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What Type of Breath Analyzer Machine Should I Buy?

2022/03/21 By hqt
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Breath Analyzer Machine

What is an alcohol meter?

A breath analyzer machine (or alcohol blower, breath alcohol meter, alcohol tester ...) is a device used to measure the concentration of alcohol in the breath. Thereby determining whether the subject is subject to alcohol. use of alcoholic substances such as alcohol or not.

In addition to traffic police (traffic police), alcohol measuring tools also use by fruit and beer factories to determine the alcohol content of their products.

Structure of alcohol meter

The breath analyzer machine design to be compact and easy to handle with a structure consisting of 3 basic parts: body, screen and bellows.

Body:  Usually has an outer shell made of plastic, behind is a battery assembly. The inside of the camera body contains Chromium (VI) oxide CrO3.  A chemical that can help the machine analyze and determine the alcohol concentration.

Screen:  Responsible for displaying the parameters, helping the user to know the exact alcohol concentration.

Bellows:  Usually made of plastic. A breath alcohol meter may equip with one or more bellows. The position of the bellows can be on the side of the machine or in front of the screen, depending on the product line.

Principle of breath analyzer machine

The alcohol test machine has a fairly simple operating principle, which can give results in just a few seconds. However, before learning about this principle, let's review some chemistry knowledge!

Alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer contain ethyl alcohol as the main ingredient. A substance that easily oxidize. The chromium (VI) oxide CrO3 contained in the alcohol meter, when it meets ethyl alcohol. They have a chemical reaction and create a new substance, Cr2O3, with a black color.

Thus, when a road user using alcohol blows on the breath analyzer machine of the police and traffic police, the chromium (VI) oxide CrO3 will reduce by ethyl alcohol to the black compound Cr2 O3.

Next, the alcohol tester will rely on the color change to determine the alcohol concentration and display the results on the screen.

Instructions on how to use the alcohol meter

The use of alcohol meter carries out according to the following steps:

Step 1: Start the machine

Install the battery in the device.

Hold down the power button or the Enter key on the body. At this time, the screen shows the time to wait for the breath analyzer machine to start up (about a few seconds). When the device makes a "pip" sound, it is ready to measure the alcohol content.

Step 2: Insert the breathing tube into the alcohol measuring device

Note: When installing, you need to make sure that the breathing tube firmly installs and seals to prevent breathing from escaping.

Step 3: Measure the alcohol concentration

Blow into the tip of the breathing tube 1 breath long enough, then wait a few seconds for the machine to analyze the data. The results will display on the screen after a period of 5 to 30 seconds as numbers or letters.

Step 4: Print the result

Some current breath analyzer machine lines also support printing alcohol concentration results each time. To print the results, you select the Enter key on the body of the machine. At this point, the screen will give the option Print (print), you choose Enter to print.

Breath Analyzer Machine 2022 

What is the price of alcohol meter?

With the possibility of being fined tens of millions of dongs and keeping a driving license, many people have decided to buy an alcohol tester to be more active in traffic, especially at the end of the year. So how much does the alcohol tester cost?

In fact, there are many different types of breath analyzer machine on the market. Their selling price vary according to device. High-end, high-priced models not only have accurate measurement results, but also equips with other intelligent features, such as storing hundreds of test results.

When buying an alcohol meter, besides the price, the brand is an extremely important factor that you need to pay attention to.

How does a breath alcohol meter work?

Breath alcohol meter is a device that indicates the alcohol concentration in the breath of the user. Thereby helping us to determine whether the alcohol concentration in the breath is in violation of the regulations when participating in traffic or not.

To have the best way to handle, not to break the law as well as to be safe for yourself when participating in traffic.

How does a breath analyzer machine work?

Alcohol testers usually have a very simple structure, including 1 bellows (or blowing funnel) about 5 cm long and a body containing the breath analyzer and display. Some machines also have a mini printer device to print the results.

The breath alcohol meter uses breath-sensing technology, especially the new generation meters after testing will not have a residue of alcohol concentration of the previous tester, so it is always guaranteed for the test. The results are not biased.

The working principle of a breath alcohol meter

The working principle of a breath alcohol meter is also very simple. It is based on a chemical reaction. As is known, the main ingredient of wine or alcoholic beverages is ethyl. A substance with very easy oxidation properties. While, breath analyzer machine often contains Chromium (VI) Oxide (CrO3). A very strong oxidizing agent in the form of yellow-orange crystals.

When blowing air into this device, if the breath contains alcohol vapor, they will react with CrO3 and turn into Cr2O3 with a blue-black color.

Breath alcohol meter: the color variation

Based on the color variation, the analyzer will notify the user of the alcohol level in the breath. This parameter displays right on the screen of the device. In case the breath has no alcohol concentration, the breath analyzer machine will display the result "alcohol free".

In general, based on this principle, the results of measuring the breath alcohol concentration of reputable meters are now quite accurate, especially with modern and high-end measuring devices.


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