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Can the Alcohol Detector Machine be fooled?

2022/03/21 By hqt
How to Choose a Proper Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer
Alcohol Detector Machine

With high accuracy, the error of alcohol detector machine is very little. Is there any way we can deal with this machine?

It is hard to beat the modern alcohol meter

People whisper to each other that it is possible to deceive the alcohol meter by ways such as: holding a coin in the mouth after drinking; eat a lot of food with an unpleasant smell such as garlic, onions. Brush teeth, rinse mouth thoroughly before leaving; or when holding the meter, instead of exhaling, you should inhale.

Some Notes When Buying an alcohol detector machine

To be able to buy a good and genuine machine, we will suggest you how to check the genuine machine, such as:

  • The machine box has information about the machine name, specifications, origin, origin, ...
  • There are user manuals, warranty stamps, full accessories and tools included.
  • The machine has inspection certificates such as stamps, inspection marks, and certificates of inspection.
  • The standard error allows is 0.02mg/L or 0.004% of the original test BAC; 0.032mg/L or 0.006% BAC periodically tested.

5 things to know about the alcohol test ... if on the one hand the best advice to survive the alcohol detector machine remains to not drink, on the other hand it is good to know what are the best ways to pass the law enforcement exam unscathed should it stop.

In recent years, the fight against drunk driving has actually intensified, even if the results have not always been reassuring, the sanctions hardened and the rules tightened.

So, if you don't stay up to date, the risk of making a mistake remains high. Even for those who actually surprises in good faith with an alcohol content higher than the permitted limit.

Pretest of the breathalyzer

The pretest is a device that the police can make you use even without letting you get out of the car.

Attention, it has no probative value, but in some cases, it could lead you straight to the test of the actual alcohol detector machine. So even if you don't see the briefcase in sight, know that they may ask you to blow.

This pretest has 3 lights (green, yellow and red)

  • Green: means that you have no traces of alcohol
  • Yellow: lights up if the alcohol level is between 0.01 and 0.49 g / l
  • Red: lights up if it detects more than 0.5 g / l

Obviously if you are on the green you are safe, while if the red light comes on you will subject to the actual test. In the case of yellow it is the discretion of the patrol that has ordered you to stop. whether or not to take a breathalyzer.

The precursor has no legal value, so they will not be able to sanction you based on this clue alone.

Can the alcohol detector machine be fooled?

Let's be honest and clear the field of all the urban legends that run around: there is no method to cheat the alcohol test: you can act before being stopped by a patrol (for example by doing a rather long and sustained run) but know that miracles they cannot be done under any circumstances.

I am not a doctor, but it seems that drinking a lot of water or milk or Red Bull, despite some claiming to the contrary, seems to be perfectly useless.

Alcohol Detector Machine 2022

How does alcohol detector machine work?

In order to fully understand about alcohol detector machine if the permitted limit of alcohol intake in the body has been exceeded, various physical factors must be considered, since alcoholaemia is influenced by them.

In fact, the rate varies according to sex, age, weight, the quantity of food consumed before having ingested it and the degree of hydration of the organism. A good method to keep blood alcohol levels low is to have a sufficiently hydrated body.

Generally, however, the alcohol level appears to have a higher value in women and in bodies with a slender constitution.

In the past, the only way to measure the alcohol content was by taking blood, only later were devices designed to detect it on the basis of the exhaled air, as there are particles of alcohol in it.

There are two types of breathalyzer: the chemical one and the electric one. But let's see together the differences that characterize them.

Chemical alcohol detector machine

It is a device whose operation is based on a chemical reaction. It is equipped with a balloon, a mouthpiece and a vial containing various salts that react to the amount of air exhaled into the balloon.

There are two categories of chemical breathalyzers, the one with potassium dichromate and the one without. Since the latter is a type of substance that has recently considered carcinogenic. The use of the device that does not have it prefers.

However, by removing the caps of alcohol detector machine present at the ends of the vial. You will also avoid resorting to the type of harmful substance.

By placing the balloon at one end of the same and the mouthpiece at the other. It will simply be necessary to exhale into the latter and fill the balloon. Detector triggers the reaction that will determine the alcohol level. It is at its minimum if the reaction will show a white color, vice versa if it approaches pink.

Electronic breathalyzer

What differentiates this type of device from the previous one? The absence of salts triggering chemical reactions. The alcohol detector machine equips with an electronic detector with display, connects to the mouthpiece. By blowing inside, the sensor on the display will detect the amount of ethanol present.

To obtain more accurate results, it is preferable not to smoke or drink alcohol 15 minutes before the test.


In short, the excitement of the alcohol detector machine market is extremely exciting. It has been and is gradually becoming a product that receives a lot of attention from individuals.

However, to ensure the safety of themselves and everyone around, road users should limit drinking alcohol or drink, they should not drive.


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