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How does a Breathalyzer Tests work?

2022/03/26 By hqt
Breathalyzer Tests

What used to be reserved for the police can now be a great help on the road. Breathalyzer tests can save you from great stupidity, because we often underestimate how much alcohol we actually have in our blood after a party, a visit to a restaurant or an evening with friends.

Alcoholic tests apply equally to drivers and cyclists

If you feel completely sober, the actual reading might say otherwise. If an accident then occurs, it can have serious consequences. Therefore, a breathalyzer is a worthwhile investment.

A breathalyzer is useful in many ways. For example, if you want to clarify whether you are still fit to drive after a party. In the past, only the police had such measuring devices. But nowadays more and more private individuals have their own alcohol tester.

With breathalyzer tests you can easily and quickly check your fitness to drive. If in doubt, invest a little time to determine your alcohol content. A self-test is definitely worthwhile for you. Because the feeling in relation to your blood alcohol level is sometimes deceptive.

A self-conducted test can save you from stupid things

Even a low blood alcohol level may put you in precarious situations. Aside from the potential fine for driving under the influence of alcohol, a lot worse could happen to you. Please do not take any risks if you have to ask yourself whether you are still fit to drive.

If you follow all the application rules, breathalyzer tests always give you proof of whether you are really capable of getting behind the wheel. A high-quality breathalyzer is an ideal tool for self-assessment, especially if your alcohol consumption limit during a party. Especially in the border area it makes sense if you are lenient and use your measuring device.

What is a breathalyzer?

Did you know the following? Other names for alcohol testers are alcohol meter or alcohol meter. As a car or motorcyclist, you probably know what task such a device performs. It measures the current alcohol concentration in the air you breathe.

The breathalyzer tests not only measure the alcohol you consume in liquid form, but also the alcohol from food that prepares with alcohol. Keep this in mind, especially around the Advent season, for example when you enjoy rum balls or the like.

How exactly does a breathalyzer work?

Alcohol enters your blood directly through alcoholic beverages and foods. You exhale some of the ethanol you take in through your lungs. Breathalyzers determine your alcohol concentration in the blood based on the ethanol content of the breath.

You can read this converted value from the breathalyzer tests from your device within a very short time.

What about breathalyzers in terms of hygiene?

Most manufacturers offer you devices with multiple mouthpieces when you buy them. You also have the option of ordering the mouthpieces for the breath alcohol device from the manufacturer as an accessory. In this way, several people can use your alcohol tester.

The alcohol tester shows you the alcohol value on the display either in per thousand or in percent. Breath alcohol devices with a blood alcohol level display are also known as blood alcohol testers.

Breathalyzer tests comparison: the areas of application of a breathalyzer

Breathalyzers are subject to legislation at European level. They are primarily classified as a medical product and use by officers during traffic checks to determine the breath alcohol of the respective road user. But you as a private person also benefit from an alcohol tester.

After all, it is in your personal interest to find out whether you are still fit to drive after drinking alcohol or not. With the alcohol tester you are able to check your blood alcohol level relatively precisely after drinking alcoholic beverages.

The measurements of high-quality alcohol testers provide you with very reliable values. The average deviations are hardly worth mentioning. In case of doubt, police officers authorize to ask you to take breathalyzer tests during a traffic stop.

This measure provides your exact blood alcohol level under laboratory conditions. From a legal point of view, it is precisely these laboratory values ​​that are valid in court proceedings and consider irrevocable evidence.

Breathalyzer Tests 2022

The different breathalyzer types

After drinking alcohol, always carry out a breathalyzer test with your breathalyzer before starting your journey. In this way, you avoid the fact that you only find out how much or even if you have alcohol in your blood during a breathalyzer tests carried out by the police. 

Alcohol Tester is available in two product variants

You have the choice of buying a one-time tester or investing in a permanent device. There are also breathalyzer apps offered by different manufacturers. But these are still a little out of competition.

Disposable breathalyzers are also known colloquially as breath tubes. They are easy to use and cheap to buy. The test tube shows your alcohol content in the breath based on discoloration in the test tube.

Long-term alcohol testers could be of particular interest to you as a user if you would like to check your breathalyzer tests frequently. You measure the alcohol content in the air you breathe and you can see the value conveniently and quickly on a display. 

Each alcohol testing method works in different ways, and the accuracy of the measurements also varies.

The following types of breathalyzers are available

  1. Disposable Breathalyzers: They measure your alcohol level using a bubble tube
  2. Digital handheld gauges
  3. Stationary alcohol testers
  4. Blood test: To determine your blood alcohol level, the blood test provides the most accurate measurement results

Digital alcohol handheld breathalyzer tests

Hand-held measuring devices are among the most common representatives. The police also like to use this blood alcohol tester. Due to its high level of accuracy, you are well advised to use such a device. The display shows you the exact result immediately.

These are electronic measuring devices that do not work on a chemical basis, but on an electrical one. When you blow your breath in through the mouthpiece, it enters a reaction chamber. There is a measuring electrode and a counter electrode.


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