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Alcohol Blow Test: 7 Most Common Questions in 2022

2022/03/21 By hqt
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Alcohol Blow Test

Accuracy level of breathalyzer

The models of breathalyzer for alcohol blow test available on the market use four types of sensors with different technologies:

  • catalytic combustion,
  • semiconductor,
  • infrared,
  • Electrochemical.

The main difference that distinguishes them is the precision, calculated on the basis of the margin of error express in% over 0.5 g / l. This percentage correlates to the calibration point. Therefore, it increases with the increase of the measurement point.

Driving while intoxicated is a serious crime

Driving after drinking alcohol is a risk for the driver, for any passengers and for anyone who crosses his path. Therefore, such behavior can also have serious criminal implications.

The numerous awareness campaigns about alcohol blow test, especially aimed at young people. They have certainly had a positive impact on the approach towards the delicate issue of road safety. It is not uncommon.

In fact, to come across a police checkpoint aimed at ascertaining the percentage of alcohol in the driver's blood by means of the appropriate test. 

But how exactly does the alcohol test work? What does the Highway Code provide and what are the risks?

Alcohol blow test and breathalyzer, what are they?

The test that performs to determine the amount of alcohol in the body is called an alcohol test. This practice has widespread especially in recent years.

These are the consequences of the growing number of road accidents due to the dangerous habit of driving while intoxicate among young people and adults.

 With the increase in checks on the alcohol level, concern about alcohol tests has grown, also by virtue of the possible penal and financial repercussions in the event of a positive result. 

There are several varieties of alcohol blow test on the market, including disposable ones for private use. The main types currently in use are:

  • balloon;
  • vial;
  • on saliva;
  • on urine;
  • Digital. 

As anticipated, the alcohol test uses to determine whether or not you are fit to drive after consuming alcohol, using the limits set by law as a reference. These tests carry out through a blood sample or, as has been the case for several years, using a breathalyzer.

How breathalyzer works?

This alcohol blow test measures the amount of ethanol present in the blood by the exhaled valve area. This is possible because not all alcohol metabolizes by the body. A certain percentage will expel through sweat, urine and exhaled air. 

The different alcohol tests base on the constant relationship between the concentrations of ethanol present in the blood in relation to the exhaled air.

The detection of the most common alcohol tests carries out spontaneously before driving, or by the control bodies (Carabinieri, Police, Traffic or Municipal Police, etc.). 

Usually the driver of a car carries out the examination by blowing the air inside a detector probe. The alcohol blow test repeats twice, allowing 5 minutes to pass between one reading and the next.

Alcohol Blow Test 2022

The differences between the types are listed below:

Catalytic combustion sensors:

These are sensors present in economic models, also called "hot wire". The margin of error is around a percentage of +/- 30%.

Semiconductor sensors

These are sensors present in economic models for personal use. They detect generic gases and have a margin of error that is around a percentage of +/- 15%.

Infrared sensors

These are sensors that have a margin of error that is around a percentage of +/- 10%.

Electrochemical sensors

These are sophisticated sensors use for law enforcement, present in more expensive models. The margin of error is around a percentage of +/- 4%.

The unit of measurement on which breathalyzers calibrate varies according to the country in which they were produced. In Italy the measure is calculated in g / l, but if it is different. It is reliable to consider the equivalent in ‰ BAC (0.5 g / l are equivalent to 0.5 ‰ BAC).

Alcohol blow test: practicality of use

Another fundamental aspect to consider before buying the breathalyzer is certainly its longevity; or rather the number of tests that carries out before it requires the change.

The cheaper models use up to 10 times, while the more sophisticated ones can even exceed 700 total tests.

Breathalyzers usually power by stylus batteries. They do not always include with the purchase. Some models supply with additional mouthpieces that replace the one present after its use. In this way oral hygiene preserves and allows use to different people.

Structure of the breathalyzer

The breathalyzer is a portable device with small dimensions and absolutely used for alcohol blow test. Compactness and manageability are characteristics to take into account.

It is good to consider that despite being among the most popular and purchased. Breathalyzers having the size of a keychain are not all that reliable. It is therefore advisable to opt for the choice of models that are pocket-sized but not extremely compact.

The device has a more or less large display

The cheapest models include those with a two-digit LCD screen, while the most modern are those with three-digit LEDs. Many have the function of being backlit so as to be legible in low light conditions.

The device also has a button located under the screen which has the utility of showing the results of alcohol blow test detected.

Functions of breathalyzer

Among the models of breathalyzer available on the market there are some with different functions in addition to the basic one for detecting alcohol.

Setting the unit of measurement: this is a function that allows you to set the unit of measurement suitable for the place where you live;

  • Alarm: this is an acoustic and / or visual signal that activate when the device detects the maximum permitted level of alcohol in the blood;
  • Memory: this is a function that allows you to take into account the most recent measurements so as to compare them with the previous ones and verify the improvement of your physical state;
  • Automatic switch-off: this is a function that allows the appliance to switch off after a few minutes of inactivity after alcohol blow test;
  • Connection: this is a function usually present in the most modern models, which allows a connection with the smartphone. So as to take advantage of different features through an application downloaded on it.

This, with the insertion of personal data such as weight, height, sex and age, provides suggestions on how to recover.


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