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Why alco meter is the need in today's time?

2022/07/23 By hqt
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Most folks think they are fit to drive back from a night of celebrating, even if they have consumed alcoholic beverages. When it's nighttime, too many people believe that driving is reasonable. Even if they've had a few beers, they're less likely to engage in a disaster because there are fewer car drivers at that late hour. Every year, rationalizing drinking and driving results in tens of thousands of avoidable deaths and hundreds of arrests. To avoid such accidents, everyone should be aware of their BAC. An alco meter is the best gadget that one can own. It is handy and easy to use. If your BAC is more than the allowed value, you better not drive. Let’s see more about a breathalyzer in this article.

What is alco meter or breathalyzer?

An alco meter is electronic equipment used by cops to determine if a driver has consumed too much alcohol. Cops began utilizing breathalyzers to detect liquor in alleged drunk drivers to reduce the frequency of drunk driving accidents. When someone drinks, liquor enters the blood and travels to the lungs. A breathalyzer measures the concentration of alcohol vapors in the breath to determine blood alcohol concentration. Simply breathe into the breathalyzer, and the gadget will produce a number. This number reflects the person's blood alcohol level (BAC) and fitness to drive. In most countries, a blood alcohol content of 0.08 renders someone legally incapable of driving. And may land them in serious legal trouble, particularly if it is not their first violation.

How does a breathalyzer function?

The breathalyzer sample is obtained by the user breathing into the alco meter for approximately 5 seconds. The air volume required to deliver a 5-second blow must come from the deeper lung area, where good Breath AC readings can be obtained. Quality alcohol breathalyzers will have effective breath capture, which means that the machine will require a specific quantity of air and liquor to take the sample. If the quantity is insufficient, the breathalyzer will not provide measurement and will instruct the user to make another attempt.

What type of breathalyzer you should purchase?

First and foremost, what will your breathalyzer be used for? Is it only for personal use when you're out and about? Or are you purchasing a breathalyzer for a business? A workplace may purchase a breathalyzer that is more powerful, pricey, and reliable. Personal users can purchase a cheaper and more portable breathalyzer. Consider whether it must be tiny and lightweight enough to be carried with you all the time. Perhaps a sturdier, larger replica that can be stored in a filing cabinet until needed. You can get the best breathalyzers available at reasonable prices from Szeek.


Why is it so dangerous to drink and drive?

Regular drinkers may believe they know how their bodies metabolize alcohol. Drinkers frequently self-report whether they are heavy or light drinkers. It's very typical to brag about one's drinking prowess.Although the number of DUI accidents and deaths is decreasing year after year. They continue to be the leading cause of accident-related mortality. The saddest part would be that they are easily avoidable with a little awareness and individual responsibility.  Drunk driving is the underlying cause of several other car accidents.

When liquor enters the body, it affects you in subtle ways.

As alcohol passes through your digestive tract and into your bloodstream, it affects several systems. The following are some of the most prevalent consequences of alcohol on your body:

  • Increasing your chances of developing malignancies of the esophagus, mouth, or liver.
  • Having an impact on psychological capacity and emotions.
  • Alcohol alters behavior and passes across the blood-brain barrier.
  • Reduces the effectiveness of your immune response

The amount to which alcohol impairs you personally is determined by your genetics, environment, and the length of time it remains in your system.

What exactly is a normal drink?

One alcoholic beverage can be processed by the typical liver in one hour. Although a person may choose his drinks to be "strong," there is a basic average of drinks utilized for this calculation. According to the Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism Institute, a standard drink is any drink that includes approximately 14 grams of alcohol. This may include 12 ounces of standard beer, 5 oz. of wine, or a 1.5-ounce distilled spirit shot for instance vodka, whiskey, tequila, etc.

How long after drinking can one Pass a breath test?

Because your liver could only process one drink per hour on average, you must wait an hour between drinks. If you have a drink at 9 p.m., you should not have another until 10 p.m., or you may become inebriated as the body stores the additional. The longer you consume, the more alcohol remains in your system. A breathalyzer test can often detect liquor for up to twelve hours afterward consuming a single alcoholic drink. A typical urine sample can also identify alcohol 12 to 48 hours later. If your BAC is .08, this could take around 5 hours to digest the alcohol until you can become sober.

Why should you buy Szeek’s breathalyzers?

Breathalyzers are widely utilized by enforcement forces globally, mostly for driver screening and spot checking. Szeek Breath Alcohol Tester or breathalyzer is also known as an alcohol meter. It is a simple, quick-response tool used to assess if a person has any Blood Alcohol Content in their breath.

Szeek’s alco meter is suitable for mass screening environments where many subjects must be screened rapidly and correctly. Such as the mining sector, nightclubs, schools, or before driving, among others. Our devices use innovative surfaced alcohol sensor with exceptional sensitivity and reproducibility. Their attractive and portable design makes it ideal for personal use. Consider their features below:

  • Simple and convenient design for analyzing blood alcohol content (BAC) at any time and from any location, with great sensitivity.
  • High detection range, BAC detection range: .0-.19 percent / .0-.95 mg/L
  • Rapid detection results, prompt response, and resume
  • Portable and easy to carry on a keychain with an audible alert
  • LCD is ideal for a DUI breathalyzer test.
  • Power consumption is low, and the device powers off automatically.
  • Long life span


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