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Why choose Szeek alcohol breath test machine?

2022/05/11 By hqt
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Measuring alcohol content with an alcohol breath test machine helps you determine the amount of pure alcohol (ethanol) in your body. Although people are no longer strangers to blowing alcohol with alcohol blowers when participating in traffic, they do not have enough knowledge about it. So, the content below will give you some information you need to know about this issue.

Method of measuring alcohol concentration

When you drink wine, beer, or use other alcohol-containing substances, ethanol is digested through the stomach and absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Then, blood containing ethanol (alcohol) transport to all parts of the body, including the respiratory organs. So, measuring alcohol concentration is easy to do through the following 2 methods:

Measure blood alcohol concentration

Blood alcohol measurement is a method of determining alcohol concentration by taking a blood sample from a vein with a needle. Then, the blood sample is put into a test tube containing anticoagulant and tested for ethanol quantification. The test takes about 1 hour.

Although this method gives very high accuracy results, it does not apply much in practice, especially in handling violations of alcohol concentration when participating in traffic for the following reasons:

This method is only conducted at hospitals or medical examination and treatment facilities. Because this method requires specialized medical equipment and supplies, and the person taking the blood sample also needs professional medical knowledge.

The test procedure is complex with many steps that need to be strictly followed to get accurate results.

Breath alcohol measurement with an alcohol breath test machine is the most common method of determining the alcohol concentration in the body. Because this method overcomes the disadvantages of measuring alcohol concentration by taking blood samples as follows:

Breath alcohol testing can be performed anywhere

Just a handheld breath alcohol meter is important instead of cumbersome specialized medical machines and equipment.

The process is very simple: the person who is asked to test the alcohol concentration just needs to blow air into the mouthpiece of the alcohol meter.

The person conducting the alcohol test does not need to have medical expertise.

Is it permissible to refuse an alcohol test?

When participating in traffic, if the driver is in the cases where he is required to measure the alcohol concentration according to the law provisions mentioned in the above section, he will not be allowed to refuse the request for a concentration test.

What is blood alcohol concentration? What problems will a high blood alcohol concentration cause without driving a vehicle? Is the breath alcohol meter accurate? Where is the best place to buy a cheap, alcohol breath test machine? Please refer everyone.

Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is an indicator used to measure the amount of alcohol in someone's blood. While a person's BAC is primarily determined by how much they drink in one sitting, it can also be influenced by other factors. Genetics, age, weight, drinking patterns and other factors can contribute to their blood alcohol levels.

Effects of having a high blood alcohol concentration

alcohol breath test machine 2022

If someone has a high blood alcohol level, they may experience the following side effects:

  • Stutter
  • Slow reflexes and reaction time
  • Crash and amnesia
  • Nausea vomiting
  • Go outside
  • Heart rate changes
  • Change your breathing
  • Loss of coordination

That is why the law stipulates that people with high blood alcohol levels are not allowed to drive vehicles.

Application of alcohol breath test machine

A breath alcohol tester is used to measure the concentration of alcohol and beer in the breath. A Handheld alcohol breath test machine provides accurate results. They are widely used by traffic police to test the blood alcohol concentration of vehicle drivers, doctors, healthcare professionals, etc.

Where to buy a cheap alcohol breath test machine?

To buy a cheap, quality alcohol meter is not an easy thing in today's complicated fake market. If you want to own a professional and affordable alcohol meter, you definitely cannot ignore Szeek.

To deal with being tested and sanctioned for alcohol concentration in the recently issued decree, drivers have been talking to each other about how to reduce the alcohol concentration in their breath. However, this is only a temporary way, and to ensure your safety, it is best to stay away from alcohol and alcoholic beverages.

After using alcohol, how long will the alcohol concentration last?

According to medical experts, alcohol and beer are beverages that are fermented from starch with high alcohol content, so they can be absorbed very quickly into the blood, breath, and urine through the digestive tract.

The duration of alcohol concentration in the body depends on the location and different factors such as gender, age, the time interval between drinks... On average, the body will remove about 0.015% per hour. of the alcohol concentration in the blood.

 However, in the period from 10 to 24 hours after consuming alcohol, the alcohol concentration can still be detected by the meter or detected in the user's saliva. As for the urine, the alcohol content can persist for about 3-4 days after drinking and using alcohol on an empty stomach, it will also make the elimination process slower.

Why choose the Szeek alcohol breath test machine?

Over the decades, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of breath alcohol and drug testing. We are the world leader in alcohol testing with the majority of police forces using breath alcohol analyzers, and alcohol testers providing evidence.

For many years, Szeek’s alcohol breath test machine devices have helped police detect a wide range of law violations, reduce the level of response, and provide strong evidence to the courts. Our rigorous quality control systems ensure on-site alcohol and drug testing equipment can provide reliable results.

Vehicle immobilizers help offenders control their driving behavior. Last but not least, our alcohol and drug devices can help improve workplace safety for employees and supplies.

Alcohol testing equipment

Szeek’s alcohol breath test machine is easy to use alcohol tester. The device performs pre-tests in police, industry, and personal applications quickly, reliably, and hygienically. . The breath alcohol analyzer also provides data storage for quick access to past test results.


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