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How to Use Ketone Breath Meter? 8 Outstanding Features

2022/01/13 By hqt

The need to measure the level of alcohol in the human body turns out to be very important in various fields of activity. Sometimes, and personally for myself, it is important to know what level of alcoholic intoxication you have, if you decide to get behind the wheel. How to Use Ketone Breath Meter? For example, in all these situations, a special device will help you, which is called a ketone breath meter or ketone breath meter.

How to Use Ketone Breath Meter

Let's look at what a ketone breath meter is, what types of such devices are, how they work, what they are common for, how much does a good ketone breath meter cost, and, of course, how to buy a ketone breath meter that most closely suits your situation?

What is a ketone breath meter and how does it work?

A ketone breath meter is a device that allows you to quantitatively and accurately determine the level of alcohol in the human body.

How to Use Ketone Breath Meter? The measurement of the level of alcohol content takes place in the air exhaled by a person. In this case, the sensitive sensor of the device determines the presence and amount of alcohol vapors in the exhaled air, and transmits the measurement results to the screen. Most often there are digital ketone breath meters of the modern type.

Types of alcometers

There are 3 types of ketone breath meters that differ in many ways, although they perform the same function:

  • personal;
  • professional;
  • special.

We offer you to How to Use Ketone Breath Meter? And a comparison of ketone breath meters by type, as well as describe their features.

Personal ketone breath meters

Personal ketone breath meters are needed for your own control of the level of alcohol in your body. Such devices are not expensive and take up very little space, fitting in a pocket or purse. For example, you need to get behind the wheel, but you are not sure if you should do it after yesterday's party. How to Use Ketone Breath Meter? With the help of a personal ketone breath meter, you can understand exactly whether it is worth doing.

Features of personal ketone breath meters:

  • the device is designed for 1-2 measurements per day;
  • such a ketone breath meter will have the lowest price;
  • most often, such a device has the greatest measurement error (approximately 10% for normal measurement conditions);
  • the device has the smallest dimensions and weight.

For personal use, this option is fine. A typical example of a portable pocket ketone breath meter.

Professional ketone breath meters

High-precision ketone breath meters designed to carry out a large number of measurements per day. There are both portable ketone breath meters and stationary versions. How to Use Ketone Breath Meter? Such devices are common by law enforcement agencies and traffic police, for example. If you decide to buy a ketone breath meter of this type, then the price for it will be the highest.

Pros and cons of a professional ketone breath meter:

  • the ability to carry out a large number of measurements per day without loss of accuracy;
  • high measurement accuracy with an error of 0.01 ppm;
  • Moreover, the measurement results will be legally binding;
  • Similarly, high price;
  • Furthermore, not always small in size.

In order for the readings of this type of device to be legally binding, it is important that you use a certified ketone breath meter that has passed state verification.

How to Use Ketone Breath Meter 2022

Special ketone breath meters

Special electronic ketone breath meters are most often common in small enterprises where no more than 5 - 30 measurements per day are required. How to Use Ketone Breath Meter? Such devices can also be small in size and light in weight, they come with sensors of different types.

A fairly large number of breathalyzer models fall into this category. For example, options for a club ketone breath meter or devices common in medical institutions.

What type of sensor is the breathalyzer better with?

Ketone breath meter are equipped with three types of sensors:

  • Semiconductor - ethanol vapors change the conductivity of the semiconductor, and the magnitude of the change will be proportional to the level of alcohol in the human body. Least accurate sensor option;

If you want to buy a good accurate ketone breath meter, then you should choose one with an electrochemical sensor. But if the priority is the price, then it is better to take an alcometer on a semiconductor sensor.

How to choose the right ketone breath meter?

The choice of ketone breath meter should come on the task for which you are counting. How to Use Ketone Breath Meter? What influences the choice of a ketone breath meter, an overview of the criteria:

  • Basically, the number of planned measurements per day;
  • whether the legal use of the obtained measurement results is planned;
  • Similarly, the importance of high measurement accuracy;
  • the cost of the device;
  • Moreover, dimensions and design;
  • In addition, availability of certification and inclusion of the model in the register.

These criteria should be good to consider if you are planning to buy a ketone breath meter.

Where are ketone breath meters common?

Ketone breath meter applications:

  • Generally, for personal use (personal);
  • Moreover, in small businesses, in nightclubs, in medical institutions, etc. (special);
  • at large enterprises, state control bodies of law and order, at large ATP engaged in passenger transportation, etc. (professional).

Principle of operation and monitored parameters

The principle of operation of the measuring device comes on the capture of alcohol particles contained in the air exhaled from the lungs of the tested person by special sensors. How to Use Ketone Breath Meter? By the type of action, the sensors are subdivided into:

Semiconductor - with the greatest error;

Electrochemical - reliable and unpretentious, the most widespread;

Infrared - high-precision, not reacting to foreign vapors, but unsuitable for mobile use.

The standard parameter shown by the breathalyzer is the mass fraction of ethanol in mg contained in one liter of exhaled air.

The second indicator assessing the degree of drunkenness is ppm, which shows how much alcohol in grams one liter of blood contains. How to Use Ketone Breath Meter?

Classification of breathalyzers

According to the established methodology, breathalyzers are usually classified:

Professional - common by traffic police officers, designed for a large number of measurements;

Individual - ideal for use as a self-monitoring device;

Special - common in the medical departments of some enterprises.

According to the accuracy of determining alcohol intoxication, professional breathalyzers are the best.


When the question is, which breathalyzer to buy for the home, the best option would be an individual device with electrochemical sensors. How to Use Ketone Breath Meter? 


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