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Installing the voluntary car breathalyzer for sober drive

2022/08/29 By hqt
voluntary car breathalyzer

What is meant by voluntary car breathalyzer?

A voluntary car breathalyzer is an alcohol test device you can install on your vehicle. It measures blood alcohol content (BAC) levels to determine if you are legally intoxicated. Drivers can check their blood alcohol content (BAC) with voluntary breathalyzers before getting behind the wheel. The system will prevent the automobile from starting if its blood alcohol content exceeds the permitted level. If you've had too much to drink, stopping yourself from operating a motor vehicle may be a strategy. They are becoming more common as states try to reduce drunk driving accidents by making them mandatory. If the car user's blood alcohol level (BAC) is higher than the permitted level, the automobile won't start.

Also known as:

The usage of an explosion interconnect device, sometimes referred to as an automobile breathalyzer device, and is prohibited after drinking. Breathalyzer-equipped vehicles have significantly reduced the incidence of alcohol-related traffic fatalities as their use has increased across the country.

There are five good reasons to put a voluntary car breathalyzer in your car:

  • Calmness of mind

  • Instil good driving practices

  • Assist them in avoiding peer pressure

  • Reduce the likelihood that you'll drink alcohol

  • If they have addictions, support their sobriety

What advantages does a voluntary breathalyzer in a car offer?

  • Before you can start your automobile with one of these devices connected to the ignition, you must provide a breath sample. If the breathing sample shows a blood alcohol content over the specified limit, your car won't start, and you won't be able to begin it until you give a clean breathalyzer test.

  • This gadget will require random breath samples throughout your drive and the initial breath sample. These rolling retests are a check to ensure that someone else did not breathe into the gadget on your behalf. If you do not submit a piece within a certain amount of time, the breathalyser will provide a warning to switch off the car and may sound an alarm unless you do so or produce a clean sample.

  • The supervising authorities will ultimately find out if you don't provide a fresh piece or are found fiddling with the device, and they will penalize you with fines, license suspensions, or lengthier IID periods. This is thus because the machinery usually logs every incident. When you use a volunteer auto breathalyser, you will not be concerned about that kind of surveillance.

Why would you willingly fit your car with a voluntary breathalyzer device?

Most individuals can't tell how intoxicated they are. No matter how acceptable you reason you can "hold my liquor," your behaviours and body language indicate otherwise. Alcohol makes it harder for you to determine how drunk you are. It gives you the extra protection you require to prevent yourself from getting behind the wheel after a night of drinking. However, if you consistently believe it is acceptable to consume alcohol and drive, a voluntary breathalyzer gadget could be the first step in resolving a deeper issue. This gadget can serve as a recovery aid to help you while striving to maintain sobriety if you're already in a recovery program. These tools can protect workers and assist businesses in avoiding potential lawsuits or liabilities in the event of an accident brought on by alcohol. This shields your children from impaired driving and the potential harm it could cause, as well as the insurance provider from the costs of a possible collision.

  • Environment Factors: 

This voluntary car breathalyzer is unaffected by climate or weather conditions. They take a long time to warm up in colder weather or suffer from the heat. Other interlock devices may even demand you to remove your device every time you exit your car in particular circumstances to prevent freezing, overheating, or melting. However, regardless of how hot or cold it may be outside, you have a 6-second warm-up period before blowing for 2 12 seconds with this optional equipment. Since you won't need to remove the device daily, it will be easier for you to use.

  • Cleanliness and dependability in the simplest and fastest device:

A brand-new gadget, which has never been used or refurbished, is guaranteed to the voluntary device customer. This gives you a more dependable gadget that has no traces of a prior user and is also cleaner. If you purchase a used or refurbished device, you won't be spreading the germs of anyone who may have previously used the device. It is a straightforward, two-and-a-half-second blow. Unlike other interlock devices, this one does not require you to hum or pull in your breath after blowing. 

  • Other benefits:

This innovative new technology is being developed to determine whether or not someone has consumed enough alcohol to drive. Several insurance providers suggest concessions and contracts if you willingly connect a voluntary car device, particularly for young drivers, who statistically have a higher accident risk. It also provides employee Liability and avoids making poor decisions, etc. 


SZEEK is making our product dependable and user-friendly. Additionally, we guarantee that our voluntary car breathalyzer is the greatest one available. The gadget is small, sleek, and contemporary-looking, and it can't be seen from outside your car, and using it is simple. We want you to stay in the middle of the road, not over to the side. We are accessible at all times. Our customer care is available 365 days a year, 24/7, so you'll never be in a bind without assistance. Additionally, we will give you access to all the tools you require, such as appointment reminders, to help you get back on the road and stay there. We can assist you if you seek an accountability tool during your alcoholism treatment and recovery process. 


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