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What is a personal breathalyzer? Top Features

2022/04/18 By hqt
Personal breathalyzer

What exactly is a breathalyzer?

Personal breathalyzers are frequently built for individual usage. These devices will enable you to determine and discover out how much alcohol is harmful to your body. Such breathalyzers' size and proportions are fairly small and easy to use. Furthermore, depending on the type, breathalyzers are uniquely equipped with a semiconductor sensor. However, there may be an electrochemical sensor that can perform measurements more quickly and precisely.

Personal breathalyzer

Breathalyzers are quite useful

Within 5 minutes of use, you should have a result to show at the breathalyzer display. A non-public breathalyzer has the capability of blowing through the mouthpiece, which improves measurement accuracy. In such circumstances, however, multiple mouthpieces must be included with the instrument.

Breathalyzers can also be used for other purposes, depending on the model.

Professional devices are not uncommon in the hands of professionals such as physicians and traffic cops.
Breathalyzers are intended for private usage for the purpose of self-control.
Furthermore, they are less accurate than professional ones, as they only plan for 1-2 measurements every day, but they are more compact and less expensive.


However, such personal breathalyzers are equipped with semiconductor sensors, run on batteries, and cannot work continuously for an extended period of time.
According to Belarusian legislation, non-public fashions are not permitted to be used to manage personnel (for example, expert gadgets are not unusualplace for pre-journey inspection and scientific examination).

Type of sensor: determines the concentration of alcohol

The sensor is the most important aspect of the breathalyzer: it determines the concentration of alcohol and assures the accuracy of the findings. However, there are other types of non-public breathalyzer sensors:

  1. The semiconductor works because ethanol molecules burn on the heated floor of the sensor. The sensors indicate with the assistance of employing a large mistake, but at the same time they're small, thus they're not uncommonplace in private models of breathalyzers.
  2. Alcohol vapor is electrochemically converted into an electrical signal. They aren't afraid of high and irregular temps, consume little power, differentiate by using using active washing of the sensor earlier than the following use, and can work for a long time. Furthermore, they no longer desire common calibrations. Such sensors are also seen in high-priced private clothing, in addition to professional devices.

Blowing method: the most sanitary option

According to the approach of blowing, non-public breathalyzer is split into groups:

  1. Models having a mouthpiece (direct blow) necessitate the use of a specialized suction instrument. Such devices produce more accurate results.
  2. However, solutions without a mouthpiece are more cost effective because the consumer no longer needs to buy for consumables. Furthermore, if the system is not uncommonplace with the assistance of multiple people, this is a more sanitary solution.

Most commonplace items of dimension in personal breathalyzers

The 3 maximum not unusualplace gadgets of dimension are:

  • mg/l. Typical for expert fashions. PROMILLE.
  • Determines 1 g of ethanol in 1 liter of blood(g/l). This unit of dimension is not unusualplace in non-public gadgets.
  • BAC, or Blood Alcohol Concentration. Shows what number of grams of ethanol include in a hundred ml of blood.
  • 1 ppm corresponds to 0.10 BAC.

The devices are short in length and light in weight.

Personal breathalyzers are often powered by batteries (calls for one or AA batteries, relying at the model).
Such devices are short in length and light in weight.
However, the most important caution is that you must extrade the batteries on time.

Extra alternatives and traits of breathalyzers

Moreover, while deciding on, be aware of different essential traits:

Time to wait for readings.
This is the period when the gadget provides results after blowing.
The run-up time for various styles ranges from 2 to 30 seconds.
The lower this indication, the easier it is to use the gadget - the user no longer has to wait.

  • Signal for sound. He double-checks that the tool is ready for use. Furthermore, it is discharged if the check problem produced the appropriate exhale - continuous, strong, and uniform. This increases the tool's usefulness.
  • Memory outcomes The option is appropriate if the tool is not uncommonplace with the assistance of many individuals. However, private models no longer have a large memory and can no longer remember a range of tests.
Personal breathalyzer 2022

Personal breathalyzer 2022 Varieties of private breathalyzer

There are 4 forms of gadgets - pocket, non-public, expert, unique.

Pocket: are not very accurate

Such trends are carried out inside the form of key chains. They lack extra capabilities and are not very correct. Breathalyzer keychains are entry-level devices with three lamps. They show the diploma of drunkenness by lighting up.

Furthermore, the motive force regulates the situation with the help of such modifications. An LED lamp and a timer are among the pocket devices.

Because there may be no virtual picture, an incorrect percent of the flaws differentiate.

Personal: used by one person

Personal breathalyzers are intended for non-public usage by a single individual. However, finding a breathalyzer isn't usually difficult because they're widely available. Furthermore, they differ in compact length and cost.

It should be noted that a breathalyzer should no longer be used seldom. Permissible usage price - 4-6 times per day.

Professional: used in businesses and by enterprises

They are common in organizations and businesses that require a large number of tests. They are common in hospitals, police departments, and shipping companies. A professional breathalyzer, on the other hand, is a reliable gadget that functions without error.

Advantages of professional breathalyzers

Moreover, a few expert changes include a printer that right now presentations the outcomes.

Advantages of personal breathalyzer:

  • High precision with out errors.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • Equipped with a virtual display, which indicates information.
  • To defend in opposition to fraud and fraud, unique software
  • program equipment consist of
  • with the gadgets.

However, gadgets differentiate themselves by utilizing a large number of tests every day. Employees who perform equipment and vehicles are commonly tested in small businesses and industries. A semiconductor or electrochemical sensor is provided.

How to use the breathalyzer correctly?

In order for the non-public breathalyzer to expose an correct result, it recommends to stick to the subsequent rules:

  • After consuming alcohol and taking medication - you have to wait 10-20 mins and simplest then do the check.
  • Carry out the check in a closed, ventilated vicinity to keep away from robust winds.
  • Do now no longer smoke earlier than the check. Cigarette smoke damages the sensor and distorts the outcomes.
  • To disinfect the mouthpiece, do now no longer use materials that include alcohol.


In conclusion, personal breathalyzers are common for self-tracking and are not ideal for clinical or pre-trip checks. Furthermore, such devices are battery-powered and equipped with semiconductor sensors. You may also want to keep certain essential parameters in mind while selecting a model.:

  • Blowing method.
  • Units.
  • Additional functions.


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