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Looking for a breathalyzer test near me?

2022/09/13 By hqt
Breathalyzer test near me

SZEEK is here to introduce you to a device that will reduce your headache of testing blood alcohol levels. So, stop searching for Breathalyzer Test near me. Because we are always near to you with an advanced breathalyzer! Read more to find out.

What is a breathalyzer test? Why is it important?

Some people may find drinking to be a pleasurable activity. However, many people might be unaware of how rapidly alcohol might impact their lifes, or how much it can hinder their ability to carry out daily chores.

Scientist invented a diagnostic tool namely "Alcohol Breathalyzer Testing Device" which is used in a breathalyzer test to calculate a person's blood alcohol content (BAC).

Tip: You don't have to search for breathalyzer test near me if you have our high quality and portable alcohol testing device.

How to test BAC using a breathalyzer?

A person can test their blood alcohol level by blowing into the device to see if they are too drunk to drive.

The device returns result on its screen with the accurate percentage of alcohol level found in the breath. If the level of alcohol is below the recommanded range a person may drive a car. However, if the alcohol level is higher than the range then a driver must not drive.

Why is it important to perfrom alcohol test using breathalyzer?

There's many important factors that requires very low alcohol level in your blood. For example, you can't drive with a high level of alcohol. It is not only against law but also is dangerous for your life.

Moreover, some medications requires less alcohol level to prevent any side effect. It is also noticed that people that don't care their alcohol level often found depressed or having anxiety.

The legal blood alcohol level limits vary from country to country; in some states, alcohol drinking is prohibited for everyone below 21 years of age, whereas some states consider alcohol drinking unlawful for all below 16 years of age.

If we talk about the United States, they consider a blood alcohol limit of .08% legal for drivers who are 21 or over that. People less than 21 are not eligible for alcohol limits and testing as they are not allowed for any alcohol intake. This is the procedure in the United States.

In United Kingdom people who are legally allowed to take the alcohol are 18 or over and are eligible for testing. The last alcohol limit for legal driving is 0.08% all over the world. You will be arrested or can get investigated if your BAC is 0.08% or higher.

Methods of alcohol testing

There are three methods of blood alcohol testing to check alcohol levels inside the body:

  • Blood test: although screening a blood sample for checking blood alcohol level is typically more accurate than testing urine or breath, faults in laboratory testing can occur and cause test findings to be erroneous.
  • Breath test: the breath analysis scanner, often known as a breathalyzer, is a device that is compact, portable, and efficient to produce results used for a breath test; they are the most popular technology adopted by police departments to determine blood alcohol content.
  • Urine tests: since urine tests are less reliable than blood and breath tests, they are often reserved for emergencies. Similarly, to blood tests, urine testing is perceived as an inappropriate testing technique.


There are some precautions that you should consider before a breathalyzer test:

  • Before the test:

Avoid drinking, eating, or smoking cigarettes or products like mouthwash or applying oral gel; wait for 15 minutes before the test. If you have eaten something wait for a few minutes to get an accurate result.

  • During the test:

First thing is to stay calm and relaxed, exhale your breath all at once inside the mouthpiece; inhale the breath for 5 seconds only, and do not burp or sneeze during the test.

  • After the test

Wait for the result calmly, and drink water.
Now, let's move on to the device which will make BAC testing easier and simpler for you.

A Surprise for those searching for Breathalyzer test near me!

SZEEK presents a wide range of breathalyzers that measure the alcohol in your breathe. We have all types of breathalyzers with three different sensors.

We noticed you were searching for a “breathalyzer test near me" and decided to bring this new dynamic innovation for you that will assist you in testing your breath alcohol level without leaving your home. Szeek aims to protect human life by serving the world with life-saving gadgets.
Although every product is a gem here, we are listing some of our best-selling breathalyzers.

AT7100 High Accuracy Breath Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer 

  • AD7100 uses oxide semiconductor alcohol sensors. For personal use, semiconductor alcohol tests are reliable and inexpensive alternatives.
  • The accuracy range of the semiconductor units is +/- 0.05%BAC, making them appropriate for use by anybody looking to detect the amount of alcohol. 
  • Its sensor type is a semiconductor.
  • It is made up of ABS material
  • The size of this portable device is 120mm450mm20mm
  • The weight is 38gram
  • It comes in dark grey.
  • It takes 20 seconds to warm up and 5 seconds to show results.
  • This device comes with 10 mouthpieces.

Rechargeable Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer with CE EK923

  • The EK90 counts down for nearly 15 seconds after you push the start button to get ready for a breath sample. Blow consistently and forcefully for at least five seconds after the timer reaches zero. The user's estimated BAC is displayed on the screen after an adequate breath sample has been acquired.
  • The device size is 139.5mm58.5mm22mm.
  • The weight of EK923 is 104g
  • It comes with rechargeable batteries
  • It has a Mems sensor
  • Its warm-up time is 15 seconds.
  • It has a testing record of 32 tests.

AD8000-A Wholesale Manufacturer OEM ODM Alcohol Tester

  • AD8000-A uses oxide semiconductor alcohol sensors
  • It's a fantastic option for individual users.
  • You can quickly and easily check for alcohol presence and estimates Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). To achieve results quickly, just push the power button and blow through one of the provided mouthpieces.
  • Accurate, reliable results are provided by modern sensor technology.
  • Its size is 4.84in2.17in0.75in.
  • Its weight is only 90 grams.
  • It has a response time of only 5 seconds
  • It has 2 AA alkaline batteries


In nutshell, the usage of breathalyzers can aid in lowering the incidence of car accidents involving drunk drivers. To determine if a person has consumed too much alcohol to drive safely, this device calculates the amount of alcohol present in the breath. Get your breathalyzer today from us.


SZEEK is a company that specializes in manufactur-ing high-precision breathalyzers. We are the top manufacturer of breathalyzers in China. More

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