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What is Alcohol testing meter device?

2022/04/25 By hqt
Alcohol testing meter 2022

Breathalyzer vs Ethylometer

Firstly, we all know that alcohol testing meter uses for alcohol tester. If someone driving under the influence of alcohol is dangerous. However, few drivers are aware of the risk to which they expose when driving in this way. Alcohol is one of the risk factors most frequently involved in traffic accidents.

Alcohol testing meter

Breathalyzer is a widely consumed substance in our country. According to surveys, 42% drivers drink and drive at some time. For this reason, for physical safety purposes, the use of the alcohol testing meter using specialized instruments. such as the breathalyzer or the breathalyzer is very necessary to prevent and reduce the number of fatalities.

Do you know the differences between these devices?

Before talking about them, we are going to highlight some key aspects that are directly related to the alcohol testing meter:

The maximum blood alcohol level allowed in exhaled air in Spain, which applies to all drivers. in general, including cyclists, is 0.25 mg/l in exhaled air. In the case of professional and novice drivers, it reduces to 0.15 mg/l in expired air (0.3 g/l of alcohol in the blood).

After a breath test, the driver has the right to request a repeat test with an interval of 10 minutes. In the case of not agreeing with the results is after repeating the test. You could request a blood test, bearing in mind that if it were positive you would be forced to bear the costs of it.

Differences between Breathalyzer and breathalyzer

Returning to the main topic, these two devices used to measure the level or concentration of alcohol in the expired air through a disposable mouthpiece. The results of the test condition to the amount of alcohol that the subject being tested has taken. Alcohol testing meter are very precise, with practically no margin for error.

Regarding the differences, the alcohol testing meter is a more developed device than the breathalyzer. The breathalyzer is the instrument use by traffic agents in breathalyzer controls. It is the portable device through which we blow from inside the vehicle. It through a gas sensor, measures the percentage of alcohol in the blood of the person who blows it.

How many types of breathalyzer?

There are vending, personal and professional breathalyzers. The personal ones use by users who want to know their own BAC level to determine if they should drive or not. Professionals use in detoxification centers, in the police field, in companies, etc.

As for the breathalyzer, it is the device that use when the complaint is going to be made in case of having tested positive. after the first breathalyzer test. In these cases, it is necessary to carry out a second test that carries out by the alcohol testing meter, a more precise breathalyzer.

Why in the controls analyze before the alcohol in the breath instead of in the blood?

In both methods the level of reliability is identical, but there are several advantages in these devices compared to blood or urine tests. The breathalyzer or alcohol testing meter test is simpler, safer and faster. The results obtain immediately and the sample is unalterable and much cheaper.

When a subject requests the blood test, they have to be aware that they will practically 100% confirm what the devices have already told them. In addition, if a positive result obtains again, the subject will have to pay for the test in addition to the penalty.

Is the private use of the breathalyzer legal?

The answer is yes. It is an informative and preventive method that can help us not to commit an infraction. This does not mean that the results of an agent's device always prevail in the event that they contradict ours. In no case can our personal device use as proof in our own defense.

Uses of the alcohol testing meter

The alcohol testing meter uses to measure the percentage of alcohol that a drink may have. In addition, to know the amount that exists in the blood. The breathalyzers uses by the police are special and therefore have very little margin for error.

They use the handheld digital breathalyzer that is very simple to use.

Types of Breathalyzer

Knowing the different types of alcohol testing meter can be of great help to have a good use of it, and then I show you the ones you should know:

Alcohol testing meter 2022
  • Modern Digital alcohol testing meter

A digital breathalyzer bases on a gas sensor that indicates when you blow on it. It is the percentage of alcohol that exists in the blood and serves to know if a person is in good condition to drive.

Portable alcohol testing meter with printer

They use by authorities, companies or organizations. They are very easy to use and come with a printer that will help you know the results automatically. The result prints in black and white, and you can check your results through another printout after about 10 minutes.

  • Integrated breathalyzer in the vehicle

This type of breathalyzer incorporates in modern vehicles and which has a powerful precision and quality. This type of breathalyzer requires the driver to take an exam before starting the car. If the value is higher than the allowed limit, the vehicle's engine does not start.

Disposable Breathalyzer

This type of breathalyzer does not have the same precision as the other types. It does help to know and visibly demonstrate the level of alcohol that a person has.

These breathalyzers have completely independent modes of operation. Therefore, I recommend that you practice beforehand, so that you can make the best measurements. When using it and obtain excellent results.

Where to buy best alcohol breathalyzer?

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