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Best Personal Breathalyzer: 2022 DIY Guide

2022/04/25 By hqt
Best Personal Breathalyzer

The best personal breathalyzer is a measuring instrument use to establish the presence of alcohol in a liquid or gas, that is, it can use to measure the alcohol level of a drink or to determine the alcohol present in the blood or air exhaled by a person. .

Best Personal Breathalyzer

History of the breathalyzer

During the time of 1927, Dr. Emil Bogen, in the city of Los Angeles, set the parameters to develop the modern breathalyzer, through an investigation that consisted of an intoxicated person blowing into a soccer ball chamber, which contained chemicals that would determine the presence of alcohol in the person's breath.

Borkenstein, a photographer from the State Police Laboratory, in the city of Indiana, built a best personal breathalyzer that improved the previous one, resulting in a novel device for breath test, being preferred for its simplicity.

How the breathalyzer works?

A large part of the breathalyzers uses a combustion cell (electrochemical) as technology to detect alcohol. In turn these cells are made up of two platinum electrons, generating a small electric current. When the alcohol passes through them, said energy emits the concentration of alcohol in the blood.

The method is subject to the unit of measure BAC or BrAc.

Unit of measure BAC which means blood alcohol content, the results express in units of mass of alcohol per volume of blood.

Unit of measurement BrAc which means breath alcohol content expressed in grams divide by 210 liters, that is, grams of alcohol per 210 liters of breath.

How many types of breathalyzers?

In the market there is currently a variety of best personal breathalyzer, among its main classifications we find:

1] Stationary Breathalyzers

They fix devices; they are usually resistant and large. It generally places in restaurants, bars or places where alcoholic beverages are sold. They are quite reliable, since they have a degree of reliability similar to the professional one.

2] Professional and evidential breathalyzers

In general, the police authority uses this equipment in the control of best personal breathalyzer among drivers, which is why they have high precision and effectiveness. Likewise, they use in medical or rehabilitation centers and in work environments, for the prevention of accidents. Some models have data storage and printing of results.

3] Personal breathalyzers benefits

As its name indicates, this best personal breathalyzer is for personal use, they are fast and effective. In the market they are found in equipment of different prices, everything depends on its characteristics and functionalities.

The best personal breathalyzer is effective in preventing traffic accidents. Since it is mostly use the authorities in their work to control alcohol levels in drivers.

4] Application

However, it has extensive application in the workplace, in machinery management companies, transportation companies and others in which the worker's sobriety is extremely necessary, since it could endanger his safety and the safety of other people.

5] Characteristics of a Breathalyzer

Among the characteristics of a best personal breathalyzer, the following highlight, an important aspect to consider when using a measuring instrument:

6] Sensor

When the test carries out, the behavior of the sensors can observe. Sensors tend to relate ambient temperature and relative humidity. It is important that you know that those that do not have these sensors have a much lower precision.

7] Precision

The accuracy in a best personal breathalyzer is very important, since, if the accuracy and precision is not correct when performing the test, the person who is being tested may be subject to a sanction since he or she may incur a crime. .

Best personal breathalyzer has great sensitivity

It is a fundamental point to know the device that is being use, since, the greater the sensitivity, the greater it’s precision, you should know that, having greater sensitivity, the times for calibration will be longer.

If you are thinking of having a best personal breathalyzer for personal use, you should take this factor into account, because if the sensitivity is relatively high, the cost of the equipment will be higher and you will not have to recalibrate it all the time to make it work correctly.

  • Autonomy

The autonomy of the device or energy consumption is also important, since most of these devices work with batteries.

Response time and valve types of breathalyzers

It is the time it takes for the breathalyzer to display its results, after the test carries out. Each type of breathalyzer works differently, and each has its own time interval.

Best Personal Breathalyzer 2022

Best personal breathalyzer come with different types of valves, such as non-return valves, check valves, unfold valves or check valves. The purpose of the valve is to close the passage of the fluid that is circulating in the same direction, and leave the other passage free, thus allowing the entry of air and saliva, but not its exit.

Is all breathalyzers having a digital screen?

Almost all best personal breathalyzer have a digital screen that shows the results numerically, simply and clearly. Some screens have night vision and widely use in the professional field.

However, there are some models of breathalyzers that do not show their results on the screen, but only have light indicators or alarms.

What is sought through a breathalyzer?

 The best personal breathalyzer must show the results based on the requirements of the country where it will use. That is, you must know what degree of alcohol a person must have in order to drive.

Knowing how to identify the parts and characteristics of a measuring instrument can be of vital help to have a good use of it, therefore, before using it, carry out a basic study of its parts and how to identify them.

Importance of a Breathalyzer

By knowing the degree of alcohol that exists in a sample or in a person's blood, different projects and scientific studies can develop, and at the same time prevent people from having an automobile accident.

If this device did not exist, it would not be possible to have perfect and elaborate liquor, or it would not be possible to know if a person exceeded the alcohol limits that allow driving.

Finally, precision and accuracy in this type of measurement is important, best personal breathalyzer increases reliability and guarantees the integrity and life of people.


The best personal breathalyzer represents today a very important device, which can use by authorities as well as by ordinary people, in order to check the approximate level of alcohol that can be in the blood and that a driver should know before driving.


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