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Breathalyzer buy: Is it the best Choice to test Alcohol?

2022/03/02 By hqt
Breathalyzer buy

It's often quicker than you think: you're out in the car in the evening and want to drive home. As a courtesy, you can't avoid a drink. In order to determine whether you are still fit to drive, you need a reliable breathalyzer buy.

Your breathalyzer should be as precise as possible

In most European countries it allows to drive a car with up to 0.5 ‰. To make sure that you neither endanger road traffic nor "fail" the police check, your breathalyzer should be as precise as possible. Use our test or comparison table to check how high the deviations of the measuring device of your choice are, so that you always get home safely.

Purchase advice for the breathalyzer test or comparison: Find your personal breathalyzer test winner with our help!

Whether as a security measure or as a party gag, breathalyzer buy will always help you make the right decision on long nights.

Breathalyzer buy

Reliable alcohol testers are not only used by the police

With a deviation of ± 0.05 ‰, measuring devices are just as precise as the devices use by the police for patrols and routine checks.

Alcohol testers: a wrist strap and one-button operation

To make testing your alcohol level as easy as possible, there are alcohol testers that have a wrist strap and one-button operation. Even in the dark, LCD displays of breathalyzer buy let you see whether you are still fit to drive or not.

 Most drivers know the feeling. You go to a party or a drink in the evening and take the car. "Today I'll drink at most one beer" is the motto. But one beer quickly turns into a second and the question arises: “Can I still drive a car? ".

But how do you find out whether you are still fit to drive according to German law? Dubious apps from the internet? Doing inaccurate, self-create calculations based on your weight, height, and amount of alcohol consume? Neither should really be an issue.

Alcohol tester or alcohol meter

What you need is a real breathalyzer buy, also known as an alcohol tester, alcohol tester or alcohol meter. Only with such a device can you determine whether you are still fit to drive, so as not to endanger yourself or other road users.

How do breathalyzers work?

In order to measure the blood alcohol level of a person, alcohol testers use by the police, for example. These are usually about the size of a smartphone and have a mouthpiece at the top that you have to blow into. The following happens inside the breathalyzer buy:

  • The exhaled air gets into a small pump, which absorbs it and forwards it into the interior.
  • This contains small sensors that have prepare with a saline solution.
  • The exhaled ethanol (the chemical name for the pure alcohol in beverages) reacts with the saline solution by donating electrons to it.
  • Measurable electrical energy generates in the poles of the sensors.
  • The more electrons release, the higher the alcohol content in the breath and the higher the alcohol level.

Tip: Something problematic about this measuring method is that it is not the alcohol content in the breath itself that is decisive, but in the blood. The alcohol meter converts the almost 2100 times lower breath alcohol from the alcohol level in the blood in order to draw conclusions about it. One hundred percent precision can hardly achieve.

What are the important purchase criteria for breathalyzer buy?

The measuring range should be as large as possible. Each test states how large the measuring range of the tested model is. Normally this starts at 0.00‰ and ends at 2.00‰ up to 5.00‰, depending on the device and manufacturer.

In order to be able to estimate how large the measuring range of your alcohol tester must be, you should know what the alcohol number roughly means.

The different stages of alcoholization

According to the commonly accepted definition, an alcohol level between zero and one per mille is responsible for "elevated mood". People become more sociable and open-minded towards other people. Inhibitions often decrease with increasing alcohol levels, measuring by breathalyzer buy.

In addition, visual performance deteriorates by almost 15% from as little as 0.5 ‰. Distances can estimate a little worse. From 0.8 ‰, the first disturbances of equilibrium and lack of concentration can occur. The mood is usually very euphoric and upbeat.

Breathalyzer buy 2022

What is intoxication stage?

A level between one and two per mille puts the affected person into the so-called "intoxication stage". A state in which the alcohol concentration in the blood can lead to a loss of control. Spatial vision becomes more difficult. The senses of concentration, coordination and balance numb and no longer function reliably.

If you reach two to three per milli, you are in the "anesthetic stage”. Their movements can hardly control and it is almost impossible to speak clearly. Muscles often become slack and your body tries to get rid of the remaining alcohol by making you vomit. If you are in this condition, you should consult a doctor with the help of other people.

Do your breathalyzer buy is as precise as possible?

As previously explained, breath alcohol tests are never as accurate as blood alcohol tests. Nevertheless, you should make sure that your alcohol meter is as precise as possible.

In our comparison table, we have indicated how large the deviations of the compared blood alcohol measuring devices are. You can describe all devices that show deviations of ± 0.05 ‰ as alcohol testers accurate for the police, since they are just as precise as the portable breath alcohol meters used by the judiciary in the field. All blood breathalyzer buy that are accurate to ± 0.1‰ are usually sufficient, at least for private use.

You can't really rely on Cheaper breathalyzers

Cheaper breathalyzers are mostly accurate to just ± 0.15‰ to ±0.2‰. With that, you're still good enough to serve as a party joke, but not really practical anymore. The difference between 0.5 and 0.7 ‰ decides, for example, whether you still allow to drive or not. So you can't really rely on these devices.

Where can you buy breathalyzers?

Whether disposable breathalyzers or digital breathalyzers: you can usually find reliable breathalyzers in our company: SZEEK.

When buying a breathalyzer, consider what we and independent breathalyzer reviews online recommend to help you find the best breathalyzer buy.


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