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Everything you ought to know about self-breathalyzer

2022/09/13 By hqt

As we're dwelling in a global wherein era is getting superior day after day, era is anywhere round us. Similarly, scientists and inventors have invented a tool for an alcoholic man or woman to lessen the danger of having arrested, this is small sufficient to connect to a keychain, and may effortlessly match internal your pocket, and that sport changer is a self-breathalyzer.

If you adore to drink alcohol at events and weddings, however worry getting stuck with the aid of using law enforcement officials at the same time as driving, this self-breathalyzer is a paragon which you have to have to your pocket all of the time to store your self from those regulation enforcement cases.

About self-breathalyzer

A private breathalyzer is a tool that you could use to degree the restrict of alcohol to your blood; this tool estimates the alcohol to your blood with the aid of using checking the breath you exhale withinside the air. On Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year days, the law enforcement officials take a look at each motive force on the street to save you accidents; having this could assist you to recognise your BAC earlier than leaving the residence so you will now no longer sense burdened while the police will method you.

How does it work?

The operating of this breathalyzer could be very thoughts-blowing. Inside a breathalyzer, there's a chemical response that takes vicinity among the alcohol debris withinside the air and the acetic acid. This oxidation produces an electric powered cutting-edge withinside the tool; the extra the depth of the cutting-edge, the extra may be the BAC stage withinside the frame and vice versa.

Procedure to use a breathalyzer

This tool has a mouthpiece, blanketed with a cap; you need to elevate the cap and exhale it, then there are chambers with liquid chemical substances, and the debris to your breath react with this chemical. The shadeation of chemical substances is reddish-orange, however while it reacts it turns green. The shadeation is then used to degree electric cutting-edge, that's then used to be counted number BAC.

Step-by-step guide is

  • Press the operating button; it will turn on the display screen.
  • Blow air inside your mouth
  • Then remove the mouthpiece cap
  • Exhale the breath into the mouthpiece
  • Wait for 1 minute
  • Then it will show the BAC count.

Parts of breathalyzer

There are three parts to a breathalyzer device:

  • Mouthpiece
  • Display screen
  • Operating button


Although the effects of the breathalyzer are constantly accurate, there are some matters which you have to maintain in thoughts earlier than trying out your breath. These can motive an blunders in measurements.

  • Test as a minimum after 1 hour of consuming alcohol.

  • Do now no longer check proper after smoking a cigarette, mouthwash, or any breath freshener, Vicks, and oral gels.

  • Make certain that the battery of the device is as much as mark.

  • Check whether or not your tool desires to be recalibrated.

  • Asthma medications.

Things that may have an effect on your self-alcohol check

  • Weight: the extra you drink water, the extra alcohol receives diluted into your blood, and because of this, the end result fluctuates badly.

  • Sex: Alcohol has special outcomes on men and girls. Men method alcohol extra fast due to the fact they have got better portions of belly enzyme that aids in its breakdown. In general, girls are extra obese and obese than men. Women's hormonal adjustments also can have an effect on BAC.

  • The quantity of beverages you've got got in an hour.
    The quality of the drink.

  • A complete belly will hinder the metabolism of alcohol, in particular if the meals is powerful in protein.

The best brand of self-breathalyzer

The excellent breathalyzer is the only that has a protracted existence, portability, excessive performance, accuracy and is simpler to hold and use. A organization that may offer you with the excellent breathalyzer and alcohol trying out gadgets is SZEEK; we've got an revel in of extra than 10 years of presenting our clients with an all-rounder tool.

Features of our breathalyzers

  • Our breathalyzer comes with exquisite accuracy and precision.

  • We have a exquisite breathalyzer for person use and it is straightforward to apply; the sizes are very compact and you could effortlessly perform 3 to 5 checks in an afternoon the use of our self-breathalyzer.

  • These breathalyzers are low in price

  • Our tool comes with a mouthpiece and additionally a unique nozzle.

  • We provide ODM and OEM offerings to our clients.

  • Our breathalyzers have a protracted existence span.

  • Our breathalyzers may be recalibrated effortlessly.

Our best-seller self-breathalyzer

We have a extensive variety of alcohol tester gadgets, every tool gives exquisite accuracy and precision however they all range a touch bit in capabilities and specs, so let's examine our excellent Breathalyzer

EK 918

This tool makes use of a gasoline mobileular to provide a really excessive stage of precision and accuracy and it's miles a dependable and sturdy tool. A gasoline mobileular measures the quantity of alcohol withinside the breath with the aid of using estimating the cutting-edge generated with the aid of using alcohol compounds after they get oxidized.


  • The length of this tool is 120mm55mm18mm
  • The weight is 125g
  • It takes handiest five seconds to heat up and five seconds to respond.
  • It has a integrated a thousand mAH Li-ion battery.
  • It may be examined 123 times.
  • The sensor kind is a gasoline mobileular It is licensed with the aid of using CE / FCC / RoHS / UL

We apprehend how risky alcohol is for the human frame, and the way painful it's miles to get a blood check to recognise approximately the alcohol percent withinside the blood, plus it additionally takes time and a whole lot of money. SZEEK alcohol tester gadgets are a reasonably-priced technique to your problem. So while it comes to shopping for a breath tester device, you have to constantly purchase it from us, and additionally propose it to others.

Hurry up and rush in the direction of our internet site to get your breathalyzer at an inexpensive price.


SZEEK is a company that specializes in manufactur-ing high-precision breathalyzers. We are the top manufacturer of breathalyzers in China. More

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