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Is It Possible to Cheat an Alcohol Measuring Instrument?

2022/05/21 By hqt
Alcohol Measuring Instrument
Alcohol Measuring Instrument

An alcohol measuring instrument is a device whose task is to determine the amount of alcohol in the human bloodstream based on the analysis of exhaled air.

It works on the principle of taking air (gas) to the sensor. The sensor changes its resistance when exposed to alcohol vapors and gives a result which is converted to decimal values.

Alcohol measuring device: cheaper or expensive?

The heart of the breathalyzer is a sensor that analyzes the air blown during the test. There are various gases and substances in the air - not just alcohol vapors.

The sensor must be designed so that these other substances have as little influence on the results of the alcohol measuring instrument as possible - and this is not an easy task.

Cheap breathalyzers are built on the basis of cheap, general air pollution sensors that react to alcohol vapors, but are also very sensitive to other substances.

More expensive breathalyzers from reputable manufacturers are based on much more sophisticated sensors. They design specifically for a given model of the breathalyzer. Therefore, their results are much more reliable.

Alcohol measuring device: semiconductor or electrochemical?

A breathalyzer based on a semiconductor sensor is less precise due to on the sensor technology itself. In addition, the semiconductor sensor wears out. It oxidizes even when not in use.

The alcohol measuring instrument sensor is only consumed during measurements. As a result, the sensor lifetime is many times longer, calibration is much less frequent - and therefore also less expensive.

However, an electrochemical breathalyzer is more expensive than a semiconductor breathalyzer.

Calibration - what and why?

Calibration is an inseparable concept with every breathalyzer.

The breathalyzer sensor wears out gradually and after some time its indications are incomprehensible or misinterpreted by the breathalyzer computer.

Calibration consists in subjecting the breathalyzer to tests and determining its efficiency on special simulators.

In case the results differ from reality, the software is reset and the initial nominal values ​​are set using laboratory-prepared precise alcohol samples.

The following messages indicate the need for calibration: CAL, SEN and results that differ significantly from reality, e.g. 0.5 % despite the lack of alcohol consumption.

Is it possible to cheat an alcohol measuring instrument?

A lot of myths have arisen around the topic of cheating the breathalyzer or its incorrect indications. It is easy to assess their authenticity by learning about the principles of operation of these devices.

Air from deep within the lungs

Disposable, personal or police breathalyzer must receive air from the depths of the lungs to indicate the correct result. Its optimal amount is 1.2 liters. This debunks the myths about trying to use chewing gums or candies prior to testing in order to underestimate the result.

They will not affect the air in your lungs. However, it is worth being careful. A alcohol measuring instrument with a semiconductor sensor can mistake rubber residue for alcohol and inflate the reading.

Models with electrochemical sensor are resistant to this phenomenon. However, it should be remembered that eating a candy with alcohol or using a mouthwash with percentages immediately before the test will result in a false-positive result. Alcohol residue in the mouth will affect the reading.

However, as deep lung air counts, just wait a little while and rinse your mouth with water and you will get the correct result.

Confusion with alcohol confusing breathalyzers?

Alcohol Measuring Instrument 2022

The Polish limit of alcohol in the driver's blood is 0.2 permille. In order to exceed it, the average man would have to eat as many as 13 popular bars, which include an attorney. This is such a large amount that the likelihood of a conflict with the law due to one bar of this type is very low.

Low ambient temperature will not give correct results

An alcohol measuring instrument will not give correct results if the temperature is low are true. This applies even to the best devices. For this reason, it was believed that the random check of sobriety in the cold was not reliable. This is no longer true. The temperature of the breathalyzer sensor itself is important, not the temperature of the environment.

There are heaters in police breathalyzers to maintain the optimal temperature of the sensor. Thanks to this solution, the problem of low temperatures does not concern them.

On the other hand, personal alcohol measuring instrument, if they are of good quality. They will detect that their temperature is too low and notify the user about it. Usually, to get a correct result, it is enough to keep such a device for a few minutes in a warm pocket of clothes.

Are you wondering how much blood alcohol is in your body after drinking a few drinks? Or maybe you have to get behind the wheel after a family party? Try our virtual breathalyzer - accurate alcohol calculator available for free online. Check if you are still under the influence of alcohol and find the answer to the question: how much can I drink?

Blood alcohol measuring instrument - what does it say?

Virtual breathalyzer allows you to estimate the blood alcohol content. All you need to do is provide data such as:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Increase
  • Body type
  • Libra
  • The type and amount of alcohol consumed
  • Time when alcohol was consumed
  • Type of meals consumed before and during alcohol consumption
  • Medications taken.

Based on these data, a mathematical algorithm gives an estimate of your blood alcohol content. Please note that this is only an approximate result. An online alcohol calculator cannot be proof of sobriety in any case.

The virtual alcohol measuring instrument is only an indication of how long the body needs to neutralize the alcohol in the body. However, there are many factors that an online breathalyzer cannot take into account, so you should not rely solely on the results.

Alcohol converter - how does it work?

The online breathalyzer provides specific alcohol conversion factor, in which you serve drinks and their amount, as well as the time of consumption. This allows you to calculate the estimated time of sobriety. Our online breathalyzer takes into account alcohols such as:

  • Vodka
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Champagne
  • Others - such as Rum, Whiskey or Liqueur - you only need to know the% of alcohol they contain.

The result you get from alcohol measuring instrument will help you understand how your body burns alcohol and how long it takes to sober up.


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