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What is digital alcohol meter? 2022 Best Guide

2022/03/02 By hqt

What is an alcohol meter and how to use it?

A digital alcohol meter is a small instrument that cans uses to determine the density of a liquid. Hydrometer, in fact, is a common name for a whole group of devices with a common purpose. But with different principles of operation, design features and, more importantly, areas of application. With the help of such devices, the amount of fat in milk or salt in a solution measures.

digital alcohol meter 2022

Many companies offers hydrometers for measuring the amount of sugar in a liquid, wine meters for self-made and industrial wine production, and alcohol meters for determining the percentage of alcohol in a solution.

We will talk about the latter device and define what an alcoholmeter is and how to properly use it for home and professional preparation of alcoholic beverages.

Why do we need digital alcohol meter?

The mention device allows you to determine the strength of the solution at all stages of the preparation of alcoholic beverages. It is used to determine the percentage concentration of ethyl alcohol in water.

 How does it, in this case, differ from the vinometer, the purpose of which is also to determine the amount of alcohol in solutions? The difference is that a conventional alcohol meter is only suitable for determining the concentration of digital alcohol meter in water, and not in other drinks.

Another common question about the alcoholmeter is where this device uses. Different types of alcohol meters use for home brewing and for research in professional laboratories. We will consider the features of varieties of alcohol measuring instruments below.

The design and principle of operation of glass alcohol meters

As well as, digital alcohol meter shape like fishing float. At the bottom of the wide part of the device there a weight makes of shot or mercury filled with resin.

Furthermore, inside the narrow part of the “float” there is paper with a measuring scale that determines the value of density, degrees of strength or mass fraction of alcohol. The next question we will look at is how the alcoholmeter works and how it works.

digital alcohol meter 2022

The principle bases on the hydrostatic law of Archimedes, which states that the buoyant force is equal to the weight of the displace fluid. Using an alcohol meter is quite simple:

Lower the alcohol meter into the liquid in such a way that the “float” floats freely in it, without touching the walls of the container.

Wait until the fluctuations of the liquid subside;

Water and digital alcohol meter have different densities. Depending on the percentage of alcohol in the water, the device is more or less deeply immersed in the solution. Here, you don’t need to calculate anything yourself. The desire indicator will correspond to the scale at the level of the liquid surface. All you have to do is take the evidence.

As you can see, nothing complicates. The only thing that is required from the researcher is to follow some rules for using the alcoholmeter, which will allow you to get the most accurate undistorted readings:

  • make sure that the alcoholmeter does not touch the walls of the vessel
  • exactly follow the instructions that come with the alcoholmeter;

To take accurate readings, it is better to measure several times and takes the average value obtained into work.

If the device has sunk into the liquid, it means that it is defective or does not correspond to the strength level. We shall learn what alcohol meters are and how to choose it correctly, we will tell later in the article.

Types of digital alcohol meter

According to the principle of measurement and technical characteristics, alcohol meters can be divided into glass, digital and optical. Glass is classified according to the maximum strength of the drink, which can be measured by one or another device.

Also, there are special types of alcohol meters that are suitable for measuring liquids with impurities, however, they cannot quite attribute to the classic type of accurate alcohol meters. This refers to an alcoholmeter for wine - a wine meter. Nevertheless, it is customary for experts to distinguish the following types of alcohol meters:

  • professional or laboratory
  • glass
  • optic
  • digital
  • Vinometer’s and sugar meters.

So, the most popular alcohol meters are:

  1. Fuel Cell Alcohol Tester
  2. Mems Alcohol Tester
  3. Semiconductor Alcohol Tester


Let's consider each type in more detail.

Perhaps the simplest type is a household digital alcohol meter with a strength scale from 0 to 96 degrees. The error of such a device is insignificant - no more than 0.5 degrees. For a wine glass, the percentage of error is more noticeable - about 1 percent or even higher.

The appointment of such an alcoholmeter raises great doubts among specialists. Why measure the percentage of alcohol directly in the glass? It is best to make the right alcohol decision for yourself during a feast? It will look strange, and the temperature of the drinks serve to the table is not always the require 20 degrees.

Professional glass alcohol meters

A laboratory or professional digital alcohol meter is a device uses in laboratories in the production of, for example, alcohol-containing household products. However, it is widely uses in home brewing. For convenience and accuracy, measurements divide by strength level.

It is important to bear in mind that a device that is incorrectly select in terms of strength will sink in the test solution after immersion. Conversely, it will completely float to the surface. For example, if an alcoholmeter with a scale of up to 40% has sunk, then it is worth replacing it with a device with a measurement of 40-70% or more.

Digital and optical alcohol meters and vinometer

Less common devices are electronic or digital alcohol meters, which characterize by instant action and accurate results. Additionally equip with a thermometer. The disadvantage of such a device for private use is the high price.

An optical alcoholmeter or refractometer is, for the most part, a professional device that is more suitable for winemakers.


Using an expensive electronic alcoholmeter or a complex optical one at home does not make sense. After all, cheap glass devices do an excellent job of determining the alcohol content in water. The use of which does not require much effort.

For some reason, vinometer classify as a type of digital alcohol meter, although they are rather a separate type of hydrometer that allows you to determine the alcohol and sugar content of grape must.


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