessary.

Here I recommend you choose SZEEK's portable mini LCD alcohol tester. It is accurate and fast, making it ideal for medium or large plants.

The Portable Mini LCD Alcohol Tester Helps To Improve Factory Safety:

What is the portable mini LCD alcohol tester? Unlike urine or blood tests, the breath alcohol test is simpler. The breath alcohol test only requires a person to blow into a small device, which then gives you an instant reading of whether or not there is any alcohol in their system. This means that the portable mini LCD alcohol tester can be used anywhere, even if the subject is still at work.

Whether it is a pre-job test or a post-job test, the portable mini LCD alcohol tester is a good testing tool.

How does portable mini LCD alcohol tester work?

SZEEK's portable mini LCD alcohol tester is equipped with an advanced Mems sensor. The Mems stands for Microelectromechanical system, which is a technology that uses tiny moving parts to measure and control the flow of fluids. The portable mini LCD alcohol tester works by measuring your breath's alcohol content level and then displays this measurement on its screen.

How far back can a breathalyzer test detect alcohol?

A breathalyzer test can detect alcohol up to 24 hours after you consume it. However, this depends on how much alcohol you consumed, how often you drink, and other factors such as your age.

Generally speaking, such a test is very suitable for the daily inspection of the factory. This can tell that the workers keep a relatively clear mind to avoid serious accidents.

Benefits Of The Portable Mini LCD Alcohol Tester:

Alcohol testing is an important part of the workplace, especially in industries like construction, transportation, and manufacturing. It's important to know that your workers are sober, as alcohol can impair their judgment and cause accidents.

Helps prevent accidents caused by drunk employees:

The Testing Range of this portable mini LCD alcohol tester is:

  • 0-0.190%BAC
  • 0-1.90%o BAC
  • 0-1.90g/L
  • 0-0.95mg/L
  • 0-190mg/100mL
  • 0-1.90%o PROM

The user only needs to wait 15 seconds for the warm-up time, then blow on it for 5 seconds, and then wait another 5 seconds for the response time. The whole process is only a matter of a minute or two at the longest, but it can effectively avoid the occurrence of drunken accidents.

Reduces health care costs for your company:

It is known that alcohol consumption is one of the major causes of health problems in the workplace. This device can effectively help to prevent drunk employees from coming to work, which will reduce your company’s health care costs.

Keeps your company safe from fines and penalties:

Many states have laws that require employers to provide a safe environment for their employees. If you fail to do so, then you can face legal action from the government. This breathalyzer test device can help you avoid such fines and penalties by ensuring that your workers don’t come in with blood alcohol levels that are too high.

Increases productivity in the workplace:

In addition to reducing costs and preventing accidents, this device can also help you increase productivity in the workplace. If you have employees who are drunk or under the influence of drugs, then they won’t be able to perform their duties as well as they could if they were sober. This means that it will take them longer than usual to complete tasks and projects.

Applications of Portable Mini LCD Alcohol Tester:

Portable Mini LCD Alcohol Tester is a hand-held breath analyzer that can be used to detect alcohol content in human breath. The device features a large LCD screen that displays the result and is easy to read. The portable mini breathalyzer can be used to test alcohol concentration in your blood or breath, providing accurate results within seconds.

The following are some examples of application scenarios:

  • 1. In the production process, it is necessary to determine whether workers have drunk alcohol before work or after work;
  • 2. In the process of product transportation, it is necessary to test whether drivers have drunk alcohol during transportation;
  • 3. At the time of inspection, it is necessary to test whether inspectors have drunk alcohol during inspection;
  • 4. In the course of training exercises, it is necessary to test whether trainees have drunk alcohol during training exercises;
  • 5. At the time of emergency response and rescue operations, it is necessary to test whether first responders have drunk alcohol during emergency response and rescue operations;

Investing In The Portable Mini LCD Alcohol Tester is a wise decision:

The Portable Mini LCD Alcohol Tester is suitable for all kinds of industries including food, beverage, foodstuff, pharmaceuticals, and other industries.

It can help you improve the safety and efficiency of your production work environment and allow you to better manage your workforce. All in all, it's a very worthwhile investment. SZEEK can be your reliable partner.


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