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A Professional Breathalyzer Helps Keep Your Business Safer

2023/02/21 By hqt
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For large factories or those places where alcohol content testing is more stringent, a professional breathalyzer is one of the most commonly used testing tools. Especially those places that require accurate test results quickly and with a large number of testers. If you want to know more about it, please read on.

What is a Professional Breathalyzer?

A professional breathalyzer is a device used to measure blood alcohol content (BAC) in humans. The device will produce an accurate reading of your BAC level even if you are not wearing any clothing or shoes, or if you have been drinking for many hours.

The most common type of sensor used in professional breathalyzers is a fuel cell sensor. Fuel cell sensors work by oxidizing the alcohol in a breath sample, which generates an electrical current that is proportional to the amount of alcohol present. This current is then measured and used to calculate the individual's BAC.

Fuel cell sensors are highly accurate and specific to alcohol, which makes them an ideal sensor for breathalyzers. Other types of sensors used in breathalyzers include semiconductor sensors and infrared spectroscopy sensors, but fuel cell sensors are the most widely used in professional-grade breathalyzers.

How Do Professional Breathalyzers Work?

Professional breathalyzers work by measuring the amount of alcohol in a person's breath. When a person consumes alcohol, it is absorbed into the bloodstream and eventually exhaled in the breath. Professional breathalyzers use a fuel cell sensor to detect the presence of alcohol in the breath and provide an accurate reading of the BAC.

Why Are Professional Breathalyzers Important?

If you are ever in a situation where you need to know if your blood alcohol level is above the limit, there are only two options: (1) take a professional breathalyzer test and wait for the results, or (2) have an expert analyze your blood for alcohol levels.

For the daily inspection of those large factories, the former is more cost-effective and faster. The latter will provide accurate results, but with a long wait, it is not suitable. Here are some of the reasons why a professional breathalyzer is important:

  • They allow law enforcement officers to check a driver's blood alcohol level without having to administer a breath test.
  • They can be used by security personnel at bars and nightclubs to determine whether a patron has too much alcohol in his or her system before entering the premises.
  • Breathalyzers can be used by drivers as an alternative to field sobriety tests when they're stopped on the side of the road for suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI).
  • Breathalyzers provide a convenient, quick way for drivers to determine if they have too much alcohol in their bodies, which can help prevent accidents and save lives.

The Most Common Places To Use The Professional Breathalyzer:

The professional breathalyzer is used extensively in the legal field. It is a device used to measure blood alcohol content (BAC), which is often used as evidence of intoxication or impairment. The professional breathalyzer can be used at any time, anywhere, and with virtually any type of person:

1. Roads with a speed limit of 55 mph or less:

The lower the speed limit, the higher the chance that you'll be pulled over by police. Some states have laws that require police to check driver's licenses and registrations when they're stopped on the road, so getting caught speeding could result in an expensive ticket.

2. Schools, colleges, and universities:

Many schools set aside certain parking lots or areas for student traffic only. When these areas are closed off to nonstudents, there's a good chance that law enforcement will be nearby — especially if there's any alcohol being consumed on campus property.

3. Restaurants and bars:

If you plan to drink while dining out at a restaurant or bar, it's important to know whether your state allows BYOB (bring your own beverage) policies or not. Some states also allow for BYOB at hotels and motels as well as other establishments where alcohol is served in restaurants and bars — but some do not allow it at all! 

If you have carefully observed the professional breathalyzers in the hands of the traffic police, you will find that most of them are fuel cell sensors. Let me introduce you to SZEEK's professional breathalyzer with a fuel cell sensor.

Benefits of Using Professional Breathalyzers:

SZEEK mainly provides three kinds of breathalyzers: professional breathalyzers for fuel cell sensors, professional breathalyzers for semiconductor sensors, and professional breathalyzers for MEMS technology sensors.

The following takes the fuel cell sensor professional breathalyzer EK912 as an example to describe the benefits of this product:

Get exact answers in seconds:

The warm-up time, response time, and blowing time of this professional breathalyzer are all 5 seconds. Its detection range is 0-1.90% BAC, 0-0.95mg/L and 0-190mg/100mL, and the accuracy is ±0.01%BAC, ±0.1‰BAC, ±0.1g/L, ±0.05mg/L, ±0.05mg/L, ± 10mg/100ml and ±0.1‰Prom. This means it can detect more accurate results for you in a very short time, providing a safer environment for your factory.

Longer service life:

The professional breathalyzer also has a built-in 1000 mAh lithium-ion battery certified by UL. It's rechargeable, so if you run out of battery, you can just charge it and use it, saving you some extra money. Moreover, it also supports 123 recent inspection records, which can meet the large daily needs of factories.

More convenient:

Not only accurate, but this professional breathalyzer EK912 also has a large display screen that allows you to easily view the test results. It is also certified by FDA, CE, RoHS, and FCC, and has obtained relevant certificates, which are very reliable.

Final Words:

The more professional the work environment, the higher the level of sobriety required of employees. In some large factories, if an employee drinks alcohol and an accident occur, it will cause great economic losses and reputational losses to your business. So, buying some professional breathalyzers is a good way to protect yourself.


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